Quitting Netball.

Alicia Bee ©
I was playing in regional going for the state,
I quit netball sport because Victoria gave me wings,
Had too many teenage musical moments on my plate,
How fast are you; winning sport isn’t everything.
You won’t get watched at all but you are a pretty young thing,
All the girls in the sport knew it was their career fate,
If you want best and fairest then to the game you cling.
The grand final is always a bigger football date.
This season will be different in September Spring,
Some people quit early; others wake up late.
How fast are you; winning sport isn’t everything.

Ben Cousins has quit football.

Ben Cousins announced in a conference today that he will finish his 14 year football career at the end of the season; as the cherry blossoms bloom with the hope of change from AFL comes again to Melbourne. The Geelong born footballer was at best a tryhard drug taker who should now be remembered for kicking 20 goals in 2005, when he won the Brownlow. He also had a good year in 2006 when his team won the premiership; everyone knew he had the brownlow, and he kicked 20 goals. Ben Cousins was a son of another footballer.

Other Boring Retirement Endings.

Megan Gale retired from catwalk modelling.

Big Brother ended.

Augie March and Dallas Crane split up.

It is really not that bad when things change.

Other Girls who have Quit Netball.

Though this list is difficult to compile as there is not alot written about netball available at easy research; I ask that you acknowledge the retirement of some notable Australian netballers. The list below is not about those that quit in high school and enjoyed a healthy career in another field, it is the list of those that tried to make a name for themselves and be taken seriously in sport. The list below includes some ladies who have served on the Australian team in recent years, not all those from the start of the World Championships that helped secure our standing at an international level, those women have been erased from sporting history with the passing of time and interest.
The Australian team The Diamonds has won 9 of 12 Netball World Championships, and though most people know that they are still unable to tear themselves away from the male sport coverage.

These ladies didn’t receive a 4 page spread in The Age, headlines in The Sun, or any prominent news coverage of their games during their entire career.
Read out their name like a sports journalist should have;

Jennifer Borlaise

Alison Broadbent

Joyce Brown

Natasha Chokljat

Liz Ellis

Selins Gilsenan

Kathryn Harby-Williams

Kristen Hughes

Rosalie Jencke

Cynna Kydd (nee Neele)

Jill McIntosh

Simone McKinnis

Shelley O’Donnell

Anne Sargeant

Vicki Wilson

Eloise Southby-Halbish

Laura Von Bertouch

World Netball Championship 2011

Look out for the 2011 ANZ Championship season which will commence on 13 February, while the Grand Final to be played on either the 22ndor 23rdof May.

The Grand Final is the day before my birthday shared also with New Zealand born Australian Netballer Catherine Cox.