last day interviews with the candidates

Some would say its too late to swing, but last days are as recreational as your local playground park on a spring day. Tomorrow is voting day, and you should take a look at all of the candidates in your area and get to know them online before your see the how to vote cards.

Wills Electorate has been a safe Labor seat, and many are quite confident that it will remain that way; including Kelvin Thompson MP who couldn’t do this interview, though requests another next week.

I will take him up on the offer and ask him some questions then anyway, regardless the results of tomorrow.

The Greens – Mark Riley

1. How can you go to the election knowing you can’t get in?

It’s not like I can’t win in Wills it’s just that it’s very unlikely this time around. I’d like to see us go into second place, displacing the Liberals who were second in 2007. And I’d like to try and get the ALP down below 50% of the primary vote. That would put the Greens in an exciting position for the 2013 federal election.

2. What is the last record you bought/ iPod favorite.

My last vinyl record? It was probably a Machinations EP. The last CD I bought was Geoffrey Gurrumal Yunupingu’s exquisite Gurrumal.

3. How do the Greens propose to fund University courses without HECS?

We’d look to invest more public funding into universities. This is not an easy process to outline here, but it would need to be carefully managed and phased in over time. There are some areas that have huge funding from the public purse, such as defence, which we would look to redirect towards education.

4. Do you wear a tie campaigning?

No I haven’t worn a tie since tech school in Warragul. Perhaps for a party though, not a political one!

5. Do you ask the Dalai Llama if you can use his image in the campaign booklet? Are The greens Buddhist?

I can’t say whether the Greens did as His Highness The Dalai Llama to use his pic? Given he’s a public figure do we need to? Or is it just good manners? I guess it’s good manners. And the Greens diverse but not Buddhist. Can a group be Buddhist?

6. Who is the band/musician in the policy booklet on page 25? Can you find out please?

I may be able to find the answer to this burning question after tomorrow, 21 August… when Australia goes to the polls. Although I voted early, ie, yesterday as I’ll be flat out handing out How To Vote Cards tomorrow.

7. What would you cook for dinner at a campaign dinner if you wanted to impress someone?

Vegies. Green vegies with hearty beans, tofu and lots of spices. I’m taken with Madhur Jaffreys’ World Vegetarian book.

8. Ask me a question back. (you may ask just as many)

MARK RILEY: What’s your favourite Australian film?

ALICIA BEE: Puberty Blues because it has dated so well. I love coming of age movies and for that reason, I used to say ‘The Year My Voice Broke’, but I am sad about Ben Mendelsohn being weird lately.
MARK RILEY: Which art form do you enjoy most and why?

ALICIA BEE: For my own creative outlet – Writing,  because I get to express my feelings the most out of all my art.

I can not talk and take photos or paint to clear my mind, but I can’t do those things all of the time. I can always write no matter what mood I am in, and write in many different styles.

Though I think I enjoy music most of all for entertainment and relaxation, probably because I don’t play.

The Liberals – Claude Tomisich

1. As a recent graduate of Secondary Teaching I was moved to find you are a teacher. What advice can you give a new teacher about working in the classroom?

The cynical response would be ‘Get Out!’ The practical response would include a number of points such as (a) Let them know from day one who’s in charge (b) Be ‘tough’ at the start, it’s always easy to relax as you get to know your classes. It’s a lot harder to go the other way. (c) For the first few weeks sit them in alphabetical order. It makes learning names easier and it reinforces (a).

(d) If kids are missing for handouts/tests etc I always put their names on spares and keep them with my chronicle/diary so that they get them the first opportunity.

(e) You will probably be more computer literate than me but organise your files in subjects/topics/tests/outlines etc as the material arrives/is compiled. Mine was all
over the place (so to speak) and when I finally did get around to ‘organising’ (after some years) it took time that could have been better spent. At least it’s done
now and maintaining it is easy.
(d) Be nice to support staff (Library, techs etc) they are usually worth their weight in gold and you don’t want to in their ‘bad books’.

b. What is your teaching speciality?

My main teaching area is Mathematics with some Science.

c. What do your students say to you about being a politician?

They laugh. They also ask me if I am running for ‘President’ or ‘Mayor of Coburg’ so I think their political awareness is still developing.

2.What is the Liberal Education Policy?

Can’t do in two sentences so check the website.

3. What is your thoughts of HECS? and paid education?

My personal opinion of HECS is that it should be scrapped but I am in the minority here. The party platform is otherwise and I would support that.

4. What high school did you go to, and what were you known for there?

Sunshine West High School, Kelvin Grove High School (QLD) & Glenroy High School. Can’t remember what I might have been known for except that at Glenroy I
played competetive Chess.

5.  What university did you study at? What kind of person were you at age 18 when you first voted? (eg did you own a car, go out? like music)

Latrobe University (Physical Science, Prehistory, Anthropology & Latin American Studies)
RMIT Melbourne (Applied Geology & Applied Mathematics)
University of Melbourne (Dip. Ed.)
18 is a long time ago. Had a car since Yr 12. Had to work to pay my was through the various Uni’s so didn’t go out much. Classical, 50’s & 60’s R&R

6. Do you do any extreme sports/ sports?

I was a ‘recreational’ weightlifter (too tall to be competitive)

7. What is your last favorite CD or IPod choice.

The Seekers (25 year reunion celebration)

ALICIA BEE: I met Judith on Australia day this year and she is wonderful, I was very touched by her presence.

I will send you a picture (though I think she looks better than me!)

8. If you had someone over for a political dinner, and you wanted to impress them; what would you personally cook them?

It would depend on how I felt on the day. I do the cooking and that’s the way it is most days.


CLAUDE TOMISICH: Where did you study?
ALICIA BEE : I went to Latrobe for teaching, before that Swinburne Tafe (business), Uni Tech Sydney (journalism), Victoria University (arts Multimedia/ Professional Writing / Communications), Holmesglen Tafe (media) and Swinburne University (arts).
I find there is still snobbery against Victoria University, by people in the professional world.
I personally loved it and still admire the methods of my teachers, and our course.
I choose Victoria University so I could have a triple major and there was no other university course offering a Multimedia degree at that time. It was a pioneer course when only TAFE multimedia course existed, with the opportunity to study traditional media at the same time.
Have you ever experience snobbery related to Sunshine, or even Coburg or educational institutions outside the established Melbourne schools? What do you think of that?

CLAUDE TOMISICH : I have heard about the snobbery you mention regarding Uni’s outside the big three (or four if you include RMIT).
Deakin is similarly looked down upon or so I’ve heard.
I personally haven’t encountered it but have met people who have.
Similarly with my previous places of residence/secondary education.
Fortunately I am big enough that people who meet me for the first time usually err on the side of caution if they think they might offend me.

CLAUDE TOMISICH: What are your teaching areas?

ALICIA BEE: I am a media and English teacher, and can teach multimedia and have huge amounts of professional experience in media and writing to share.

CLAUDE TOMISICH:Have you got a job (in teaching) yet?

ALICIA BEE: I don’t have a teaching job yet, though am with two agencies. It worries me bit because I was looking for another vocation after freelance journalism couldn’t get me enough paid articles.
I am still writing, and looking for teaching work.

CLAUDE TOMISICH: Have you had any luck with jobs in the AGE?

ALICIA BEE : No, I had been applying online. I will be reading The Age later tomorrow and look then.

The Democrats – Paul Robertson

Hi Alicia,
Happy to participate.
Thanks for your ‘questions on notice’. I should do my campaign manager the courtesy of informing that I’ll participating though.
Can I contact you later today to confirm please?
Paul Roberton,
Australian Democrats
Candidate for Wills, 2010

Labor Party – Kelvin Thompson

Dear Alicia Bee

Thank you for your email. I’m a bit snowed under with the election campaign this week. If you send me another email next week I will see what I can do about your questions.


Kelvin Thomson
Member for Wills

We see the good. we see the will. goodwill works.

This is a goodwill shop purchase card. Goodwill is a charity shop in Hawaii.
If you buy $100US of things you get a $5 discount toward your next purchase.

I spent $60 then lost my card in the shop. Instead of giving me the discount with my $40 purchase they started a new card for me, though the cashier had left it on the counter while I looked away. Proof American can steal in a charity story, and are not willing to be charitable to needy people in the name of goodwill. Though I’ll probably go back there next time because I can’t afford the other shops on Main Street Waikiki.