This is the carpark at DFO in Essendon.

Dear Alicia

Thank you for your email. The highest priority things I will be working on for Wills residents are 1) getting local residents more say in planning decisions, 2) getting improved education resources, such as a High School for Coburg, 3) improving public transport, such as more frequent peak service on the Upfield Line, and 4) helping Sydney Road and Lygon Street traders and shoppers stop plans to introduce parking meters. I have lots of other plans besides, but not enough time to outline them all. Sorry I can’t answer all your questions, but if I spend my days answering questions I won’t get the things done which I want to do and which my constituents have re-elected me to do.

Yours sincerely

Kelvin Thomson

Member for Wills

This the Dole Plantation maze in Wahiawa, Oahu Hawaii. I completed the hedge maze in about 30 minutes which is about the time a teenager would run through with a complete destination in mind.

Please note my evidence card, and scribbled stamp proof of completing the check points.