Hundreds and Thousands #3, Brunswick, 7 August 2010, photo by Alicia Bee.

Compiling the A List.

Thankyou to all those who joined the mail list. I have been busy clicking on facebook pages and finding emails addresses to send this blog to you each week, away from social networking sites. Unfortunately between the hundreds of people who joined and the thousands I hadn’t invited to the event listing for the call out, my weekly blog time was taken up with THE LIST.

Though I think it will be a positive thing and it is hoped that you are able to read it better by send it to you email. I am not sure how many addresses the GMAIL will hold but I’m going for a weekly mail list via email anyway.

Play the video below as you read, it is the soundtrack to my mail list bounces of the past week.


You are tasting the sugar on the vocals of Pikelet’s The Weakest Link, that could have been dropped right out of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Here Alicia Bee talks to Pikelet before she goes on tour with Richard In Your Mind for September and October dates.

Alicia Bee : I missed a plane and thought of you as a ‘changeability’ god, it really helped me from being upset about it; I know you have missed a few planes, how do you explain it? how many do you think you have missed?

Pikelet: Me and planes have a special relationship… I cannot explain it at all. But what I can say is this: Missing two flights on one trip to Brisbane recently was the final straw for me. I lost it completely at the airport and vowed to never miss another. I am so super careful these days. I couldn’t say how many I’ve missed. It’s part of the reason I often avoid the cheaper airfares… coz you can’t just change the flight with a 25 buck fee or whatever. Have to buy another altogether.

Alicia Bee: I drive people to the airport often, maybe you need a driver? I don’t have a car so people drive theirs to my house and I drive them to the airport and drop them off. It can help to know that others are thinking of your plane flight!

Pikelet: Thanks for the airport lift offer! I usually just get a cab or get a pal to drive. I don’t have a car either see.

Alicia Bee: I once spoke to you about the butterfly ball album (would that be right?) Had you grown up listening to that.

What album do you remember from your childhood?

Pikelet: I don’t remember us speaking about this! I mean… I don’t think I know the Butterfly Ball Album…! My favourite albums growing up were The Beatles – Abbey Road, Led Zeppelin – 4 and Cat Stevens – Mona Bone Jakon. I also quite liked Black Sabbath’s self-titled album.

Alicia Bee: Those are good albums, I love listening to Abbey Road and Led Zeppelin and Cat Stevens too.

If you could sing a cover of one of those albums what would you sing?

I have been listening to Patti Smith doing covers this week on her 2007 LP Twelve, and she makes the idea look pretty good.

Pikelet: I have never been very good at doing covers, so I never bother trying. We had to do a couple of covers for a show recently and it was such a disaster.

Alicia Bee:  I was listening to The Weakest Link and the vocal sound reminded me of a kids movie. What did you want to sound like? Did you try and put on a girlier voice?

Pikelet: I really hated that song when we were recording it so basically I just tried my best to not sound terrible. I was thinking of girly singers like Kate Bush.

Alicia Bee: What is Richard in the Head’ band like? Where are they from? what is a good song by them? what do they look like?

Pikelet: Richard in Your Mind are from Sydney. I don’t really know their songs intimately enough to recommend their best one. They look like…. people. I have played with them once before in Sydney and enjoyed it a great deal.

Alicia Bee: Do you wear Bling brands of glasses? Do you change your glasses style? what fashion do you always wear?

Pikelet: I have had the same pair of glasses for quite a while now… I think about five years. They’re just cheap no-name frames. I did try another pair for a while that looked more like glasses that your aunty or grandma might wear. Was trying to start a fashion or make a statement or something. It didn’t work so I went back to my standard indy-girl-frames.

Alicia Bee: Please ask me some questions ( you may ask just as many)

Pikelet: I don’t really know what to ask…

How long have you submitted stuff to blogs for?

What does the word Blog mean?

Is that enough questions?

Alicia Bee:  I have just started the blog, but have written alot for online magazines. I want this to be like a magazine, and am launching it from a blog.

The word blog is a portmanteau (two words joined together to shorten words and degrade language). It evolved from the words web + log, and has only been around a decade.

PIKELET plays ;

17 September at The National Hotel Geelong.

18 September at The Curtin Hotel Carlton.

25 September at The Gaelic Club Sydney.


Owl Eyes is only 19 from the star city of Melbourne, and she’s looking and sounding cool as the the other cats who climb trees with funny names. There is a video clip around that looks like the promo shot above.



Friday 10 September

Opening for CUSTOM KINGS

Corner Hotel

Saturday 11 September

Opening for METALS


Thursday 30 September

Opening for NICOLAS ROY

Bella Union


Saturday 18 September

Opening for METALS



I wrote to some fashion designers this week and urged them to adopt the color green once again, fearing a Noir backlash against color from the monarchist fashion brigade; who may not like parliament just doing what they do best – ‘hanging around’.

Letters similar to the one below were sent to Sass&Bide, Ksubi, Willow, AliceMcCall, Lisa Ho, Wayne Cooper and Kirrily Johnston. Collette Dinnigan + Peter Morrissey bounced my flimsy hotmail emails, and won’t receive the letter.

There is a line about copyright, written as an afterthought because I was afraid that it was made too easy for designers to steal others ideas. Though this will definitely be laughed at, it was needed to make people think a little bit more and work harder.

Dear Kirrily Johnston,

Please pass this onto the designer Kirrily Johnston.

I write to urge you to embrace the color GREEN in your future collections.

In light of the recent Australian Federal Election, I fear that the greatest scapegoat for change may be one of my favorite colors GREEN, and its use within the Arts. That is if the reaction be the same as that of a “Go Green” shopping bag from a supermarket, which could be frowned upon for overuse of the color.

While GREEN could be seen as now dated in recent fashion, I suggest you to consider repeating it within your designs again.

Why not adopt GREEN as a new theme for design?

A splash of green mixed with the colors of the australian flag?

Green mixed with bold gold?

Green jeans with gold buttons?

Consider the ‘hung parliament’ to be the most exciting political time in our history and adopt GREEN as an inspiration for future fashion festival designs.

All of these concepts are copyright to Alicia Bee 2010 ©.

Please compose a response and return email.

xx alicia bee

DJ Melb Syd Bris

Alicia Bee

Deejays like you got a lot of records in this state,
Would you be international on a big jumbo plane?
There’s a lot of milk and honey in those plastic crates
But can you break world records on domestic jets?

We know all the tracks on your back ACDC lane,
They may stop buying you drinks pony without your mates,
Didn’t know belonging to a club could keep you sane-

Deejays can wake up and have their breakfast so very late,
I see them at the café the newtown has on main,
Perhaps we’ll meet again when we have another date,
But can you break the world record on domestic jets?

END. Alicia Bee © 2010.