‘Camelia’ # 4, Brunswick, photo by Alicia Bee, Sunday 25 July 2010.


As a Miss Piggy Journalist I have decided to use this blog as a platform for perfecting my disciplines of the letter P. It is hoped that you will realise the importance of the letter and how it sounds through the microphone as I have over the years.
The letter P always has a tendency to ‘pop’.

Miss Piggy Journalist Blog will now practise the arts of PHOTOGRAPHY, POETRY, PAINTING, POLITICS and POPULAR MUSIC along with interviews with interesting PEOPLE .

An exciting column called PAGEANT will discuss my passion for fashion.

Another titled PAVEMENT will bring you interviews with skaters about their past injuries.

There shall also be many reviews of PICTURE THEATRE SHOWS; while food and wine will be covered under PALATE.

An exciting column POLYNESIA will mention my holidays to different islands in the PACIFIC ocean.

The future holds many groundbreaking interviews with POLITICIANS leading up to the state election in November.

I will also have a series of interviews with people from the ANDY WARHOL SILVER FACTORY starting next week.
Life as a Miss Piggy Journalist has never been so pretty in pink.


By chance an exciting story eventuated when Nadia Merriweather joined the Miss Piggy Journalist Blog Mail List and her email bounced.

I asked her what about her most recent work and she sent the video above.



ALICIA BEE : How did you get to know Mirwais? Is he doing anything new? did you get permission to use the track?

NADIA MERRIWEATHER : Mirwais is my brother. We grew up together in Paris, France I moved from France and I now live in San francisco, CA. of course, I have permission to use his track which from my understanding has never been released before. Lately, Mirwais has been producing the new Uffie’s Album (including the song “ADD SUV” by Uffie featuring Pharell Williams).

ALICIA BEE : What does Ivy Nicholson do these days? how did you get to know her? can you describe how she is seen in the clip?

NADIA MERRIWEATHER : Ivy Nicholson lives in New York and she is writing her own biography and we hope that they may turn it into a movie.
I met Ivy in paris long long time ago I was a late teenager. We use to hangout in the same artsy/indy environment in Paris. Actually, due to the age differences I was friend with Penelope and her son (Darius De Poleon).
In this clip Ivy is partying with us. It’s the part that relates to physical and materialistic pleasures of life.

ALICIA BEE : What are you doing with this clip? why was it made?

NADIA MERRIWEATHER : This clip is somewhat a promo video to promote my company and also try to raise money for future projects.

ALICIA BEE : Penelope Palmer did teach me that you guys are long friends. What did you guys grow up doing? Do you have a great memory you can describe?

NADIA MERRIWEATHER : We grew up in Paris. We hang out around musicians, artists. It was fun. My brother had his first band “Taxi Girl” kinda punk rock/new wave. Lot of fun memories.

ALICIA BEE : Beats America pays allegiance to Factory era cinema technique for storytelling. What was the intention of the crime story?
NADIA MERRIWEATHER : The robbery part is about the feeling of revolt or rebellion against an established and very oppressive system (in here it is symbolized by the banks). I believe that sometimes you have to break the rules in order to find justice for instance, Rosa park had to break the rules when she refused to sit in the back of the bus. In our times, after what the bankers/wall street people did to us, the people. I believe that we may have to break some rules in order to make things better.

ALICIA BEE : What shoes and clothes were the actors wearing? What were those high heels?

NADIA MERRIWEATHER : The high heels are from Bebe. The dresses come from a vintage store in San Francisco. They are 1950’s dresses. The hats come also from a vintage store they were made by Macy’s in the 50’s. I love vintage clothing and it’s also cheaper.
ALICIA BEE : What does Revepeve symbolise? What types of films do you make?

NADIA MERRIWEATHER : Reveperver means in French – Perver dream. It’s my philosophy of life, as Jack kerouack said “life is just a dream”. not only a beautiful dream but a mix of everything (bad and good). Just want to say that my assistant producer Elena Bridges has been helping me a lot with this project. She is very talented and creative.

Imaginary Portrait 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 178 x 122, Darko Kubatka.

Phyco Bowie, Acrylic on Canvas, 120×90, Darko Kubatka.


Croatian Born Darko Kubatka moved to Sydney as an infant in 1977.

He went to The Sydney College of the Arts and has also studied at the Julian Aston School.

Kubatka lives and works in Sydney but has also shown his work at exhibitions in America Croatia, and Melbourne.

Displayed are two examples of Kubatka’s work. The first is an abstract portrait that features bold colored sections outlined in a cartoon black. The second is reminiscent of the majority of Kubatka’s work which combines paint techniques including spray paint, textas, pencils and handpainting.

You can see in ‘Phyco Bowie’ (speller?) that Kubatka likes to appropriate known popular culture images with schoolboy caricature and blatant graffiti. He places hand drawn shapes over the sensory features and vandalises respect for the traditional photograph portrait by scribbling his own pattern fills over the face and throughout the background. Here he focuses on David Bowie and points to The Rolling Stones logo with the recognisable tongue and lips then draws a square right through them in the yellow background.

– Alicia Bee


Kit Willow Podgornik was in the big ‘P’ process of pregnancy when she worked out that catching a plane to present a pageant at New York fashion week may be pushing it. Apparently the production costs for the clip and lookbook were roughly equal to that of a place on the sex in the city New York Fashion Show catwalk. New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion festivals in the world next to Paris, London and Milan; known as an entrance to the American market for shop buyers and informed consumers.

FREE RANGE ANIMALS NOTE : ‘Lady Into Cat’ was filmed on a farm for rescued circus animals; a female puma stars in the clip that includes model Emma Balfour and clothes by Willow.


Pet Cemetary – Alicia Bee (unpublished)

There’s animals dead by the side of the road,

Many spirits protecting this property,

That is the place where they bury their dog bones,

Their dad digs a dirt hole to deal with the dead.

They are a house with a pet cemetary,

They dug a trench for their dead closer to home,

They want to keep the bodies near family.

The ducks, their rabbit, rooster, sheep and a goat,

The dogs are buried under Camelia tree,

Cats are under blossom in long winter coats,

Their dad digs a dirt hole to deal with the dead.