This Is Not My Hotel – ‘Hotel # 12’, Hawaii, June 26 2010, photo by Alicia Bee.


Though I don’t have much money it is really important to me that it is all invested wisely. Saying that I like to keep up with the prettiest fashion and music on a penny budget.

As I moved about the city it dawned that my lifestyle was pretty good considering the price of purchases and what we can always get for free in the arts. Though this time I hadn’t got my REVIEW copy of Grinderman, Pikelet nor Kasey Chambers.



HARI KRISHNA – All you can eat vegetarian – $5


BASEMENT DISCS – Live gig Mick Thomas – FREE












TOTAL: $109.95

I wanted to buy GRINDERMAN 2, the second album from the Nick Cave band; but was upset by the Basement Disc price. BASEMENT DISCS had GRINDERMAN 2 at $28CD /$38CD+60pagebooklet/ $48CD+booklet+Vinyl. At JBHIFI which is a major record store, the prices were different for CDs; and though some would say its unethical to go to another store after sharing the gig, it was where my purchases were made. At JBHIFI the price of GRINDERMAN was different, though still confusing to a price consumer. JBHIFI had GRINDERMAN 2 at $19.99CD / $29.99CD+60pagebooklet/ $42.99CD+booklet+vinyl

We already know that Basement Discs has a higher price because it has to compete with the deals record labels give the bigger chains and a slower clientele. We are told to support independent record stores, yet what if our music wage can’t pay the difference? Even at JB HIFI I couldn’t buy Grinderman at it’s prices, and choose Kasey Chambers instead for $24.99 because she had a bonus disc + DVD + booklet in a 3 CD pack, which looked better.

In my decision to support female music I got Kasey and friend PIKELET. It was EMI record label that set the pricing as different for this particular GRINDERMAN record, making consumers pay extra for the booklet, with the fan product of vinyl a paid added extra. EMI also choose to put Kasey’s album out with all the bonuses at a cheaper price, knowing that already she had mainstream success for a price conscious family audience. It failed when it thought that Nick Cave GRINDERMAN audiences would want to pay extra for a booklet, and more for vinyl than your average worker. I couldn’t even buy it without the extras, the plain disc just looked boring compared to the other releases. KASEY CHAMBERS looked like more value, and YES there are Australian music consumers who like Kasey and Nick Cave.

People get Vinyl with a bonus CD (or download equivalent) for $30 these days, and EMI is making GRINDERMAN fans pay for the booklet before they can even get the vinyl. If audience members are going to pay $10 for a book, they may aswell get a larger bound book about GRINDERMAN for the price because it is supposed to be a buying incentive, not just $10 extra for an extended CD booklet; kids don’t buy CDs you know. It’s a ridiculous price difference compared to other records out at the moment. Don’t worry the GRINDERMAN 2 price will come down, though the limited  bonus extras may not be available. Look at the price of our covergirl PIKELET’s gorgeous STEM CD – merely $21.99 through SHOCK RECORDS. You know what I want these days VINYL + CD for $30. CD + DVD for $30

In one year GRINDERMAN 2 could price at $9.99 in the sale stock. The thing is that $10 difference between Basement Discs and JBHIFI means a weeks supply of Organic food to me and I didn’t mind doing a runner. For walking away from Grinderman at JBHIFI, I purchased a Leona Edminston Dress + 2 other dresses along with the coolest leather hat and am looking prettier.

This Miss Piggy Journalist Blog goes out to EMI who should try and keep all its prices competitive for Australian music consumers. Lets hope they lower the Vinyl+Cd price to $30, and give us some FREE CDs for giveaways.

This youtube was orginally aired on 11-1-85 on Backporch Videos.


Studio Equator read this blog and made a positive comment so I instantly decided to interview the new Richmond based design business. As busy as they are graphic artist Carlos Flores didn’t get back to me for the past month. Check out their site;

ALICIA BEE : Who are your clients? What are the biggest?

CARLOS FLORES : Many, as we are a multidisciplinary design agency (interior, graphic, web & multimedia design) we get exposed to many, here are some (past & present): Alumbra Music Life Culture , Alter It Group , Allied Brands, Amp Shopping Centres, Atlantic Group, Australian Catholic Association, Ausveg Australia, Autobarn, Banjo’s Bakeries, The Bay Mordialloc, Black Tie Catering, Burger Edge, Colonial First State Property (Management _ Shopping Centres), Comac Property Group, Corporate Coffee, City of Port Phillip, City of Geelong, Daac Holdings Pty Ltd, Defected Music, Darcy Group, Department of Sustainability and Environment, DMC Records, Dobbyn & Carafa, Easyweb Kiosks, Ellikon Group, El Salvador Embassy Australia, Eurowalls, Exchange Enterprises, Food Consultants Australia , Furst Media, Fuzzyard , FWPA (Forest & Wood Products of Australia), G-Lux luxury products, Gary Pinto , Global Pensions, Gold Star Foods, Guest Group, Hagemeyer, Jesuit Social Services, Kardis Catering Group, Kusco Murphy, Kwamee by Francis, LCI Group (Freipost & Airship), Lindens Fresh, Liveat Salad Bars, The Loan Studio, Maltra Foods, MCG, Metricon, Momentum Technologies, Pedders, Noack Shopfitters, The Railway Hotel, Suspensions Australia & USA, Planet Chocolate, PMI, Polaroid, QIC Real State, Salford Living, The Saint Hotel, Sally Richardson Hair & Make up, Sea World Gold Coast, Shopfit Solutions, Telechoice, Toomfoolery, The Friendly Group, The GPT Group, Tasty Thai Restaurants, Trampoline Gelato, Veneziano Coffee, Villa & Hut, Village Roadshow International, Walker Developments, Warrnambool Hospital, World DJ Championship Australia.

They are all the biggest in our hearts!!!!

ALICIA BEE : Do you have a favorite printer?

CARLOS FLORES :  We use a few, depending on the job, however we like Ellikon Press, Final Dimensions, Taylor’d Press & Whirldwind

ALICIA BEE : How many hours do you spend on computer each day? what else do you do during the day? Do you go to any Swan street shops regularly?

CARLOS FLORES :  Too many hours (4 to 8), I do go, mainly food or beverage shops!

ALICIA BEE : What do you care about for the Seat of Richmond? eg Yarra, Parking,

CARLOS FLORES :  Not that interested in politics, we are always shortchanges either way, but more parking would be nice and planning is very important!

ALICIA BEE : Where did you grow up?

CARLOS FLORES :  I was born is El Salvador (Central America), moved to my home melbourne australia (the best city of the world) in 1989 but have lived in Houston Texas, New York, & Mexico in the past.

ALICIA BEE : Do you have a favorite melbourne graf artist?


ALICIA BEE : what is your favorite Richmond graffiti piece?

CARLOS FLORES :  The one in my studio done by Jase AKA Shem! but some of phibz and merda ones are cool too

ALICIA BEE :  How has graf influenced your design?

CARLOS FLORES :  I decided to study design thanks to the rush that graffiti gives (back in the 3174 days)…

ALICIA BEE : What thing outside your studio influences your graphic design? eg, there was a Tram in your Precinct Hotel designs, is there a tram thread in your designs?

CARLOS FLORES :  My family (wife, son and bump), the world creative world around me and muuuuusssssicccc!!!. The train in the precinct hotel was used as it communicated our client’s environment, love trams but much more inspired by fantasy!!!

ALICIA BEE : Ask me some questions if you want ( you may ask just as many)

CARLOS FLORES :  Will think of a list and send it to you soon, hmmmmm!!!! Gracias!!!

Tame Impala – Lucidity Video Clip Behind The Scenes.


When Perth band TAME IMPALA filmed their new clip for single LUCIDITY they launched a camera on a weather balloon from the country Victorian town of Mildura. In the video directed by Robert Hales of The Gingerbread Man, the camera flight ascent was just under 1 hour and they reckon it reached somewhere between 20 to 24 km high; before the hot air balloon popped and the safety parachute was launched. At the end a Wedge-tailed eagle wandered into the shot to check out the fallen camera and parachute, so they will now use it to conclude the story.

FREE RANGE NOTE : The Wedgetailed Eagle was not a paid employee (though neither was the Healesville Sanctuary Daddy Cool Eagle Rock star), and the wild one flew away like a freebird after it was filmed. I hope everyone can do the Eagle Rock with enough style and grace, and uphold ethical standards in their treatment and filming of animals and birds.


Oct 07 HQ, Adelaide Oct 08 Uni Bar, Hobart Oct 09 ANU, Canberra Oct 14 The Enmore, Sydney
Oct 15 The Palace, Melbourne Oct 16 The Tivoli, Brisbane Oct 22 Astor Theatre, Perth Oct 23 Fat As Butter Festival, Newcastle


Oct 26 Academy 3, Birmingham Oct 27 Ruby Lounge, Manchester Oct 28 Heaven, London Oct 30 Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing Oct 31 Festival Soy, Nantes Nov 01 Le Maroquinerie, Paris Nov 03 Botanique, Brussels Nov 04 Gebaude, Cologne Nov 05 Mascotte, Zurich Nov 06 Le Romandie, Lausanne
Nov 08 B72, Vienna Nov 09 59 to 1, Munich Nov 11 Beatlemania, Hamburg Nov 12 Rolling Stone Weekend, Weissenhauser Strand Nov 13 Paradiso, Amsterdam

Peneloped Palmer, at age 15 in La Femme Enfant.


Through good contact Nadia Merriweather from last week’s feature REVEPERVER FILMS I was introduced to PENELOPE PALMER who was one of the younger generation of children at THE FACTORY. She was a baby when her screentest was filmed, and went on to star in her first feature at age 14.  Already she had a part in a film at age 11. Known for her good looks and lineage, Penelope Palmer moved back to USA as a teenager though has kept her native French accent and it is still one of her selling points.

PENELOPE PALMER : I still have a French accent. Yes I told people I was born in NY. I haven’t been back since I was 19. I have lived in San Francisco – Florida and Montana. Also in sections of NY.

ALICIA BEE : The Dead Life 2005 was your last movie, what was it like working with your mother Ivy Nicholson?

Is film different in America to working in Europe? How was the production different?

One of the main actors was rumoured to be Edie Sedgwick’s niece, but there was some controversy over that. Was she related to the Edie Sedgwick from The Factory?

PENELOPE PALMER : It was exciting working with Ivy on her movie. I work frequently as an extra on movies and TV shows in New York City. I have been in movies recently with Harrison Ford. Jennifer Aniston, Chris Noth, Michael Douglas and many others. The film industry and their practices are quite different in France and the USA. In the movies I worked on in France there were no extras. The sets in this country have much more equiptment and people. Misha Sedgwick as she called herself was not related to Edie, but passed herself off like that for some time.

ALICIA BEE : You were the youngest Factory Girl and had an audition tape as a baby. Can you describe what you do during that reel?

Can you share your earliest memory of The Factory?

PENELOPE PALMER : I was too young to remember anything about the Factory. When I was a baby and did the screen test I was sitting on Ivy’s lap Burping.

ALICIA BEE : Can you share your first recollection of France?

What is your favorite clothes shop in France?

What is your favorite item of vintage French designers?

PENELOPE PALMER : I was only a little girl of 4 when Ivy brought me to France. We live in the countryside, but eventually moved to Paris where I went to elementry school, later another French school.

When I was young my mom got me into modeling I worked for Sarah Moon a fmous photographer who adored me and became my friend. She did photos for Cacharel a clothing brand and other projects like posters and commercial work.

I enjoyed working in modeling and then at 10 I started to work as an actress. My first job was a documentary about electricity and was shown in schools.

When I was 11 I had a part in a movie with a famous French Miou Miou titled La Femme Flic. At 12 I entered a French school Les Enfants du Spectacle a school for children who were in the arts.

The next job was with Klaus Kinski in La Femme Enfant. After I changed schools and then was chosen for the role in Malevil. I turned 15 on the set.

After this I did some other movie rolls and some TV.

In Paris I dressed well and preferred retro clothing.

I shopped in an antique clothing stores in Le Quartier des Halles.

ALICIA BEE : Can you share your first recollection of France?

What is your favorite clothes shop in France?

What is your favorite item of vintage French designers?

PENELOPE PALMER : There are always a lot of Warholian events in New York. Last night there was a big photo show in the Steven Kasher Gallery of Max’s Kansas City where the Warhol factory people would hang out. So some of the original Warhol people came and there were photographers there to document it. This year at the Gershwin Hotel there was a Warhol birthday party and a party for Ivy.

They were both featured on with pictures of me – Ivy – Taylor Mead – Ultra Violet – Robert Heide – Billy Name – Penny Arcade and others. All of these people are still involved in the arts – Taylor poetry – Ultra painting – Robert writing books – Billy photographs – Penny doing an act and Ivy is writing her biography.

I have to say I’m closest to my mom Ivy. Callie Angel (who died recently) did the Screen Test book for the Whitney Museum and she showed me many of them. Conrad Ventur is now doing an updated version with the people now.

ALICIA BEE : You have a twin – Gunther, who has also chosen an entertainment career, does he have skills that you don’t possess? Eg music? Anything else?

Are you closely linked as a twin? How often do you speak? Do you think you look alike?

PENELOPE PALMER : I live with my brother Gunther and my mom Ivy. Gunther had a band and was a musician and singer, and now is writing songs for a production company. We are fratenal twins so we don’t look alike. His picture and my sons and brother Darius are on my website

ALICIA BEE : When I was a child Agapanthus were quite common in the Dandenong Ranges hills gardens. How did someone name the South African plant after you? (For the readers, there is a Penelope Palmer Agapanthus.)

Have you met the flower grower? Do you have any of the PP Agapanthus in your garden or closeby?

PENELOPE PALMER : My friend HOOP recently showed me a picture of that on the internet. I didn’t know anything about it, but it is very pretty.

ALICIA BEE : As a baby in the Warhol Screentests you may be seen to symbolise the Factory’s next generation of future fashionistas and party people. Can you speak about the differences between your parents outlook and your own. What did you have that they didn’t? Were you able to learn from their mistakes and knowledge or did you want to experience yourself. What did you learn from your parents and Factory people? What did you then teach your children?

PENELOPE PALMER : My mom and dad split up when I was 4 and Ivy brought me to France. I never had much contact with him until I was 17 when I went to visit him in Hawaii. My mom always encouraged me in fashion and modeling. She has advised me in many ways and we still go shopping together.

Renton Miller, Rosklide Festival Denmark, photo by Ole Rauff.


Melbourne star skater RENTON MILLER was overseas in USA when ALICIA BEE first tried to interview him. He came home for a few days then flew out again this time to SWITZERLAND, though found some time on the road to answer questions about injuries.

ALICIA BEE – You are a seasoned skater, but you must have had some damage over time. What is the worst of your injuries?

Do you have any scars? had broken bones? been to a rehabilitation clinic?

RENTON MILLER – I have had a lot of injuries but I try and avoid them. The ones that irritate me the most are the ones that just happen without skating, and reoccur, like back injuries. My latest one has to do with my hips. When my SI joint goes out. I have also had heaps of other injuries like broken teeth, broken bones and lots of concussions (more than ten). Concussions suck because your brain is probably the most valued thing your body has. As far as rehab, I just do yoga, and get chiro and massage therapy.

ALICIA BEE – What is your favorite scar?

RENTON MILLER – The one that irritates me most is my broken teeth. I am reminded everytime I run my tongue over my teeth. My favorite scar? Dont know if I like any of them, but I like my tattoos!

ALICIA BEE – Have you ever taken time off skating? how long?

RENTON MILLER – Two years after breaking my ankle in 14 places. That was the longest. Also a month here and there due to minor breaks and sprains.

ALICIA BEE – Did you approach skating differently afterwards?

RENTON MILLER – I try not to, but its hard. Psychologically a big slam you have had is always somewhere in your memory. I like to think every slam is my last one… that last slam made me better as a skater, and because of it, I will never make the same mistake again. Unfortunately there are so many mistakes you can make!

ALICIA BEE – What protective gear do you hate using? What do you always use?

RENTON MILLER – Street skating and bowl skating I just wear clothes. For vert and deep pools I wear TSG safety gear. After many knockouts I ride a super good helmet. It is like a bike helmet, but looks like a skate helmet. I’m not sure what model but its made by TSG. I wear TSG kneepads, and elbows.

If I really feel the need I use hip pads and gloves, but that’s not often.

I’ve learnt my lesson skating big stuff with no pads and a helmet. You look cool, and the wind is great in your hair, but hospital sucks. I hate it, and I want to spend as little time as I need there. Also, I hate amnesia, and have had it too many times. I’d rather wear a helmet!

ALICIA BEE –  what do you do when not skating?

RENTON MILLER –  Relax. Enjoy life. Try and condition my body so when I do smash myself it heals fast, or does the least damage possible.. like doing yoga and working out.

ALICIA BEE –  what is your worst habit?

RENTON MILLER – Coffee… I have six a day sometimes, especially when jetlagged. I like it though. I wouldn’t give it up but I need to cut down.

Photo courtesy of Animal Liberation Victoria.


Recent news of puppy farms at MEREDITH in the swinging seat of CORANGAMITE and close to our cute little adorable puppy Music Festival in Golden Plain Shire; alarmed many conscience driven citizens of the state and not just music minded majorities. Enough letters to Golden Plains Council and support from the vote grabbing politicians meant that even Channel 10 ran a story.



Unpublished from The Book of The Dead and Wounded.

Jackie Kennedy Mourning – Alicia Bee

Jackie Kennedy is dressed all in black,

It is the mourning of the century,

Newspapers discuss terrorist attack,

Put a silk screen veil over private face.

Andy Warhol’s American money,

They put depressing loops on the beat track,

Funeral costumes for pretty penny.

Designer handerkerchiefs piled in a stack,

Public opinion acts as the jury,

Death industry puts coffins in a rack,

Put a silk screen veil over private face.