‘Feral Cat #1’, Crater Head Lookout Carpark Oahu, Saturday 26 June 2010, photo by Alicia Bee.


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A new short film festival called This Is Not Film Festival has started in Melbourne to a warm reception. Organiser Ben Andrews spoke to Alicia Bee about why it needs to happen.

ALICIA BEE: Why did you start this film night? how did you think of it?

BEN ANDREWS: I started this is NOT a film festival because, as a film maker, I realised that any short film I made, was not going to receive an audience unless it was entered into a film festival. The idea of a film only being made for proper viewing at a competition seemed so wrong to me, so I felt it was necessary that there were other platforms and alternatives for the general public to see good films. and there are good films.

It has been a bit of a challenge for me to find an hour and a half of good film, because as with every industry and form of art, there is a lot of crap… but it’s been really fun finding the different avenues of acquiring and watching films. But I’m getting better at knowing where to look, and I only include films that I think as many people as possible will enjoy.

ALICIA BEE: Have you made many films? what is one you could describe in words?

BEN ANDREWS: I have made some films, I’ve not shown any at this is NOT a film festival yet, because I dont want anyone to think that it’s all about me. I’m quite self critical too. I made a super 16mm film last year. It starred The Ears and Beargarden singer, of Dogs in Space fame: Sam Sejavka’s daughter Polly. She plays a young girl who loves milk. it is being featured soon at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s “film festival” (a collection of films featuring food).

BEN ANDREWS SHORT FILM MILK can be seen on Vimeo at this link.

ALICIA BEE: How do you get the cinema? is this the regular space?

BEN ANDREWS: The cinema – a room above melbourne cafe 1000 £ Bend (owned by Jerome of St Jerome’s fame), is a long room featuring mismatching chairs, couches and bean bags. milk crates as little tables, the audience make themselves at home, with a beer, or a glass of the home made mulled wine. My original idea for the event was to have a warehouse, with the films projected on a wall, where everyone brought a chair/rug/beanbag, however, when I found 1000 £ Bend, I found it had it all for me, and a following of dedicated patrons. 1000 £ Bend was very excited to have us on, we are one of the first big events for them (the cafe/gallery space/cinema is only about a year old) and our relationship is very good. We don’t, at present, have any desire to move from 1000 £ Bend, unless the event gets any more popular, and we find we cannot facilitate larger audiences. But until then, we love our current home.


Also as a special deal for readers, the first five people to book tickets online, by emailing tickets@thisisnotafilmfestival.com will receive an extra free ticket. They must however mention MISS PIGGY JOURNALIST blog.


When Melbourne folk band THE STILLSONS made a short film story for their CHARITY OR GHOSTS  (Where’s your Mama Gone?) single they linked it to KEVIN RUDD’s 2008 Sorry Speech and further fictional news stories in a clip that suggests the Stolen Generation should be compared to other orphans. The song asks whether the child should believe in ‘Charity’ or ‘Ghosts’, and though white Australia in slant is one of the few songs/clips to mention Stolen Generations; and links their story to others who are forced to leave their homeland and come to Australia. The Stillsons play The East Brunswick Club on Wednesday 17 November.

The Jed Rowe Band; featuring Michael Arvanitakis and drummer Michael Di Ciecco while Jed Rowe wears the red shirt.


When Jed Rowe came down to our music town from Northern New South Wales, I met him in the hills at a local jam night and thought he was going to do good things. Songs such as Waterfall will always remind me of coming back to Melbourne in 2004, and starting The Good Folk Club. Check out his guitar work and keep a listen for him on community and National radio.


Oct 1st: CORNISH ARMS, BRUNSWICK, VIC, 10pm. Band gig, free entry.

163A Sydney Rd Brunswick VIC 3065 (03) 9380 8383

Oct 2nd: BAHA TACOS, RYE, VIC, 8:30pm. Band gig, $10.

2409 Point Nepean Rd Rye VIC 3941 (03) 5985 2077

Oct 15th: OSCAR’S ALEHOUSE, BELGRAVE, VIC, 9:30pm. Solo gig, free entry. 7 Bayview Road Belgrave VIC 3160(03) 9754 8002

Oct 16th-17th: FOODBOWL MUSIC FESTIVAL, NUMURKAH, VIC. Solo gig, checkwww.foodbowlmusicfestival.com.au for ticketing and scheduling info.

Various venues Numurkah VIC 3636

Oct 22nd: GRIND N GROOVE, HEALESVILLE, VIC, 8pm. Band gig, free entry. 274 Maroondah Hwy Healseville VIC 3777 (03) 5962 6840

Oct 29th-Nov 1st: MALDON FOLK FESTIVAL, MALDON VIC, Starts Friday evening. Band gigs, check www.maldonfolkfestival.com for ticketing and scheduling info.

Tarrangower Reserve Maldon VIC 3463 (03) 5475 1167

Nov 19th: OSCAR’S ALEHOUSE, BELGRAVE, VIC, 9:30pm. Solo gig, free entry. 7 Bayview Road  Belgrave VIC 3160 (03) 9754 8002

Darius De Poleon, in character as John Lennon for the French Beatles tribute ‘Beatles Story’.


DARIUS DE POLEON is one of Penelope Palmer’s brothers; son of IVY NICHOLSON and COUNT DE POLEON. After I made a friend facebook request Darius De Poleon chatted for a while about how we were NOT connected, though share mutual friends. It seems some people still use social networks to catch up with their loved ones, rather than build popularity. We agreed to do an interview as part of the Warhol Factory series, and I was given photo access to view his online photos; normally shared to connect family from around the world. DARIUS DE POLEON was one of the youngest FACTORY children, and appeared in four WARHOL films including JANE & DARIUS and BATMAN & DRACULA.
These days DARIUS DE POLEON lives as a count in France, and appears as the character JOHN LENNON in the French production BEATLES STORY.

ALICIA BEE:  Is that you next to Ivy eating an apple in some old Factory footage?

DARIUS DE POLEON: No! its my brother Sean! I thought it was me but I’m behind Jane Holzer the blonde girl and I’m reading a book ! You can see me on another picture in a better way I’ll let you be my friend for a week so you can see nice pictures !

Darius De Poleon is second from left, with Jane Holzer, Gerard Malanga, Andy Warhol, Ivy Nicholson and others.

ALICIA BEE: Were there any other children at the Factory before Penelope and Gunther were born?

DARIUS DE POLEON: You have to ask Ivy that question!

ALICIA BEE: What do you remember about the Factory?

DARIUS DE POLEON: The only thing I remember is that one day I was playing with my brother Sean at the factory and screaming making noise, and Andy went so mad that the toilet he was sitting on (in a picture of him) : he picked it up and threw the toilet on the ground with a big smash!

ALICIA BEE: Tell me what was in Jane and Darius, I couldn’t find out details of that film, Could you describe what happens?

DARIUS DE POLEON: Of course I didnt even remember I was on these films!

ALICIA BEE: What did you do in Batman and Dracula?

DARIUS DE POLEON: Same answer! and Id like to buy the dvd of these films!

ALICIA BEE: Is the Beatles story still performing? How did you get involved with the project? Do you sing in French?

DARIUS DE POLEON: We’re performing thursday in a nice place the Cercle Foch!

with a projecting film before called nowere boy about the life of John Lennon. I ANSWERED an ad; did the casting and got engaged! You can listen to me on beatles-story.fr only english like originals!

ALICIA BEE: What do you like about playing John Lennon as a character?

DARIUS DE POLEON: I prefered Paul songs but I look more like Lennon!

I like his humour!

ALICIA BEE: I notice on your Facebook and Myspace that you don’t accept many friends. Other musicians use this to boost their publicity, what is your statement about Facebook and Myspace?

Do you use myspace much in France to get gigs?

DARIUS DE POLEON: I USE facebook as a private life place to share with close friends only as you’ll see! and Myspace I dont really know how it works so I didnt ask friends they just got there ! but on Myspace it’s only for my original music and I’d like to have 5000 FRIENDS but dont know how it works! and to get gigs i just take my phone and call!

ALICIA BEE: Your father is Count De Poleon, how did he get the count title? Do you keep in contact with him?

Do you see Sean and Gunther often? When was the last occasion when you were all together with Ivy and Penelope?

DARIUS DE POLEON: My father became count because the title of marquis and count have been giving by the King Louis Philippe a long time ago

but my father died in 2008 of cancer at 72 years old in the basque county south of France so now after being a vicount Im a count and my oncle Edouard is a marquis! Sean I never see him hes in L.A. and i just saw Gunther in New York in March! and I stayed at Ivys house with the family! Ivy Gunther Penelope and Donavan look at my pictures!

ALICIA BEE: Do you prefer to sing in French or English? How old are the myspace songs? Who is the female that sings in Le Vrais Paris?

DARIUS DE POLEON:  I LIKE singing in both languages! and you’re right the songs are quite old and Le Vrai Paris I recorded it last in 2001 !!! but now I have new songs that Id like to record and put them on myspace! but I dont have the money to record them! and the female is Sandka that you see in myspace friends! Ouf! that was a long interview enjoy now my private life! you got one week!


Drink Pepik Josef Chromy 2009 Chardonnay midweek over pasta dinner.
Try Taylor Fergusson Non Vintage Sparkling at The Brunswick Green before you go out for your night.


Animal Kingdom by Alicia Bee ©

Poem from ‘Bathers on The Beach’

It’s a jungle outside; animals made a home on my porch,

I am not in the army but wearing greens and keep a torch,

The brothel light’s off now but the bastards will be back to rape,

Stalking females at home like that is against criminal law,

She repeatedly called the female occupant a sex whore,

It’s a jungle outside; animals made a home on my porch.

They started a petrol fire to hurt people, my old scars scorch,

Psychopathic murderers standing with fuel cans on the lawn,

It’s one of those conversations video cameras should tape,

They called our house a brothel just because we had looked so poor,

They looked in all of the bedrooms moving the privacy drapes,

Our good home was insulted with many words of hatred scorn,

I am not in the army but wearing greens and keep a torch.

They have started the war if they think they own city Melbourne,

I know this town better; can make a fortress of the landscape,

I am not in the army but wearing greens and keep a torch,

It’s a jungle outside; animals made a home on my porch.