‘Yellow Roses #5’, Wednesday 17 November, Brunswick, photo by Alicia Bee.

I don’t need to explain that as a dharma bum my support of shooting bans crosses borders of all countries and states; you don’t have to be enlightened to understand why ‘guns are bad’ or make mockery of my belief as naïve. Why is it so wrong to repeat that hippies don’t like guns when people still die from them in shooting accidents without being aimed at for murder.
It seems as clichéd as other age old issues and creates a cringe to media and audience alike but recent shooting accidents in Australia have pointed out that there is still a great range for error while people are practicing with such powerful weapons. It is time to acknowledge the people who have died most recently and in our history) under new conditions that protect their safety with a change to licensing and shooting season laws. This is a reminder that people can think about ‘guns’ the state election in a fortnight, if you are voting in Victoria.
Your vote is your gun.

Waterbird numbers across Eastern Australia have dropped by 82% over the past 25 years, because people are allowed to shoot ducks.
While Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales have already banned duck shooting; Victoria has lagged behind to support recreational violence against all Native waterbirds on local wetlands.
The simple fact is that shooter kill other birds, when they are allowed to ‘cull’ ducks during season.

‘Rescuer helps illegally shot protected waterbird’, McDonald Swamp, 2005, photo by Noah Hannibal.

Today it was discovered that the Australian twins shot at a shooting range in Colorado had a suicide pact. This only shows that weaponry in the hands of those who are depressed, can give them an immediate death assured with suicide. I won’t go on to highlight the many deaths, or mass murders associated with misuse of guns because it is too horrible to digest.
Though let us remember that while Tasmania has produced Olympic Rifle Gold Medalists, it has also produced a history of murder that it is known for.

As an island Australia doesn’t need to compete with the world in its collection of weaponry or military involvement in disputes that don’t directing concern our own conflicts. I do believe we live in pacifist oceans and we will be protected by being a ‘good’ country producing exports of sport, arts, fashion, film, wine and literature and all other industries.
You are reading this blog as citizens of the ‘switched on Arts’ world that pads our products with support and probably don’t need to be converted. Consider the opposition and arm yourself with argument reasons for you beliefs over the next few weeks before you vote again.

If Australia wants to be Olympic shooting champions, and continue to control its animal populations; serious conditions to firearms laws must protect all people and native animals against accidents, and intentional misuse of the weapons.

Apparently Victoria has also a high rate of nail gun accidents that has prompted serious warning about the issue from Ambulance Victoria. People should be warned against the misuse of any tools in the workplace, and the use of your tool as a weapon in your the professional field.
INJURIES in VICTORIA since May 2010
26 September: 34-year-old man shot in the leg in Epping.
14 September: 20-year-old man shot in foot in Wyndham Vale.
10 September: 41-year-old woman shot in the head in Bentleigh.
9 September: 41-year-old man shot through finger in Dandenong South.
1 September: 32-year-old man shot in knee in Mont Albert.
24 August: 18-year-old man shot through finger in Newport.
2 August: 16-year-old boy shot in hand in Northcote.
21 June: 31-year-old man shot in leg in Essendon.
10 June: 47-year-old man shot in finger in Sunbury.
8 June: 26-year-old man shot in eye in Mt Waverley.
4 May: 18-year-old man shot in the head in Footscray.

While I was aware of the size of my audience and printed copies of Bathers On The Beach accordingly, the publishing industry is as hard as others to make money for craft.
Though the Do-It-Yourself self publication is being stocked through Readings Carlton, and Brunswick Bound; most sales have been done via internet transactions direct through my own physical posting of items. Nonetheless it is rewarding to make a sale each time, and I have a small income that plods to equal the book printing costs.
If you would like to purchase a copy of recently launched Bathers On The beach poetry collection please email; misspiggyjournalist@gmail.com and I will send you the bank details. Once payment is received I can post the same day.
Book sales in shops have not been successful, and while this means at least that I don’t have to pay the commission it could mean that future ventures might be embarrassing trying to break into the mainstream shops. The reason is simply that I compete against the commercial market for book choice, and noone knows my title exists.
I have made a ‘Peer List’ of publications that are more likely to sell at the moment, and have harshly compared myself to them.
1. Miranda Kerr – Treasure Yourself.
Fellow Buddhist and model Miranda writes a book about self esteem, while I too discuss the need for personal body happiness though highlighting my insecurities, physical and mental scars while stripped down in Bathers On The Beach. Miranda Kerr may like my poem ‘International’ which was inspired by a comment by the model Megan Gale when she described my appearance as ‘not very international’ and talks about the self esteem issues you face when comparing yourself to others in bathing suits on the world’s best beaches.
2. Keith Richards – Life.
The Rolling Stones guitarist gives us a kiss and tell about songwriting and life on the road. My own ‘on the road’ book sidelines my rock and roll life, and is a kiss and tell about my own romances and copyright disputes of who really wrote the lyrics first. My market of book buyers would be most likely to purchase this title, and we have all been commenting positively about desiring to read Life. In Bathers On The Beach I respond to The Rolling Stones ‘Following The River’ song found on Exile On Main Street Reissue 2010, and direct my poem towards my many peers that have written songs using me as muse.
3. Russell Brand – Bookie Wookie 2.
This was the rhyme title that got to me, because not only was it his second book the silly name will be remembered as his style sheet joke. It rhymes with the same sounds as my new publishing label The Good Look Book.
Recently I had been scared of Russell Brand after watching a movie about holidaying in Hawaii called Hating Sarah Marshall. His comedic character was hard for me to handle watching, but what scared even more was how I laughed later in flashbacks of his dance routines during performing as a pop star in the movie. I understand the humor but was appalled by the strangeness of his over-the-top character, and wasn’t a fan then again don’t follow comedy. Though it still made me laugh, over time those flashbacks haunted his humor legacy. His face stared at me from the window display of our independent bookstore at my launch shortly after watching Hating Sarah Marshall. His beard now haunts me from skinny men everywhere in music and arts, perhaps I can forget about it before my second ‘good lookie bookie’.

Short shorts are back in season for males this summer, so I urge you to strip and skin up now.
The outfit shown here is this season Hermes, and highlights neutrals and one of my favorite colors – brown.
Males should be aware of the Australian male fashion revolution that came out of the metrosexual age of the new moustache care, and consider updating their wardrobe and being a part of the beautiful.
I will be focussing on some new Australian male fashion labels in future blogs, starting with friend label ‘T-Mc’ and the ‘manbag’ next week.

‘Rotting Apple # 1’, Friday 19 November, Brunswick, photo by Alicia Bee.
After watching Peter Greenaway’s ZOO I was reminded of my old time lapse photography apple in the shed. It had disintergrated over time, and only the skin remain with a small amount of brown mush remaining inside. It inspired me to start another time lapse photography project, and here you have a new apple.

The rotting apple should symbolise the changes seen in all life processes from life to death, but also shows how something edible can rot to be unstomachable to the human mouth. How something good can turn bad.

Gun Club Man.
By Alicia Bee ©
As published in Bathers On The Beach © October 2010.

I was homesick when seeing his crazy drunk eyes,
I could have forgotten it was America,
But for red light night district and the Gun Club guy,
There are Buddhists in the army taught to use guns.

I never took a photo with my camera,
Didn’t take gun but my defences were not shy,
St Kilda girls are all tourist ballerinas.

Seeking no comfort with prostitutes, I walked by,
Target practice is musician’s concertina,
There was nothing on that island I had not tried,
There are Buddhists in the navy taught to use guns.

END. Alicia Bee © 2010.