‘Rotten Apple’ Unnumbered, published Friday 17 December 2010, Brunswick, Photo by Alicia Bee.



When Kelvin Thompson MP choose the National Cable Installation areas about 3 years ago he knew where I lived, and had joked about having the power to cut sections of streets off for days at a time.

“You’ll get one election not two!” he jokingly threatened out on the street and laughed.

Strangely when I was set to blog my Friday afternoon pre-election statement on Friday 26 November the phone lines were cut, and we were out for 5 days. Why would they cut a street off for the entire weekend? Politicians did oversee some of the planning for the cable zones, though whether they were supposed to oversea the zoning selection was another question. Why would Kelvin Thompson be so bold as to suggest such a thing to my face?

Work on the cable network did not resume on Monday and when the guy finally came on Tuesday all I could concentrate on was information about phone tapping to aid a growing paranoia caused from lack of communication out of the office via internet and phone. Everyone needs to know about phone tapping, sometime.

Whether it was the power of my small blog, or Kelvin Thompsons confusion at my many questions sent the day after his election, the phone lines and all work generated out of our house ceased for a sleep walking 5 days and our MP had made that threat to me already. We didn’t go to Internet cafes or take on the world; we missed making or newer publicity for an Art Exhibition and a book launch, and we simply waited thinking it would resume first thing Monday.

And so for the state election I say ‘BLEH’ rather then blog any comment and you can shout your own reactions to the result.


When I spent an hour with Victoria Police Homicide last Friday 10 December explaining first witness accounts about a male stalker believed by me to be Mr Cruel, I thought that the Tuesday case opening announcement in the media was a sign that they were taking me seriously and would catch the sicko.

A man that had recently been revealing himself to host a number of fake profiles on Facebook had posted a hurtful photo of me taken whilst I was a child in hospital in the late 80s. A creepy older man had been stalking me at music events threatening that he had taken photos of me naked in hospital and sold them in child pornography rings. He had a habit of talking about Mr Cruel so I thought he was him because he was a real crazy.

I had always thought he was trying to scare me and ignored his words asking people to help keep him away from me; though a reveal of this one image on Facebook had me more scared, and had urged me to report to the police.

They told me on Wednesday that the case opening had little to do with my evidence and my own child pornography accounts were irrelevant to the case. They didn’t even advise me on how to seek legal help about the stalker who still harasses me online (he has the means to read this), and who has admitted to owning ‘child pornography’ and threatened that it includes photographs and film footage of me as a child.

The Mr Cruel case has been re-opened though the Victorian Police are doing little to improve on judging the previous evidence with critical analysis. I have little doubt that they will be able to come up with any suspects or find the killer, because Mr Cruel himself has in fact buried the evidence within the investigation as he worked closely with the police and they are relying on the old evidence that had swayed over the past twenty years.

This new investigation could waste another $1 million on a case that has already cost the state somewhere around $6 million to solve (the first operation cost $4 million and I guess to add 2 more just as easily as the police force would), and give false hope to the murdered girls family and that of the other victims and their relatives.

The new evidence that the Victorian Police have is simply this; they think Mr Cruel is online and still enjoys child pornography. You could have got that information from the Wikipedia that is regularly checked (and perhaps even maintained) by Mr Cruel himself.

Rest be assured that he will again be following the case from inside police contacts, and remain at large in Australia.


Julian Assange tried to force himself on me once, and would have done the same to many women in the past.

When he was then rejected, Julian threatened to ‘launch my career in porn on the internet’.

You must separate the issue of Wikileaks suppression and the rape legal case for your own integrity, before you loose the plot.

Julian Assange was very cruel, and sort to hurt me badly afterwards describing me as a ‘slut’ and other words.

I think he used the website or his personal contact list to distribute illegally taped medical footage of me (given to him by the Mr Cruel stalker who he was chummy with at the time) and though have not seen the evidence fear the threat of his revenge.

Julian and another man had asked me a number of questions about a medical operation in 1990 and hinted towards the footage being about me and the content. I cannot access any information on the Wikileaks site but believe that footage about was found under ‘Medical Operations Gone Wrong’ or else has since been removed again for fears about its content linked to child pornography. I had warned him that I had not given permission for broadcast, nor was it ethical journalism to ignore the victim’s rights.

Please note that Julian Assange was aware of the footage including a child under 16, which could be seen as child pornography.

On the night he was also filming my reactions, though I expressed fear and repeatedly implied that such a broadcast of my medical footage would cause me much harm and mental anguish.

Please also note that Julian was not a friend, though he had arrived at my house during a party and advanced on me with questions, then tried to kiss me. Julian Assange had then recently accessed some information about me, and then sort to meet me in person and some people had taken him to my house though it is not clear how the address was gained.

Julian knew he already had the power to humiliate me, when locating me in Melbourne and entering our sharehouse without permission.

I did not invite him over, nor give him permission to film on the night though there was a camera running which could not be stopped by my vocal requests.

When Julian Assange is rejected by women he will seek revenge on them the next day using illegal footage and photographs he has already stored, before he preys on them.

I think he has the evidence to bribe before he tries to use women sexually, and he will pursue women he could easily hurt.

I have full belief that he did force himself on those two Swedish women, and has done that to many others; and their revenge attacks were already planned.

He would have had some sort of file that he could use to hurt them, though again I dont access the site and am unsure about their personal attacks that they have complained about.

After kissing me with a very gross toothy sloppy kiss he said ‘If you dont like that and are shocked by that! I normally force my dick up girls before they ask me stop!” like I didnt have any argument for being upset about the incident.

Note that the action of ‘force my dick up girls’ is rape, and my guess is that the Swedish women may have been raped by him in a similar incident where he has tried to have sex very quickly and forced his body on them, or his penis inside before consent.

I feel he has already damaged my character via Wikileaks or other networks simply because I rejected his advance that night though it was understandable as he was a stranger.

On the night after being shocked he had tried to kiss me, he had asked me why I didnt like him. I told him ‘but you are a really gross older man! why would I like you?” I also expressed that I did not need to like him because it was implied by him that I must submit to him. He was deeply hurt by my words and wanted to revel in his Wikileaks power.

“Do you know what I do?” he cried in his defense from the rejection.

“No!” I said.

“I am the founder of Wikileaks, it is an information site. We bring down governments by making public classified information!” he told.

I listened.

“Do you know what else I do?” he threatened.

“No!” I answered with a nod to continue, upset that I had to respond to his rhetorical questions.

“I have the power to launch your career in porn on the Internet!” he said proudly, “someone has just given me the tapes! I wouldn’t mess with me!”

“I was not going to do it because you were being nice, but now you are a bitch!” he said in final threat.

Whether it was just a threat or a reality within the Wikileaks community is not known to me, for I cannot give them money to enter the site.

I tried not to get upset as it was our housewarming party and my birthday; and have not seen the character attack made about me.

People tried to get me to look at the site in the over time into the next year, though my eyes have not viewed the scathing attack I am now fearful that he had done something very strange back then that involved some footage of the medical incidents he had asked about.

Julian Assange is also a hopeless geek, with no real experience with women who through power is now parading as a womaniser that is targeted by the women who he rejects. I have no doubt that he could have pursued those Swedish women who then rejected him, and were then attacked by the Wikileaks site.

I think he has used Wikileaks power in his personal life for too long, and noone else has tripped him up in his treatment of women.

At the time I was asked by a Melbourne publicist mutual friend not to ’cause trouble and that Julian will find out sometime that he is using Wikileaks for the wrong means to hurt women. It was explained that Wikileaks was a good thing, and I should not do anything to hurt it because it was just becoming successful.

I let it go and had not mentioned it to any official police, but do know these women are not lying.

Key to their claims is their upset at the ‘malevolent online attacks’ on their character via the Wikileaks site, my experience told me that he had launched a similar attack on them as threatened towards me.

Please listen and consider the women in their legal battle and after they have already been sexually assaulted (termed as raped), and then insulted via Wikileaks.

1.   Julian Assange through Wikileaks has the power to store private information on individuals including illegally taped medical footage, toilet cameras, legal aid files or any private details that could be used to embarrass or bribe. If they are doing this to ordinary people (how small is Alicia Bee you Miss Piggy Journalist?) what can they also store for larger public figures? Wikileaks system of storing these files has evaded all privacy restrictions till now and does not have a purpose other than hurting people they want to target and control. These systems need to be audited and controlled like other media and government bodies.

Wikileaks does not have a right to store child pornography, medical pornography or other pornography or private files. IF they are getting it from Mr Cruel himself, and people that have already invaded privacy walls to steal information why are they able to protect their sources? Remember they now have the power to release an illegally taped movie of a girl have sex with her boyfriend.

2.    This week Wikileaks people may have also planned their counter attacks through media in many ways that are not seen as official. For instance this Gawker story could have been a controlled release from Assange’s blog followers though its purpose of apology and self effacing is not entirely clear.

I personally think it is another of Julian’s ficticious girlfriend and is a partially untruthful conversation designed to be outed at the right time. I would also say that Julian was well aware of the OkCupid + Couchsurfer sites, and the possibility of this email conversation being ‘leaked’ sometime. Skam or not it gives you an idea of how creepy Julian can be; and how people will blindly support him regardless;

I made reference to a Split Enz song in the title, it wasn’t that clear or witty. Lately I have been hearing too much of Crowded House with the newer Australian music cover compilation HE WILL HAVE HIS WAY.

I think Split Enz will always be known as a New Zealand product while Crowded House was the band that launched confusion with their ANZAC image when they crossed over the Pacific and were joined by a starring footballer turned drummer from my hometown PAUL HESTER.


A new level of online stalking had me now harassed via Gumtree share accommodation advertisements. One pervert who could be described by appearance because he has stalked my house often; called up to ask my shoe size multiple times in the one call. You get all types, don’t you?

Fake facebook profiles held by bored or undercover cops turned menacing and led me to believe that in fact all profiles held online could be fake. Added to those I consider were held by my Mr Cruel stalker I feel disillusioned with the purpose of being online at all and hadn’t been able to return to blog.

I remembered how bad fake handbags look and felt embarrassed for accepting such ugly online peoples that had tuned around to hurt me. How can these new people who pretend to be ordinary characters actually be a fake profile with the same as that gross look of spelling errors like those dedicated fake famous people sites?

Really boring conditioning to a new world of crime, police surveillance for no reason other than perverted males wanting to watch females.


There comes time when all journalists may question their life vocation as detrimental to their safety.

I am glad for this first moment to be in the comfort of my hometown but fear for the safety led by The Victorian Police force protection.

When I told them that opinion on Wednesday, Victorian Police Homicide staff gloated that they held the power to call me clinically insane. That is how they silence people and other theories; and I found it patronising and unethical.

There is nothing crazy about questioning the police force and the government, and if you have followed Assange and Wikileaks blindly I suggest you believe it too.

In fear this week I counted my serious problems and I give them to you under the code of


Journalist Juanita Nielson was murdered in Sydney over issues to do with property development. I could not compare myself to her ‘summer’s day’ and legacy, but only feel that there a number of forces working against me that could one day act as suspects to the suppression of my writing. Juanita Nielson’s murderer was never found though many believe it to be one or the combined effort of multiple suspects.

My safety has been damaged because of revenge complaints about our house concerts from the wife of a man that wrote too many songs about me. Our right to live in a sharehouse has been questioned as undercover cops and perverts close in to harass females any way they can.

Already our house was illegally searched without a warrant for belief that it is a brothel. Just because police wanted to insult our sharehouse and support the stalking of police informants.

A second undercover (stalker) operation awaits our hosting of house concerts, though the real reason for watch is simply perversion.

As Juanita Nielson ‘s murderers were never found I put out this alarm to you all to say that this is ‘ALL REALLY HAPPENING’ upon my soft PENNYWHISTLE SOLO and paranoid poetry.

These people are working against me.

1.   Mr Cruel stalker – recent online stalking and leaking of a medical photos puts down more than 25 years stalking from a weirdo, the police don’t care about.

2.   Julian Assange – and followers could get upset about this truthful leak, and counter with the rerelease of his previous revenge attack or more illegal and hurtful files, but that is of course all the in the name of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

3.   Victorian Police Homicide Squad – Have not taken my evidence seriously and suggest suppression of my ideas as linked to the Mr Cruel case.

4.   Victorian Police Drug and Alcohol Squad – Manpower force team who has for the past 5 years concentrated on trying to prove ‘music is violent’ through attending music events as both police informant perverts and undercover cops have developed a series of unethical ‘operations’ that harm punters and stalk their residences. They have authorised a surveillance operation to watch out for ‘house concerts’, though we have not held one since the start of the year.

5.   Kelvin Thompson and corrupt politicians that seek to harm ordinary people act with petty stones. We just ask them to do their job rather than use their power to hurt people.


Are you amused by this blog, and wondering where the little girl went? Are you up to date with all of the pennywhistle solos from a leaky boat?

I wouldnt be the only one this week to be afraid of Julian Assange, Mr Cruel and The Victorian Police Force. Though I may the only one with all of Dave Larkin ex-girlfriends stalking me. Most of those predators are hurting a number of people at the moment, keep this in the perspective that you are lucky to read my writing and know about this cool indy blog.

The apples in my time lapse photography are still rotting.

It is all happening.

ACTIVITY : At home make a list of all the forces that are coming against you. Who is annoying you?

Is there anyone that is stalking you at the moment?

A policeman or politician that might be hurt by your past words? Anyone that would act on you in revenge or jealousy?

Why not comment or develop your own paranoid blog and give it up for your enemies to read online?

I think it’s bold and clever and have given it up for all you to summarise the past busy month since the election.


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Paranoid – by Alicia Bee © 2010.

They can tap the home phone from the company exchange,

But they need a search warrant to enable that watch,

There is court process to license their rifle range,

They will switch the electricity off accidentally.

Think calmly during police stalking operations,

Remember to lock all the security latches,

Australia is often seen as a peaceful nation.

The Internet is a hunting ground for stalkers rage,

You don’t have to give them your private information,

To be a professional surfer on the world stage,

They will cut off the electricity accidentally.


END. Alicia Bee © 2010.