‘Professional Vs Amateur’, May 2011, photograph by Alicia Bee, Skenes Creek Victoria.


A woman in the Cherry Rock audience last Sunday 1 May 2011 stepped on my foot with her large knee-high boots and humungous chunky heels which left me with a rectangular bruise 4 x 5 cm on Monday morning.

As the days of the week moved slowly the bruise widened during its healing process to take over the quarter of my foot with a still grey color, yet to yellow and lighten.

I have been using Facebook to track down the woman and warn her about my foot injury as it had actually been the third time this person had trampled on my little feet at a show over the years.

It had happened once at The Tote and again at The Esplanade. Another woman who matched the dyed red hair description of the ‘woman with the boots who stood on me again’ had snapped some good Cherry Rock photos, and when I had spied myself in the background, figured it could be her.

After tagging myself in her photos, I approached her with a private message asking about her shoes and sharing my bruise measurements with her for it had stamped its big impression on me as a problem in rock and roll.

She promptly wrote back and attached a photo she had taken of her shoe for me that day, whose heel was;

“…only 1 inch X 1 inch X 1 inch high so its not what I would call a really big heel as I cannot wear high heels due to a back problem. I have only been wearing these boots for 2mths, the ones prior to that were even flatter than these so I am thinking it must be someone else that steps on your foot all the time. Good to hear your foot is healing. I hope you had a great day too.”

I am still on the lookout for the rock and roll Cinderella with the really big heels who bruised me black and blue.

If I can deal with this issue perhaps I can then tackle the football team who have been blocking me from achieving my goals and points in the big game.

There have been times when I have been told that I have worn the wrong shoes to events too; for example, on The esplanade back stairs, or high heels at an outdoor festival that leaves holes all over the pacing backstage area.

I know what it is like to choose fashion over practicality, but I have never damaged the safety of another person in looking good.

All people should make sure that their costume does not hurt others in the music audience, and that includes pins, studs, sequins and whipping caused by fringing moving when dancing.

I refuse to wear steel capped shoes in any music audience, but would like my little feet to remain safe.

ACTIVITY 1: Look at all females shoes at gigs over the next month, and seek to locate the measured 4 x 5 cm heel and help me find the rock and roll Cinderella ‘woman with the boots who stood on me again’.

ACTIVITY 2: Consider the safety of your own costume, and when preparing your wardrobe ask the question ‘does this hurt anyone when I move?’


GREY HAIR is my first photography exhibition though it was one of my first passions from a young age. It is exciting to present a show and place my photos on the wall in a new context.

GREY HAIR features photos of ocean rocks on canvas, and announces my own coming of age journey into a new color.

Holiday snaps of lines in rocks show how nature can age within time; just as scars, skin lines and grey hair can mark the human body.

These photographic studies of geology can appear as geographical satellite map images, painted on canvas with brushstroke.

Please join me as I celebrate my birthday this year in style with the GREY HAIR exhibition at Studio 7a on Brunswick Street Fitzroy.


The entertainment for exhibition launch features some cool performances by THE TAYLOR PROJECT + MERRY PRAIN + BRETT DELLAVEDOVA + FIONA LEE MAYNARD (DUO) + MELISSA MAIN who will sing songs by LEONARD COHEN as part of the TEA & ORANGES BAND.

Expect to feel very special as these Melbourne stars sing inspiring versions of songs by the favorite bard to turn the event into the party it should be.

Includes a tea party with free TEA + ORANGES.

BYO DRINKS, while limited alcohol is available at cost price.


Melissa Main joins the lineup for entertainment at the Grey Hair exhibition on Sunday 22 May. Her album ‘You, Me, Kitchen Now’ launched recently along with teatowel, apron and oven-mit merchandise will also be available at the gig.


Fifteen protestors were arrested for trespass after they staged a 12 hour protest at Somerville Egg Farm on their roof, refusing to come down until vets were called to treat battery hens at the ‘free-range’ farm. They say the Moorooduc farm is misleading customers when it labels eggs ‘free-range’. The group did get down off their high post when a vet from the Department of Primary Industries was called.

Consumers should always be aware of their shopping purchases, and not only make sure they buy cruelty free; but keep in touch with their suppliers and give them feedback about their products and personal concerns.

You can call Somerville Egg Farm on (03) 5977 5405 and ask them about the condition of the Free Range and other hens.

 John Bracks ‘Collins Street 5pm’ was considered the favorite NGV painting.


Recently I have been wearing a designer men’s shirt and leg-ins around the office. This has given me a ‘business like’ feeling to my writing; though I could never wear the shirt and my tie range in the vicinity of the Bracks’ Collins Street 5pm (featured above voted favorite painting in a recent NGV poll crowd.

When finished work I take off the shirt and hang it up, then cook and eat to save from embarrassing stains; the day is done, the shirt is off.

I also have been talking to people about how to get stains out my ties, considering garment steamers and other options for the cleaning of male clothes, that perhaps a female should already know if she had to be a housewife for sexist office worker. Not me, the ties and new designer shirt are all mine and probably better than most males I know have for their Sunday best, funeral, award acceptance or court appearance.

I am now wanting to purchase my second designer men’s shirt and have been looking at the current range in some stores.

Take a look at this shirt from the Roberto Cavalli Autumn Winter 2011 range, showing that green work to highlight eye color and matching a shirt and slack can work.

POPULAR MUSIC – The John Laws Experience

When I first heard about this music project years ago the name John Laws still gave me a feeling of fear. When members of The John Laws Experience told me about his poetry it had felt like an insult to my little girl makeup.

I thought they were being mean to me when they were enthusiastically describing his creative writing work.

Years working in community radio gave me a reality that seemed to be the complete opposite of the likes of John Laws at 2UE or Alan Jones in paid talkback radio positions. When I was given a John Laws Anzac community service announcement message to play on my show it was rejected from the Australian Music program in full rebellion. After all John Laws had his own radio show and plenty of time to play his own messages. Then at the time of the millennium I think we could have compared radio resumes ,little girl and old man and asked each other the same question for all our years in radio, “are you experienced?”

Augie March once played a show at a party of John Laws, and I was devastated at the concept and shamed them for years suggesting that it insulted everyone in community radio and the ABC. Later on the Augie March album Strange Bird a lyrical mention in their song ‘This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers’ of the party and the name ‘John Laws’ actually was taken as a personal insult, on the long running argument about the man.

Keith Glass found a book of John Laws poetry in upstate New York and grew inspired by his words and wanted to compose some music. He worked on the project solo for a while, for love not money and began to talk about it.

He was obsessed with John Laws poetry, in a love-hate way and wondered why he was. I suggested ‘stockholm syndrome’ and he kept the concept for use in his biography.

Once in the PWP (Parents Without Partner) Opportunity Shop in Tecoma, I noted that a member of The John Laws Experience had began collecting multiple copies of the John Laws poetry book ‘Love is An Expensive Way to Die’ in a bid to protect their idea from other musicians as it grew into fruition.

I remember being forced through my fear then to read the John Laws poem ‘Temporary’, and sharing my phobia of the John Laws name and image with them.

What I was scared of was not how poor the poetry was, but that John Laws could have also put out a book of reasonably good poetry that would again serve to make me an insignificant person in a country of Arts as he had in radio.  My world view of ‘little girl Melbourne’ didn’t involve John Laws or anyone of the kind.

This reaction cringe didn’t deter them at all for they were familiar with what they were countering. The members of The John Laws Experience were inspired with their own musicians drive to continue with their project in spite of pleas and opposition.

The CD has now come out in full Australian salute of John Laws poetry and serves to drill home the power of his words through a golden microphone. The package they have chosen is a humorous ode to sixties culture with large peace and yin yang signs, butterfly mandalas and swirling silly fonts. The music is also designed to evoke a generic flashback to the era sound with country genre instruments imitating the counter culture blend of Eastern and Western music that Ravi Shankar could be seen to symbolize. It’s funny, witty in sarcasm where acts like Tex Perkins and others had failed to respect the magic of the puff of the songs original writers. The listeners laugh at the song but hears with an open ear as John Laws words surprise with the power of simplicity to create chorus like lines of fun pockets of words that had confused the musician reader Keith Glass and his band.

Fans of popular country music will note that the female vocals on ‘Forget About It If You Can’ produce a song from the lyrical poetry that may be close to the intention of John Laws when published in the early seventies, still marketable on the scene today.

John Laws lyrics speak through ‘The Experience’ music, and control the listener who is also taken hostage. The audience may get a greater idea of John Laws character and the man he was some 40 years ago through song adapted poems, that can be seen as sexist and low brow in places.

This is a must listen for all poets who have held ego over their printed works, because it might cut them down or give them inspiration to adapt their poetry to song.

Maybe it was John Laws power and brute, but I am now very scared about the ukelele adaptation of my ‘Bathers On The Beach’ book that could come out in the next 40 years. I won’t even bother to compare John Laws poetry to my own; like the radio industry we are worlds apart.

Strange though, listening to The John Laws Experience message reminded me that we are not all that different; perhaps you too will submit to the concept.

JOHN LAWS ESQUE DISCLOSURE: I only reviewed this CD because I liked the sound and the label who gave me a free CD. I did not receive any money from Qantas nor 2UE to promote John Laws.


I have 5 x ‘2 for 1’ ticket offers for the film Incendies, which I saw at the Kino. Not entirely a prize but if you want to see it with a friend you can save money. Passes valid till the end of season in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth. Anyone who wants one should write a comment about any of the blog stories to misspiggyjournalist@gmail.com


Ring Out Hells Bells

By Alicia Bee 2010 ©

Ring Out! Hells Bells! Let men sing it out,

This is the day the music died, they shouted,

Another man hung from suicide,

They could have lifeline but were too proud.

He could have talked back but had to shout,

Ring Out! Hells Bells! Let them sing it out.

Back in the ring boys take second bout,

Drink a toast to him to end the drought,

Beyond the blues waves we don’t change the tide,

This graveyard’s too full of rock to count,

Years inside for new terms, you decide,

Death leaves legacy history doubt,

This is the day the music died they shout.

This is the highway with roundabout,

Chin up, soldier on the wild ride,

This is the day the music died they shout,

Ring Out! Hells Bells! Let men sing it out.


Alicia Bee © 2011.