‘Sydney Road African Female Shopper’, Brunswick, 2 September 2006, photo by Alicia Bee.


I was listening to BETH ORTON STOLEN CAR when it dawned to me that the recent DEATH IN BRUNSWICK could have been related to VEHICULAR THEFT or SOME SORT OF CRIME connected to the PANEL BEATING WORKSHOP on Florence Street. If only the VICTORIAN POLICE FORCE listened to music they would be as quick as me at solving crime on the streets.

For a recent update google or read this ABC article;

The Victorian Police are okay at dealing with the crime of VEHICULAR THEFT when the thieves leave the license plates on the car and it looks the same in color, but what if they change what the car looks like and take the plates off? Anyone in a crime runaway could be across the border as far as the car will take them with the quickest of disguises.

Where I grew up on the East side of Melbourne, robbers used to steal cars and joyride them till the petrol ran out. They would ‘drive that car as far they could and abandon it out West’ like the lyrics in Tangled Up In Blue, the Bob Dylan song.

One of my own hippy cars was located by the Victoria Police in the western suburb of Altona in the early 1990s. Sure enough they rolled down the mountain from the mad mile as far as they could when they got away.

The only satisfaction was thinking of the thief getting out and walking from the car, but then a professional would have a friend pick them up and just pretend it was kids with simple purposefully left clues and evidence.

Given that CARS are not good for the planet and PANELBEATERS could be involved in many crimes including VEHICULAR THEFT, ARMED ROBBERY, and MURDER it is only natural of the ARTISTIC COMMUNITY to suggest that the BREED should be allowed in all inner city suburbs.

That’s right I don’t think there should be any PANEL BEATERS in Brunswick, and works on VEHICLES should be carried out in wider Melbourne locations such as THOMASTOWN, ALTONA and DANDENONG.

Inner city artistic suburbs should not be threatened by such CAR businesses that drag our family communities down with embarrassing news stories that cause fear and panic, peak hour traffic delay, with possible harm to knock off hour at locals hotels caused by the roadblock on Thursday 18 August 2011. These crimes of violence are a terrible weight to the BUDDHIST COMMUNITIES of Brunswick and surrounding areas who enjoy living in PEACE IN THE WESTERN WORLD.

It is only natural that a total closure of all PANEL BEATERS is necessary to prevent more crime.

Im sure we could do something constructive with the spare factories, while all welders, heavy metal and scraps could be utilized for positive projects of public art installations that therapy the fallout from this local crime. Lets dig a hole in the concrete driveway and plant another fig tree in Brunswick, and have some closure on this case.

As Queen of the Underground (music kingdom) I ask that all criminal businesses cease operations in BRUNSWICK and crime be dedicated to wider suburbs where no young cool hip people are rapidly taking over former ethnic owned properties to gentrify the area and improve your property resell value.

If you are at all clever you should rent out your property till Brunswick prices in the millions; then sell, while setting up business somewhere else, but that’s just my idea and I am JUMPING IN PUDDLES OF CONCLUSIONS IN GUMBOOTS about the PANEL BEATERS being involved in CRIME after the recent death of TWO MEN and injury of a THIRD yesterday.

While it has been agreed that West of Sydney Road is the playground of your business, we will need to change the borderline as middle Brunswick fills and the West becomes the new frontier for Art pioneers in Melbourne.

We need the Edinburgh Castle Hotel and a couple of other venues; and direct access to the airport as quickly as possible.

All criminals and VICTORIA POLICE should now pause for meditational calm and watch the BETH ORTON video clip posted above for details such as GUMBOOTS, MICROPHONES, and a FAIRY LIGHT DISPLAY she has attached to her UNDERBELLY. Released on 22 February 1999 this FOLK song produced by Victor Van Vugt is a favorite of mine all this week in Brunswick, but do I love flashbacks. Otherwise check out WIM : COLLOSSUS from the link below.


Reader Shane Phillips contacted me on Facebook after reading the last issue of MISSPIGGYJOURNALIST blog, not knowing I would interview him. While working at ABC Canberra Shane Phillips is also quite vocal online about his second job of being a massage therapist from home; and only proves working in two different environments can be done.

ALICIA BEE : Where do you work?

SHANE PHILLIPS : As a tech, ABC studio Parliament House Canberra. As a massage therapist, from home.

ALICIA BEE : Did you study sound?

SHANE PHILLIPS : I have done a fair bit of audio study. It was a few years ago now! I did a fair bit in college and ABC training, mainly technical rather then operational.

ALICIA BEE : What panels + equipment are you using?

SHANE PHILLIPS : That would be quite a list! I am in TV master control at the moment …so right in front of me I have two Tectronix digital waveform monitors, two digital audio analyzers, talk-back panels, sdi router, a wall of broadcast monitors (if you want a list all the gear I use let me know!)

ALICIA BEE : What is the secret producing a quality voice track?

SHANE PHILLIPS : Good microphone.

ALICIA BEE : What microphones do you use to record parliament?

SHANE PHILLIPS : Schoeps Colette’s

ALICIA BEE : What was the last thing you learnt in sound?

SHANE PHILLIPS : HE-AAC v2 audio codec specifications.

High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) is a lossy data compression scheme for digital audio defined as a MPEG-4 Audio profile in ISO/IEC 14496-3



Simon Self gave me an email asking if I would like to review his CD. Polite and clever knowing that a CD is a heavy weight to send in the mail to journalists that may ignore him, he had sent a link to his sounds online as a taster.

I accepted to review him in this blog and he sent his ‘Treat Like Eggs’ LP.

The first thing that struck me about the CD package was the plane in the artwork. Living a few years in Sydney I laughed at the release that acknowledged planes. Planes flying over a dirty polluted city is what you see in the hand drawn image on the cover.

Those years in Sydney gave me certain knowledge of the difference between the two music scenes between my hometown and a newer city. In the big smoke I decided that Sydney was Australia’s international city and could be compared to New York. (New York, the opposite of California, and an incubator of a fine jazz scene around since the Age of Reason, and ruling as the city of jazz throughout the world.)

Sydney has always had a legacy of jazz music to be heard at club venues all along Broadway from The Basement to Wynyard, but still does have to check in with the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and the Vicotrian history of regional jazz clubs and festivals.

Simon Self has a high male voice which he sings as he plays synthesized jazz guitar. On Polly his voice bridges to soul as he settles back against other instruments and concentrates on his singing though it is not till then that you understand his voice structure or capabilities.

Something is holding him back in the recording of the vocals, the mix appearing flat and less earthed along with the synthesized music that should be sold as bigger for their genre choice.

In his next journey into the studio Simon Self should treat his voice like eggs and build the soundtrack around that.

Still if low-fi is your backgrounder, turn it on and take a sip of the Sydney hotel wine before the plane flight to New York.

PUZZLE – PHOTOGRAPH: Where’s Brunswick?

When I lived in Sydney the planes flew so close that it was thought that my NEWTOWN house could be seen from the plane. In spite of so many flights to and from the beautiful harbour city I could never recognise my house.

This only made me question whether our Brunswick house could be seen now that I was living so far west it was under a flight path. After the blog last week I was able to pinpoint exactly where we were on the map.

ACTIVITY > Scroll down the blog to the photo of ‘Melbourne from Plane #9’ from last week’s ‘HARPIES NOT SHARPIES’ edition. It wasn’t till this particular return journey when recording some Melbourne entry photos that I was able to recognize the city suburbs from the air for the first time.

Can you recognize Brunswick in the photo? See if you can locate the Eureka building as the tallest in Melbourne then find Lygon Street in front of it.

When you stand at most northern locations on Lygon you can get a clear view of the Eureka Building. Eureka? You have it.

Now find Melbourne Cemetary, Royal Park, and Sydney Road to the right of the photo; while Nicholson Street is just LEFT OF CENTRE.

Can you find Hoddle/Punt Road? High Street Northcote?

EUREKA? You are getting to know Melbourne from those strange birds that flew above the Melbourne skyline that laugh at us with their big engines and loud noise.


Orange Guard Dog

By Alicia Bee 2010 ©

A guard dog barks viciously at a girl walking down panel beat road,

West state in Orange people try talking to grow feelings after drought,

Breakfast shift workers leave their misted caravan park cabin abode,

“Good Dog” rewards the girl warmly to the beaten attack dog.

Hope assures her faith in universal goodness,

Semi trailer truck cab returns home early after loosening to unload,

She imagines in this rural town people give their children a clout.

Morning lightens the sky while service station lights on highway still glowed,

She is getting to know her country now, this town from the roundabout,

The dogs wild rage quietens as she looks away energy slowed,

“Good Dog” rewards the girl warmly to the beaten attack dog.


Alicia Bee © 2011.