‘Orange Flowers 1’ -Sunday Read Series, Brunswick, Sunday 18 April 2010, photo by Alicia Bee.


It is Spring in Melbourne once again, the football games are finishing, horse racing is almost about to start; but more excitingly the music festival season is going to take us all for another 6 months of play.
Be prepared to jump in puddles in your sunglasses.

Mindful of the Brunswick garden flowers and that SPRING means it is AUTUMN on the other side of the world; I consider that the time is now to launch a fashion label based around the AUTUMN color range which is presently having a good time in all other Fashion label ranges.

You may be aware of my skills in writing journalism, and also of the 2010 publication of my poetry book Bathers On The Beach and a forthcoming THE BOOK OF THE DEAD AND WOUNDED 2011 release.
You may also be aware of my photography skills, a recent GREY HAIR exhibition that currently has a regional show at BURRINJA CAFÉ GALLERY and an upcoming FRINGE FESTIVAL SHOW – GOOD MOURNING which features PHOTOGRAPHY, POETRY, and a found object installation.

As busy as the queen bee could be scene to be, the time might be now to launch my own FASHION LABEL called ALICIA AUTUMN, though I am just putting it out there as an idea for feedback and to SCARE PEOPLE.

Call me a TALL POPPY, but I think we are all capable of doing great things and there is no parameters to the mediums which artists like myself can work.
So I thought again of AUTUMN and the colors that make it so earthy.
I have often been described as AUTUMN; the ORANGE color of my hair like deciduous tree leaves that have died, the GREEN of my eyes like that of the evergreen trees that are left green in FALL, and my love of brown monk clothes the color of EARTH and WOOD.
When I was 14 in 1990 I met none other than POPPY KING in a chemist in Camberwell Melbourne and once commented, “I can never find any makeup to go with red hair”. Do you know what she said? “You need AUTUMN”
I didn’t tell her that Australis did have a brown alike to the invention of her first lipstick color – AUTUMN.
Remembering POPPY KING’s words and also reading this week that ALANNAH HILL didn’t start her own fashion label until she was 35, it dawned on me that again AUTUMN was my answer.
Rembering also that VIVIANNE WESTWOOD was a school teacher before a fashion designer, and there is still time left in the AUTUMN of our lives I ask you to consider if I have any style at all?

The time is now for AUTUMN once again, that is AUTUMN with splashes of SPRING colors like BRUNSWICK FLOWERS.
AUTUMN the changeable season of sun and rain, cold and the last breaths of warm summer air. RAINBOWS of a gay MELBOURNE sunshine, changeable climate and wild weather.
AUTUMN that is SPRING on the other side of the world.
SPRING that is AUTUMN always in Melbourne.
Melbourne the city of a FINE warm 20 degrees Celsius, always AUTUMN or SPRING except for about 2 weeks of WINTER and SUMMER.
ALICIA AUTUMN is music festivals in RAIN, HAIL or SHINE.
DESIGNER GUMBOOTS and SUNGLASSES with wool, and a summer dress.
Multiple outfits for the clever camper and traveller.
ALICIA AUTUMN is Melbourne weather.

My fashion label ALICIA AUTUMN features my personal style of NEW AUSTRALIAN DESIGNER CLOTHES worn casually with VINTAGE EUROPEAN BLING that makes it look a lot better, or cheaper depending on your interpretation of fashion.
I won’t leak the ALICIA AUTUMN designs on my blog, just be aware that the idea is out there and you never know what project I will be working on next.

COOL BUDDHIST LESSON THIS WEEK: Remember SPRING is AUTUMN on the other side of the world!


Steve Lucas guitarist frontman of the thirty five year old rock band X has recently announced his involvement in the CHILDWISE charity as ambassador.

ALICIA BEE – Why did you get involved with Childwise?
STEVE LUCAS – I was asked to do a benefit to help stop child sex prostitution and the child sex industry. I said yes, because I always do. I think if I can help make a difference by getting up on stage and playing music I love then I should be damned to hell if I were to say no. Once I asked a few basic questions I gradually became more intrigued and more outraged. Initially I thought I’d do a few songs and pat myself on the back and that would be that. But then I asked for some literature in case I was called upon to do and interview to promote the gig and what I read appalled me. Australians make up 33% of successfully prosecuted child sex offenders in Thailand alone! You could say national pride made me get involved. You might say shame at the country that I love spawns the kind of person or environment that creates this want and need humiliated me enough to want to do something about it. Then I found out that they worked here – at home – as well as abroad and a new meaning was given to me. I was abused as a child. I had no voice to speak of it then as I do now. As I read about the grooming process I realised that I narrowly escaped that fate by sheer luck and intuition. I know what it is like to be voiceless. I fear my own sister was abused when I was too young to fight on her behalf. I agreed to do it because I could not have looked into a mirror ever again in my life without seeing nothing but a coward. I want to look into a mirror and see a man. One who is prepared to fight for others that believe no-one cares or that no-one will. As a musician I have friends and fans that I can hopefully encourage and enlighten. I have a voice and I am not afraid to use it. I became involved with Child Wise because they said they needed me I learned to see that I needed them.
ALICIA BEE – What do you do as an Ambassador for them?
STEVE LUCAS – I do every thing I can to educate and enlighten people. I do all within my limited circle to raise awareness and funding. I use what stature I have to get others to donate their time and skills and talents to help make the Child Wise Charity blossom and grow. I speak to people. I beg and implore people to donate time or money or expertise to strengthen the foundations of this wonderful organisation. I ring people, I write about it and I speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.
ALICIA BEE – Have you done this kind of work before?
STEVE LUCAS – No, never. Up until now I have played countless gigs for countless charities. No tax write offs, you have to earn money for that luxury or concession. I just volunteered my time and my music and hoped that the money raised would make a difference. This one is… personal.


FRIENDLY YEN  provided everyone with drinks as an introduction to the former Canberra based rock band. New Melbourne refugees, or nu-northcote (or so they say at the NSC, wink) are young but will tour and play every venue before another millennium band bites the dust, and their singles kick in the doors of Triple J waves.
I can hear nu-metal with their tops on, and points go to guitarist Pat Lillicrap for wearing the Led Zeppelin tshirt because it always works as a fashion statement.
(Though Pat said ‘4’ was his favorite album, that’s the one with Stairway to Heaven, and he had never heard ‘Houses of Holy’; and he has a lot to learn about Led Zeppelin before trying to be them and make band history. Note here; in 1998 Dave Larkin at this same question had only heard Led Zeppelin Remasters – the one with 2 CDs not 4 CDs, so this is not necessary rule, but a mere note for Led Zeppelin fans that bands may not even know as much about music as you a fan musicologist, though can probably play better; and in Dave Larkin’s case will still pretend to be a real Led Zeppelin fan and play the Led Zeppelin tribute at the Palais last year though I begged him not to so many times because he wasn’t even a true fan, and didn’t like Led Zeppelin as much as say – Davey Lane of You Am I would have played it more authentically but that’s an old argument and a new people from interstate places don’t need to take sides of the river on such silly issues even if they say they have burnt the Sydney harbour bridge or even the capital just to relocate).
Singer Jeff I was told has ‘pitch perfect’ voice, said my bio reading plus one robot; which he hits with his hands as he points to notes in the octave. When he sings his hands move commanding the audience to notice him accenting and inflecting each of his singing breaths and words finishing while he changes notes. It is very controlling, you many think he is what a mid 20s Ron Peno could have been like in hand signals. Though at the moment looks like he is fresh out of VOX Vocal school for rock musicians wanting to sing properly away from the dreaded NODE disease caught by many in their prime, perhaps even around the time they attend singing lessons.
I wondered if VOX Vocal School could possibly change their posters away from THE LIVING END, DREADNAUGHT, and the old school others to a new class of singers led by FRIENDLY YEN and all their friends as the day dawns on another group of bands offering FREE DRINKS for support of their new music.
Welcome to Melbourne Friendly Yen, we accept your rider as incentive anytime.


By Alicia Bee © 2011.

Wings of a bird on a perfect female body,
She’s whispering on the wind controlling the weather,
Hair down to earth taken from houses of holy,
Harpy; heaven paved the footpath for you tonight.

Wearing a frilly dress because fashion is fun,
The human brain curse is she scares ‘cause she’s clever,
It isn’t a mess to break something and then run.

She’s original there is no other copy,
He tall boots are made for walking ‘cause they’re leather,
There is no award ‘cause she’s the trophy,
Harpy; heaven paved the footpath for you tonight.

Alicia Bee © 2011.