‘Dead Cat’, Selby 1996, Brunswick 2011, photo printed on canvas for exhibition, photo by Alicia Bee.


There is a black cat that is going to follow me for the rest of my life. It is the advertising image for my debut Melbourne Fringe Festival show GOOD MOURNING.

The cat is also replicated 3 times in the FRINGE program making another artwork ‘Dead Cat 3 times’ in honour of Grinspoons breakout single from 1995 shown above (produced only because the FRINGE PROGRAM wanted a landscape rather than the portrait shot).

Three copies of ‘Dead Cat 3 Times’ were made in sepia, black and white and color; and the cat would have had 9 lives but for the portrait. It was featured 10 times on the walls, a further 25 times in printed photos, then 1000s of times in poster, flier and program form for the Fringe Festival advertising.

The photo is one I took in 1996 of my first pet cat ‘Ebony’, who died prematurely when attacked in our yard by a neighbor’s pitbull terrier (leaving another argument for the toughening of laws against attack dogs).  Recently I lost a second black cat ‘Ned’ who was meant to be the companion for ‘Ebony’ but had survived all these years till 2011. The night before the exhibition the missing black cat from the neighborhood signs around our suburb was located and coaxed from under our house.

The pet owners laughed also at my black cat flier.

Originally the cat was a simple portrait taken for my media photography class, just one year out of high school and the completion of my Year 12 photography CAT.

All through VCE we had joked that our assessment tasks really were like an animal.

I had cut pictures of cats eyes and put them in my art sketchbook and all seniors had laughed about it because the CAT acronym was then new and would later be outphased from the high school curriculum as a major grading task.

In the next year after high school I just took some photos around the house and they formed part of my photography folio for my media course.

The black cat image always looked good in its formality, because the pet had held the pose so strongly, as if understanding the process of photograph taking; it had seemed to model for me.

The photograph itself had looked vintage in its production when produced on old paper given as a gift. It wasn’t going to be my final artwork as the content seemed too domestic for the art I wanted to create at that age it was just a practice shot.

But it came out in the past 5 years when I was reviewing my old photography and had be hung in my office with a series of other dead pets and animals that formed the inspiration for the Good Mourning show.

Black Cats are superstitiously seen to be unlucky, and if that is true then ‘Good Mourning’s ‘Dead Cat’ could symbolize an exhibition that was devastated by bad luck – if you saw it like that.

We had three successful hours of so many beautiful punters with gracious thankyous, and comments. Some people were moved to tears by the artworks, and had it truly seemed like a successful day of sunshine that had fought of the rainclouds.

The Fitzroy police station make record of ‘handbag theft’ via ‘break and enter’, though when the bastards broke the car window it was even more costly to replace the glass, the tint, the bag, the camera, the wallets, the makeup bag, than the money that was taken in the form of $20 change.
At the time of dealing with the crime and police there was noone else to man the exhibition and GOOD MOURNING FRINGE FESTIVAL show closed early, doomed with ‘black cat bad luck’ or the needs of criminals that hurt more than they know when they commit what they think is simple crime.

After 4 hours GOOD MOURNING closed for the day because of PETTY CRIME from idiots too greedy to respect that EVERYONE ELSE WANTS TO LIVE IN PEACE.

You could blame the black cat, or a depressing black dog, or the ladder or broken mirror found also as part of the exhibition; but to blame the criminal for the crime would be a task too great for the police and justice system in this country and there shall be no compensation for victims of this crime.

The broken window is not covered unless you pay the $500 excess for insurance.

The bag, camera, all personal items, cards wallet and the privacy of photographs of children left on the camera are now the property of the criminals who put their fist through a car window for $20 in coins.

You could say that we live with an impending doom looming on the horizon and that good things don’t last for long for people like us.

You could live in fear of the bastards coming again to commit crime and bully honest people who are just trying to live their lives.

Or you could see our home as a lucky country free from the crimes of ancient civilization and convict criminal past, instead of a hellbirth of punishment for the duration of your young and free life.

Thieves wont kill the show, which is back next Sunday 9 October for exhibition in all its glory.
And for the criminals’ records, I never saw a black cat as unlucky nor a hat on the bed as a warning; and wont take lightly to suggestions of karma coming back at me for I am a Buddhist. My karma is still stronger than all of their armies and I wont be stopped from living my life.

If that black cat that is stalking me is really causing all of these problems it should know that it has been dead a long time and it has no business hanging around the house.

If the black cat is the same pet that is in the photograph then its spirit is welcome to stay with me a lifetime.


Good Mourning (it’s the new black)

Freelance journalist and published poet ALICIA BEE presents her photography, words and installation art in GOOD MOURNING, showing for only two Sundays in October.

Reflections on aging interact with responses to grieving in a show that comprises photos of rocks and dead cats, poetry, and found objects including seafood remains.

ALICIA BEE will launch THE BOOK OF THE DEAD AND WOUNDED on Sunday 2 October as part of the exhibition.

Freelance journalist ALICIA BEE published her writing about music and other subjects till poetry title BATHERS ON THE BEACH was launched late in October 2010.

The event signaled the first presentation of her creative writing outside journalism. The result and support encouraged her to show the GREY HAIR photography exhibition in MAY 2011;

a coming of age announcement that ALICIA BEE was a member of the Arts industries.

Included in the GOOD MOURNING EXHIBITION will be photography, poetry, and a found object installation of a midden.

The GREY HAIR photos will seen in the exhibition, alongside images of past pets.

THE BOOK OF THE DEAD poetry book will be launched on Sunday 2 October and available for sale, as are

canvas reproductions of some highlights of the book.

ALICIA BEE also presents ARTIST MIDDEN, a found object installation of seafood bones, shells, and more.

Fringe Exhibition Name: Good Mourning.

Subheading : ‘its the new black’

Media: Visual Art + Literature; photography, found objects, books, canvas.

Artist: Alicia Bee.

Venue: Studio 7A 238 Brunswick Street Fitzroy

Dates: 2 + 9 October 2011.

Entry: donation.

Blurb: Good Mourning explores grief, aging, the dying of humans and animals.

Images of dead pets along with a found object midden installation are displayed with photography and funeral music.

Alicia Bee also previews ‘The Book of The Dead and Wounded’ collection of poems at the show on Sunday 2 October.




Sydney four door sedan BETTY AIRS remind me of BLACK LIPS or BLACK MUSIC done by white boys who have nugget on their cheeks and black lipstick and black eyeliner like LUKE STEELE.

Perhaps you should consider their name to be (BLACK) BETTY AIRS for the melodic punk pop is darker than the lyrics suggest; tougher than their betty skater SYDNEY TATTOOS from THE ILLUSTRATED MAN.

(Please note their music is above this line not below line for their particular BETTY ANGST. Look up, okay, up up NORTH okay ’cause the link is not loading a video openly on the page)

I know there is a cat and a dog called BLACK BETTY, and it is also the name of a car; but this is a long time since a sydney movie played BUY ME A PONY and does not sound at all like OLD MAN SAM.

Here their JUVENILE single reminds us what its like to kiss a young and free band as they tour our country. Check them out at these CHEAP HOTEL ROOMS, to speak to them in person; but remember they are the young ones.


Thursday 20 October ALHAMBRA LOUNGE Brisbane w/ Velociraptor

Friday 28 October HOTEL METRO Adelaide w/ Bad Dreems

Saturday 29 October CROWN & ANCHOR Adelaide w/ Bad Dreems

Saturday 5 November ROXBURY HOTEL Sydney w/ The Bungalows, The Ganasch

Saturday 19 November YAH YAH’S Melbourne w/ Red Aces, APES

Saturday 19 November PONY Melbourne 2am slot


When I first heard Norway’s Blood Command  it was the day of the recent massacre in the country that left 77 dead and 96 injured. It was also the day before Amy Winehouse died and I had that violent incident at the Dan Brodie sharpie Video Clip Shoot. For the weekend Id left their video clip on my computer wanting to listen again to the first Norway band since Turbonegro replaced classical music, but it was a long busy one.

After the massacre news their clip loaded suddenly on my computer along with a Wikipedia page for Lillian Roxan. For the duration of a few songs I couldn’t remember why the pages came up or how this Norway band had come to me and tried logical rationale. Shock slows the brain and I had to remind it that Blood Command had sounded fine on Friday, but ‘Summon The Arsonist’ wasn’t meant to warn of a terrorist attack or societal violence from a country that had just lost so many young people at a summer camp from a psychopathic mass murderer.

If titles scare you then ‘Schizophrenic Summer’ could anthem your ideas that screamo music is angst driven early 20s punk that you don’t listen to anymore ‘cause you hurt your fat knees on your skateboard.

What on Friday had seemed new music had later opened to taunt my existence as a music journalist who left too many pull up windows open for the longest weekend.

As I listened more I understood exactly where I was on Friday and the hole that left a cringe for the sound from the massacre could only be rebuilt with more Norway music.

I thanked the label for the CDs and said it came just when I thought Norway all dead.

Hopefully they’ll send more music from Norway so this blog will cater for Australian music and the Norway metal primarily in memory of Lillian Roxan, the 173 victims and how scary it was to watch the news; I think Norway metal is a bit tamer.

Blood Command sing of arson, schizophrenia and murder, in the fantasy of art punk genre. Their weapons are instruments, knives the symbols of sexuality cutting the hurt of predjudice and societal rules to energetic rhythm designed to tire repressed fuel with response or to encourage ‘dance like nobody is watching’.

Their screaming female vocals pierced through the walls hurt from sadness and psychological trauma of a weekend from hell. Their own repetition of the Sex Pistols “kill all hippies,” taunted and I tried to wonder again why the sign for anarchy is so close to a peace sign. All ‘outsider’ teenagers have drawn both of those signs.

Like Sex Pistols they try to destroy and uphold their national image by creating music to serve their country.

Rest assured youths like these are stashing weapons of instruments and records in their bedroom waiting for their chance to take over the world peacefully even if they don’t think they are influenced by hippies.

At least they can listen to Blood Command’s newest release, or take a therapy course from an old folk song Turbonegro’s All My Friends Are Dead.

Norway music Note: Psychopathic murderer Clayton Weatherston tried to appreciate Turbonegro’s Party Animals LP when holding us hostage in the Dunedin Hotel, and he is quoted to say that he was not influenced at all by the music, apparently his logical economics brain never had a music appreciation.


The Dead Weather

Alicia Bee ©

It is the season for grieving,

Grey clouds above are raining,

Religion is for believing,

Dead Weather is hailing at cars.

They were all dead in the army,

Before they picked up poison pen,

States are waking to the alarm.

Living in peace is deceiving,

You shouldn’t get used to the calm,

Dont know what they are conceiving,

Dead Weather is hailing at cars.