‘Pharlaps Fur Reflected Under Lights In Glass Case’, Museum Victoria Carlton, 22 February 2012, photo by Alicia Bee.

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After the two week long success of winning a MIMCO FASHION JURY prize in February; I have entered the MIMCO STYLE COMPETITION, with a whim of moving into fashion writing to extend my portfolio.

I entered with a simple decision to pursue fashion styling in the hopes of more fashion item gifts.

Facebook LIKE votes decide the top 5 place getters who all receive MIMCO prize money.

On the first day I rated in the top 5, but since then many fashion graduates have caught up and got in front; though there is very little between all of the competitors and I still could win.

I call all competitors (including myself) WIDGETS because when MIMCO sent us our vote links it just seemed like the cutest most adorable kuwaii word to describe a group of young fashion wannabees that try to become famous through internet voting of their little fashion thumbnails be them fake or french manicured copies.

I didn’t know it but the whims of a widget can provide happiness, but also fast frivolous pain from the rise and fall of your fashion trends in a fickle world.

You may not have enough money to compete with the few unless you get it for FREE.

If fashion be a gift from the goddesses that I accept more offerings as a Buddhist punk princess who stole her religion from the poorer eastern world to rise above the atrocities of her culture and their crimes to simply follow her dreams, wherever each whim may be fed.

For my entry I am using my Manstyle fashion philosophy and pursuing a push toward Men’s Fashion as an important and exciting brave new world.

I think we can use cross-dressing to sell fashion, particularly accessories, and believe that women can sell menswear just as males can sell a ladies handbag.

I started wearing ties years ago as they worked well as a splash of fine material to break up a chest region or waist.

I am attracted to ties because my lifestyle did not dictate me to wear them at all in school or work, and so I valued their beauty as a hippy drawn to fine paisley material, silk, and colors.

Ties got me interested in Menswear, and stealing fashion from the opposite sex to extend my wardrobe, and it was a fun journey.

I then started wearing designer men’s shirts some time ago as shirt dresses before trends wore thin; and my interest grew in selling them back to men who care more about fashion.

When vintage shopping over time I found many fashion conscious males who liked to wear women’s clothing simply because they couldn’t find enough items to fit and wear because MALE FASHION is smaller in this country, but only compared to the history of SAVILLE ROW or PARIS.

MANSTYLE and MALE FASHION has had such growth over the past decade, paralleling the rise of Australian Fashion, that it will be an exciting future to get up and dress for each day.

In the meantime, those taking the business class to Hong Kong or Abu Dhabi for their mens shirts; will find their naked sisters spending frivolously on throwaway fashion of seasonal handbags and bling to counter their champagne jetlag, without ever learning the language of fashion is that it should be timeless and an investment of value worth its high ticket.
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As I don’t think Mimco will use these reviews with the excitement of the DREAMWARP STYLE COMPETITION being promoted, they are published here on my blog for the record.

Fashion accessories label Mimco gave me a handbag in exchange for a series of short reviews and happy snaps, and I spent two weeks wearing the bag to events.

The handbag was the HUSTLER HOBO, a large shoulder handbag in camel color perfect for many fashion looks.

Though I prefer to change bags with each fashion outfit, this was an interesting activity to select matching attire to promote the bag rather than selecting a bag to match a dress or other.

Looking at the photos, it may seem like my current season matching attire comes in shades of brown and neutrals, and that Autumn is now here once again in glory.

Autumn was the color that launched Poppy King’s lipstick label.

Autumn was the color scheme that put the first redhead on Dolly (Nicole Kidman) and straddled the hair color somewhere between European and Commercial in marketing terms as being considered beautiful by international fashion model agency and advertising.

Autumn’s browns, oranges, greens and creams, were and always has been a beautiful color scheme and I could never let it go!

Remembering the value of color always especially in places where people only dress noir; now brown is again the new black!


20 February 2012.

Hobo Review.

I plan to take this handbag overseas in hand luggage. It will hold important in-flight needs as well as a blanket for the return flight to Melbourne.

Hustler review.

I have been looking for a smuggling bag to fit my 2kg camera and recording gear in style with room enough to carry my poetry book in the front pocket.

Hustler Hobo review.

The Melbourne Hustle is a trick I used to pull at The Tote to get free drinks from barfly friends. A handbag should include all ingredients for life on the road as a hobo.

Hobo items.

A hobo needs to pack their handbag with sunglasses, sunscreen, makeup, perfume, deodorant, a phone, appointment diary, notepad, pencil, sharpener, a cardigan and leg-ins for the morning.

Hobo – the new brown paper bag.

I have worked out that the Hobo handbag can carry a bottle of wine if you are not into the # brown paper bag alcoholic look.
# Comes in ‘camel’ color for those that don’t drink much.

Hustler review.

The first day I wore this bag I set out shopping for matching shoes. On the way I bought a vintage Collette Dinnegan dress and it dropped into the bag easily that was then stacked with two new pairs of shoes to match the nude color.

23 February 2012.

Handbag Strain.

I didn’t want to wear the same bag today and normally change bags with each outfit.

Instead I wore a leather backpack with matching flats and opted for a Chinese neck and shoulder massage.

The handbag relationship has caused strain on my left shoulder by habit but I can’t even it out and wear it on the right as often.

This is a general handbag issue caused by wanting my dominant writing hand free, and is not fault of the make.

24 February 2012.

Been kidnapped by rock and rollers whose cigarette smoked the leather and lining of my handbag and lungs.
(They will take me to Soundwave next week, and will be here till Coachella in April). They took my photo and styled these poses inside The Palace Bourke Street.

Photo : Alicia Bee wears vintage brown lycra dress, vintage crochet belt, Tony Bianco Mai Tai ballet flats and Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.
Photo by Renae Divatronic at The Palace, Melbourne.

25 February 2012.

My handbag and review is discussed as I compare to a vintage Mimco bag at Applecore music festival in Thornbury.

I worry that the Hustler Hobo is getting dirty with wear, and it rests on the blanket in the middle of a group of people.

Photo : Alicia Bee wears vintage Stitches dress, Mimco Magnum Sunglasses, Aboriginal art earrings, Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.
Photo by Mia Schoen at Applecore Music festival, Thornbury.

25 February 2012.

I attend a concert event at The Brunswick Town Hall.

I leave my parasol there by accident and return on Monday to collect it.

I did not leave the handbag, and admit to have wanted a compact umbrella that day, but choose matching.

Photo : Alicia Bee wears vintage Stitches dress, with Mimco Magnum Sunglasses, Aboriginal art earrings, Boston Umbrella Parasol, and Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.
Photo by Nerissa McDonald at The Brunswick Town Hall Atrium, Brunswick.

26 February 2012.

I put the Christian Dior Bridal white shoes in my bag and got them out for the shot, returning to run around in flats.

Photo : Alicia Bee wears vintage Katie Pye dress, vintage Christian Dior bridal white heels and Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.
Photo by Tim Woods at The Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Brunswick.
Top Photo by Phil Lawrence at The Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Brunswick.

27 February 2012.

I took the handbag onstage as feature poet at Passionate Tongues reading and asked for a photo.

Though there were about 5 cameras; they took a photo of me and left the bag and shoes out of shot, (I don’t think they understood what is important.)

Photo (Not included): Alicia Bee wears vintage peach cotton shirt, vintage Katharine Hamnett slacks, Mimco Westside Bootie heels and Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.

 28 February 2012.

The Sound of The Handbag.

I make a big deal of protecting my light colored handbag from venue surfaces and rest it on my dress jacket for a music show. Before the last song of the recorded live set of Jordie Lane at Pure Pop there could be heard the sound of my handbag dropping as the echo of the Mimco Magnum sunglasses in their box makes it seem hollow with a thud.

A round of laughter follows and then I say ‘thankyou’, to the person who picks it up, and soon a song starts.

The bag did not get dirty as expected.
Jordie Lane also took a photo of me with the bag before the set, when I spoke to him about my book.

Photo (Not included) : Alicia Bee wears vintage peach cotton dress, vintage Pierre D’Alby jacket, and Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.
Photo by Ben Cook at Pure Pop Records, St Kilda.

1 March 2012.

I get my haircut on Brunswick Street with rock and roll hairdresser Steven Sabatino, I have some rolled up Envirosax for shopping inside my bag in case there is something nearby.

I visit the Brotherhood of St Laurence op shop, and walk a laneway to Nicholson; taking a photo of graffiti with my compact camera.

Photo above: Alicia Bee wears vintage Lucie Linden dress, and Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.
Photo left : Alicia Bee wears vintage Lucie Linden dress, vintage Arpel jacket, and Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.
Photo by Steven Sabatino at BDH, Fitzroy.

 2 March 2012.

The rock and rollers and I took some drinks home from the Soundwave rider and the ice leaked into my bag.

At midnight I left everything to dry in my office and pulled the bag lining inside out.

It almost felt like the end of my longest relationship with one handbag.

In the morning my wallet and papers were still wet, and the bag was completely dry.

This is because the synthetic liner is similar to parker material, and there was no leather damage.

I dried it out some more, just in case, with the wallet, and a display of cards, receipts and vouchers on the coffee table on Saturday as it poured raining in Melbourne.

I watched DVDs and played with my phone on the couch as the Soundwave tour rolled through Adelaide.

[I heard a story at Applecore Festival about a girl that bought a Mimco bag and spilt salad dressing in it soon after, and was thankful that this was not even a handbag emergency. I just wanted to mention her, because it is horrible to loose something expensive soon after a purchase of hundreds of dollars.]

Photo : Alicia Bee wears vintage Prue Acton sample dress, brown wool cardigan, beige stockings, Tony Bianco Mai Tai ballet flats and Mimco Hustler Hobo handbag.
Photo by Diamond Deb at Soundwave, Royal Australian Showgrounds Ascotvale.

4 March 2012.

I take the bag to Sydney Road Festival with the Envirosax rolled up in their balls. I collect fliers from the stalls, buy 5 CDs at The Retreat staff charity fundraiser, and even go to the Moreland library and borrow 4 items. All fit into the large super-duper sized handbag.

As an afterthought I go to the supermarket and squeeze some drinking chocolate in aswell.

When I later decide to buy 3 plants, and open the Envirosax bag it is carried home on my other shoulder.

[No hands free for photo.]


5 March 2012.

I take the bag to VCAT for a presentation. I have my legal information in the handbag, and make joke to self that it is important to choose fashion wisely for legal matters and glamourise the horrible process.

In boredom I imagine myself to be alike to a high profile high court legal case during the 1980s, and my dress is similar.

When running outside to check parking, I look at the photographers without the Mimco Magnum sunglasses and worry that they may take photo, as they are curious as to my identity.

Luckily they don’t take trigger, though I may have had chance to suppress it as a journalist and unearth it later in fashion blog.

[ Outfit suppressed for legal privacy reasons. No photo taken.]


Made in Japan

By Alicia Bee 2010 ©

Jenny wore a kimono to The Rolling Stones,

China is Japan when they make them Asian clones,

Buddhism is in fashion in the east and west,

The world is all the same when they’re using eye phones,

You can say any bad word using the right tones,

Jenny wore a kimono to The Rolling Stones.

Stitching labels can be traced right down to the bone,

All our crockery used to be English house owned,

Now Japanese Islanders are making the best,

Koreans are renting the Seoul Olympic homes,

Chinese business looks to Australian invest,

Oompa Loompa workers were the union for gnomes,

China is Japan when they make them Asian clones.

She’s loosing her culture by wearing their new clothes,

Travel is communication put to the test,

China is Japan when they make them Asian clones,

Jenny wore a kimono to The Rolling Stones.

Alannah Hill

By Alicia Bee 2010 ©

It’s those Alannah Hill consorts that really go-go,

You don’t stop even if the girls says no-no,

Bright red lipstick, you know she’s a prostitute,

Is there party bubbles we can watch her blow?

Others don’t see but it’s a label I know,

It’s those Alannah Hill consorts that really go-go,

Watch her modelling and you’ll see she’s a real pro,

She pretends to be cupid and shoots the bow,

Though she gets raped all the time she’s not a mute,

Slap both of her cheeks for that natural glow,

Wearing babydoll sweetheart she’s playing cute,

Shave her vagina when the teen starts to grow,

You don’t stop even if the girls says no-no.

You thought she was having fun with an ‘oh-oh’,

Now she’s handing you an harassment lawsuit,

You don’t stop even if the girls says no-no,

It’s those Alannah Hill consorts that really go-go.

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