“Rose (Numbered later)”, Brunswick, 2006, photo by Alicia Bee.


Every time I want to leave the country something big happens in political party leadership of Australia. It last happened when I went to Hawaii in June 2010, and they changed the leader of the Labor party and therefore our Prime Minister.

“Anything is possible!” my mother declared on the Pacific Phone Card call I made in shock back home.
“A woman can become leader of our country!” she suggested, in positive spin on the concept, and I like many men were not swift to change to the sudden news.
I just wanted to go on holiday okay? I wasn’t staying at Obama’s Kahala Beach Estate and did not receive a personal phonecall with the news from Julia Gilliard herself, or Kevin Rudd to say goodbye.
I wasn’t at a total Luau and I did not eat the pig with the apple in the mouth nor go completely fishbowl with the backpackers at The Big Kahuna bar.
I did get a call a day or two before leaving when eating dinner, and it was a Newspoll survey asking my thoughts on the performance of the Labor party. A lot of surveys call me while I work from home, so as dinner was getting cold I refused to answer the questions and respected my large feast like it was my last.
I didn’t vote in that Newpoll survey, and felt upset when they changed the leader without my knowing and there was a sense of regret that the phonecall survey could have mattered and perhaps the last supper could have got cold.
And because I was overseas it was shocking, and jolted me with a pang for homesickness and a desire for stability.
It wasn’t the results that mattered, just that I was overseas when the world changed.
I was on a moving island in the middle of the Pacific and several Navies were playing war games around me just for fun.
It seemed to be planned, I wondered how many people in government were thinking of us in Hawaii.
I was shopping for bathers and looking at the Honolulu Art Gallery and the news continued in Australia.
It is now still school holidays, and time enough before the patriotic Anzac Day is celebrated with another day off, which is what matters to work timetables and the agenda of planning.
It is a time of peace in between a busy year, and there wasn’t anything else on Friday 13th April to occupy my time.
Bob Brown resigned from leadership of the Australian Greens Party today right when the average person is finishing their holidays.
And selfishly with my timetable differing to most, I got the sense that it was weird that every time I go overseas a leader of a major political party in my country changes.
I know this is not just about me, nor the shock of news events and have debriefed about my distaste for the words ‘shuffling’ and ‘reshuffling’ (when not referring to a local folk dance), like I also hated ‘flip-flips’ and other fun political media terms.
Lest we forget that no one has died in this news story, and we are lucky to live in a peaceful country.
We do not live in Syria, as I heard Bob Brown remind us all at the lunchtime press conference today.
Christine Milne takes the leadership in a party now promoted as having the most amount of female politicians in Australia.
They take on Julia Gilliard, and Tony Abbot and the men in parliament.

Anything is possible, get people to vote and lay their money down in support, and you can make a difference.
A woman can run a party just like any man, we knew that long ago.
This is positive and will make other things possible.


Your project can become possible.
You will travel and explore the world.
People will know your name.
You will record an album.
You will have your Archibald painted.
You will have your picture taken.
You will receive an award for your skills.
You will gain recognition and become a leader in your field.
You will be on television and radio and get your name in the paper.


Next week the new video clip (above) for DELPHIC CONCEPTS will be launched to the Internet via channels. In San Francisco it will be played in an Apple Store to an audience, while the young crew perform their launch on Friday 13th April at TOMMYS PLACE on the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA grounds, that’s later on our tomorrow in date time from our city! I caught up online with ZARKHI THE VISION PALMER ( TRIVIA: Zarkhi’s mother is the actor PENELOPE PALMER, who this blog had interviewed some time ago about being a kid in New York’s ANDY WARHOL FACTORY). ZARKHI PALMER spoke about being a HIP HOP ARTIST in LOS ANGELES and I mention some NWA lyrics in a question which didn’t generate a longer response and left it in to show how funny music interviews can get sometimes when everyone has their own vision; and because IM STRAIGHT OUTTA MELBOURNE, and listened to NWA too much as a teenager.
ALICIA BEE: Tell me about the Delphic Concepts crew formation, how did you meet T. Ran?
ZARKHI PALMER: Delphic Concepts started in December of 2010 when I met Tee Ran. We started as a duo and started doing a lot of shows in the area
ALICIA BEE: Is it a core duo or a four piece crew?
ZARKHI PALMER: Delphic Concepts has 4 members Zarkhi, Tee Ran, Joe Flow (our DJ), and Keat The Giant (Producer)
ALICIA BEE: Just watched some Youtube of your performance at Whiskey A Go Go’s. How did that performance go?
What was the turnout?
What was the sound like there?
ZARKHI PALMER: At the Whisky the shows always went very well. they treated us well and we always got a great turnout
ALICIA BEE: Is that a regular hip hop venue now? it is a traditional rock venue?
ZARKHI PALMER: traditional rock venue
ALICIA BEE: Where else would you perform hip hop in LA?
ZARKHI PALMER: in LA we’ve done the whisky, the dragonfly, the burgundy house, the terrace, Tommys Place @ USC, Ground Zero @ USC, Club Kress in Hollywood, the Arena in Hollywood, & more
ALICIA BEE: Are you familiar with NWA Straight Outta Compton lyrics? That album wrote the rapsheet for a generation of microphone poets. I cant stop thinking about it going to LA for the first time. As I am visiting soon, can you wax lyrical to their framework of rhyme in that song and tell me a bit about your home?
What I mean is –
Straight Outta Pasedena-
Tell me about the scene there?
ZARKHI PALMER: Well I don’t specifically associate with Pasadena but I consider it partly my home. My home now is USC and I am on my own here with a roommate
ALICIA BEE: You didn’t rap it like Straight Outta Compton! but thanks.
ZARKHI PALMER: I didn’t know what you meant!
ALICIA BEE: What is your vision for Delphic Concepts Zharki? Are you the planner? Are you going overseas?
I was listening to the song Won’t Stop is that an anthem?
ZARKHI PALMER: The vision is to get as many people to listen to our music as possible. Yes I am the manager of the group as well as the frontman. We want to go overseas. Right now our biggest focus is making an EP and a press kit to show people
ALICIA BEE: When are you playing next? Where?
ZARKHI PALMER: Next we will be at Tommy’s Place for our release party April 13th!


Duo DEAD have a fundraiser now to get enough money for the recording of their second LP.
They are using a fundraiser site and have many different package amounts for sponsors to donate money, where you can receive goods in return. A lot of people are raising recording funds this way, and it serves to get the money when grants are more of a hassle than the day spent on their writing and the looming deadline dates that are too hard for some schools. And the requirement lists can sometimes be harder than applying for a government job or one of those ABC positions they offer out in the country.
Some people just don’t like applying for grants anyway right?
I know plenty of people that cant be bothered competing with the pool and want to do things differently.
Some bands just want support and to sell their stuff.
Many fundraisers like these offer the chance to preorder the album, so that they have a certain amount of stock already sold, and the money is just there already when the groups need it.
Bands simply ask, do you want to pre-order your LP and put your money down, and the system is working to make things possible with a lot less tears than cancer wishes for a perfect wedding.
ALICIA BEE: I just worked out the difference between you and Jase via internet research for this interview. Had you considered calling yourself something that starts with J like married couple like to do when they start with the same initials and name their kids with the same initials? Here’s an idea, what about;
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: I had never considered this. I don’t think Jace’s wife would think too much of it.
ALICIA BEE: It’s simple and catchy! I like it! Not to be confused with any bands that arent DEAD now. Any thoughts on the bandname?
ALICIA BEE: Have you had anyone suggest that THE GRATEFUL DEAD are not DEAD and you cant use that name overseas in USA?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: No one has ever suggested this. The Grateful Dead have a different band name to us. There are other bands called Dead though. And that’s fine, I couldn’t care less how many bands have that name. A lot of people are called John, it’s not stopping them.
ALICIA BEE: Its okay if you cant answer much because these are closed questions.
I am sooo excited about my USA trip! Thankyou for the postcard last August! How many postcards did you send out when you toured? Was it a hassle?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: I think we sent about 50-70. That number rings a bell. It was actually more time consuming than I thought it would be but it was cool to do. I wrote the words and Jace drew the pictures in the back of this tiny van we were touring in.
ALICIA BEE: Were you happy with the USA postal service with your deliveries?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: No I think they censored some of them as some people never got them.
ALICIA BEE: Where did you go on that USA tour? Are you playing the Wantage Total Fest again this August? Who else is playing? Can you describe a hit pick band I should look up?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: We went right around the country in a big ring starting and ending in New York. I think it was like 25 cities. No we will play Total Fest next year if all goes to plan. That festival is always great and if you go I guarantee you’ll discover at least one new favorite band. That is what is so good about a festival like that. It doesn’t give the people what they want, it gives them what they never knew they wanted.
ALICIA BEE: Have you raised the dead with the recent fundraiser? How much money have you made so far?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: We’re about $600 short of our target right now. We’ve been flogging off whatever we can to try and raise the bucks. I think a lot of people have mistaken it for asking for a hand out where as it’s more like a garage sale on the internet.
ALICIA BEE: I wanted to get an LP + picture by JASE totally one off for $35, but you didn’t have that option so I kept going back to try and work out what combination to get and was thinking of the $90 option to get 3 of everything but then I started saving for overseas and said I wasn’t allowed to buy anymore records till I get back from USA. I was also thinking of giving you some copies of THE BOOK OF THE DEAD AND WOUNDED my poetry book, because it has DEAD in the title, but I don’t know if your fans would get into it though there is alot of poems about dead rock stars… Can I have an LP record and a picture for $35? Want to trade a book?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: That option is $50. If we did it for $35 we’d be losing money and not raising any. I think our fans like a lot of stuff, i’m sure some of them read poetry though I guess I tend not to associate poetry with heavy music. I’m always surprised what people are interested in when you have the time to talk with them ’bout it.
ALICIA BEE: How did you get all the HARD ONS  and NUNCHUKKA SUPERFLY stuff? how long have you guys been friends? how did you meet?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: I met Nunchukka in 2004 or 2005 through mutual friends in the band Whitehorse. And I discovered Hard Ons through working with Nunchukka. I put out their records ‘cos I am big believer in their music and the way they operate as a band.
ALICIA BEE: I saw that DEAD are friends with BRETT O REILLY formerly of WARPED. Did he do some backing vocals or something? How did he get involved?
Do you have alot of bass playing friends?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: I do have a lot of bass playing friends. I think bass players are often every versatile musicians so they can be handy to have around. Brett is pretty much music obsessed. He makes me feel like less of a freak for also being that way. We asked him to song on the record and he came down. All he had to do was yell “FUCK!” which i think anyone would enjoy.
ALICIA BEE: Can you tell me a funny story about your USA tour next year?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: I can. But it might have to wait until i’ve actually done it. I wish I could do it now though, that would be quite a skill. I can guarantee you Jace’s arse will be out in public, i’ll be mistaken for a terrorist, we’ll have to explain to several people where in the world Australia is on the map.
ALICIA BEE: Can I do a follow-up question?
I meant ;
Can you tell me a funny story about your USA tour last year?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: Ah yes……. I don’t know if this is funny so much as upsetting. We were in Cleveland and had played our first show of the tour when the band touring with us informed us they had no idea where we could stay that night. They were not too concerned by this, Billy (the drummer) is a bit of charmer. So he got to work on the crowd left after the show who as far as I could tell were mainly on crack.
He found a young lady who was happy to have us stay at her place. She was so wasted she couldn’t find her own house. We had to be up in 5 hours to drive to Chicago. We get there and it begins to become clearer that no one in this house is crashing out anytime soon and this host is pretty keen on at least one of us shacking up with her in exchange for the boarding. One by one we find places to sleep and piss off this woman in the process. I crawl upstairs to find Jace asleep in a carpeted room littered with Cat Litter. Holy fuck I can still remember that smell, it gave me a headache. It was crash out there or go back downstairs and oblige the host.
Jace and I crawled as deep as we could into our sleeping bags and tried to ignore the toxic fumes.
I was sick for a few days after that, it was an ominous beginning to a rather long tour.
ALICIA BEE: Where are DEAD playing next in Melbourne?
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: June 2nd at the Bendigo Hotel headlining a festival called “Trentfest” and June 9th at The Tote supporting Hard Ons.
ALICIA BEE: Thankyou for this email interview.
I leave in another week and a half, so come over this week if you want to drop of those download cards!
JEM EMPTIES ROOMS: Thanks for the support mate.


Being In the Now
By Alicia Bee 2011 ©

(Life has circles of good and bad moments accept the present, take part in the experience)

There is a time to work, then a time left to play,
A time to feel pleasure, and a time to feel pain,
You are now listening, later on you will sing,
We make a mess, then we make it all clean.

There is a time to write, there is time left to read,
A time for the fasting, then the time for the feast.
You are now travelling, later you will be home,
We can be painting, later we compose poem.

There is a time to cook, then a time to eat,
A time we are learning and a time we can teach,
We are now taking photos, later you will pose,
We dig the seed now so later we can harvest.

There is a time to buy, and a time then to sell,
A time to talk to god, a time to talk to people,
We will be elders, for we have been their youth,
There will be time to bury as had been our birth.

By Alicia Bee
© Copyright 2010

I’m measuring surfers like Napoleon,
We’re in the surf zones with Kings Of Leon,
Didn’t know when the island will take back that jet,
I’m on my way to Coachella to get wet.

Hope they like my Australian surf fashion,
I took a splash of brand to get some action,
American men all talk through their strong bone jaws,
I keep watching their mouths copying the drawl,
Don’t often get to hear the yankee man sound,
When I’m living down under in underground.

Don’t know if they know it all about the scene,
Not sure what they are doing with their jeans,
Turn a few good head as you move through the crowd,
Always were earplugs in a place that punks loud,
No-ones crowd surfing but they look like the sort,
They’re not pro but amateur that been taught.

Girls are walking around in their bikinis,
Melbourne feminists turns out here a meanie,
Waiting in bar lines worse than my big day out,
Back in the ring USA thigh for a bout,
Plunging waves took is here from the plane.
Music festival make factory work bane.

I knew LA DJs, and the Australian band,
St Kilda makes me wonder if its safe in the sand,
Surfing breaks made him champion the next big thing,
Im on the ride too but still cant surf or sing,
So tired of all this noise and greasy sun,
Cant’ kept up with peak hour, people and fun.

Alicia Bee © 2012.