‘Buildings 2’, Los Angeles, I Phone photo by Alicia Bee © 2012.


I grew up in this town of Melbourne.
I was born to its hippy Sunbury parents, who moved East to the mountains and started a family with likeminded others who camped in tents on the edge of the forest to save the National Park from destruction.
The parents started community houses, folk clubs, Port Fairy, Triple R and 3CR and organizations that have grown to be stables that protect our rights today.
Here they taught me about appreciating Australian Music.
I was a teenager to the birth of the Australian All Age scene and festivals that date our yearly calendar.
I remember the start of the Australian Greens Party.
I remember making Labor party and Independents just over an imaginary piece of string as a game we children had set up, in the middle of wine bottling fundraisers and campaign launches.
I remember moving the string higher to make them all join in, and being disappointed if they didn’t want to play.

You will see my name in the Arts as a person of my generation.
Now, I realize that young people at gigs now think of me as an elder.
I am part of that older group of females who are known as a rock and roll identities of such an open age group that it straddles many decades.
While the essence of ALL AGES music, is that it is enjoyed by many generations in a safe environment, this can become tiring and I fear for my youth as I age older.
I think I just grew up, but it was much later than other generations.

For the blog checkers that clocked an amazing 1500 hits awaiting my statements for my May 24 2012 birthday, I apologise for my US holiday and hope you liked the snapshots, but you really don’t need to check Miss Piggy that often.
It is nice that you made my birthday time quite popular in blog stats, for it is a new era! I healthily say, I wasn’t checking my blog and was not a ‘hit’ (as in the past I could count the hits as related to my edits).

I can say now in summary, yes I did get older on this birthday.
This Dragon, this revolution of the record, is not at all like the year 2000.


The first Melbourne Seat candidate willing to do a blog interview with Miss Piggy before the July 21 2012 by-election is Fiona Patten leader of the Australian Sex Party.
The Australian Sex Party are proud Internet and Anti-Censorship supporters of what they term ‘the sexual needs of Australia’.
Recently Fiona Patten stripped naked for Australian Hustler magazine, proving she is not only willing to defend pornographic media at a National political level; she is huge supporter of them in the name of Prostrate Cancer research. I chatted to Fiona Patten (pictured) online about Melbourne seats, clothes; and her being friends with Australian Democrats leader Don Chipp.
ALICIA BEE – What is your favorite place to sit in seat of Melbourne? What is the view?
FIONA PATTEN – At the moment my favorite place is the Melbourne City Baths and this is the view. It is always warm and as I swim outside the busy hours it is quiet.
ALICIA BEE – Math test; how many buildings does the Melbourne Skyline have? (We will be grading your answer).
FIONA PATTEN – Okay this must be a trick question. There are 4-5 really big ones and 1000’s of less big ones.
ALICIA BEE – If you have a friend come from overseas or interstate where do you tell them to go in Melbourne?
FIONA PATTEN – If they are staying with me I send them to the Great Northern Hotel, which is just near my home. I always recommend a wander on Brunswick St, Gertrude St, Smith St and Rathdowne St.
I love most of the bars in Melbourne and recommend a lot of them to friends. But on a nice day it has to be Madame Brussels, Siglo or the Rooftop bar at Cookie. On a really hot day I love Riverland on the river.
ALICIA BEE – Have you been wearing the attitude of the Australian Sex Party? Do you find you are conscious of the party when dressing in fashion?
FIONA PATTEN – Yes indeed I have been wearing the attitude. You have to have a bit of attitude when wearing a bright yellow shirt with sex emblazoned on it in large writing. The yellow t-shirt is always a bit of challenge to work into your wardrobe but it makes jeans acceptable campaign clothing.
The other day I was picking some clothes to have my photo taken in. Oh dear, my cupboard was nearly bare! A friend dragged me out shopping and I picked up a heap of clothes all by Melbourne designers. Queen on Smith St and Leonard St in Flinders lane are my new favorites.
ALICIA BEE – Has anyone compared you to other female politicians?
FIONA PATTEN – I had an awful moment a couple of months ago when some bloke in a pub in Toowoomba said that I reminded him of Pauline Hanson!! Fortunately that was the only time. There hasn’t been anything like our party in Australia or even overseas so we are still pretty unique and hard to compare.
ALICIA BEE – This seat seems to be a fight of the female powers after Bronwyn Pike left, how ethical has the descriptions of female politicians been so far?
FIONA PATTEN – So far I have not seen or heard any negative comments about gender. Melbourne is a progressive electorate and I would not expect gender to be an issue. No doubt there are a few people muttering under their breath. I am really pleased to be in a campaign with other strong women.
ALICIA BEE – Have you heard any name calling of any candidates?
FIONA PATTEN – Not yet but bound to happen soon. I have seen a little bit of snarling on twitter but not amongst the candidates yet.
ALICIA BEE – How much is the word ‘Sex’ used as a gimic? What do you say to make people take the party seriously?
FIONA PATTEN – The Sex Party is fundamentally a civil liberties party but as a very small party it is hard to gain attention. Choosing the word sex was very deliberate. Don Chipp, the founder of the Democrats, was a friend and mentor. When I was considering establishing a political party he was encouraging but warned that it would be very hard to get attention. Having the word ‘sex’ in our name has helped us get our message out there. In the beginning there was a lot of giggling about the name but now on polling booths and when I am out campaigning, people want to talk more about our policies than our name. These include drug law reform, 24-hour weekend transport, anti discrimination laws, privacy and freedom of speech to mention a few.
ALICIA BEE – You recently in May sent some nude pictures to Australian Hustler magazine for their ‘Wet Politics’ feature, with the profits going to Prostrate Cancer. Why are you still working in the sex industry, (even if you or the party did not profit)? What were your reasons for doing the photo shoot?
FIONA PATTEN – I had never ever considered the pictorial for Hustler as “working in the sex industry”. I have argued for years, even decades that there is nothing wrong with the naked body so why should I have a problem with mine? Well when it came down to it, I was not nearly as relaxed about my naked body as I was with other people’s. If I defend Hustler at a political level, why not appear in it? But we all have to earn a living don’t we Miss Piggy? I run the Eros Association, the national industry group for adult retailers and their suppliers and have done for almost twenty years. It has given me a great education on politics, government and how “the system” works. This is not an easy industry to represent. Lobbying for censorship law reform or as I did in the past for sex workers rights is difficult and complex. Convincing politicians to rise above the emotion and morality that this industry elicits with evidence-based policy is challenging. I think this work experience puts me in very good stead to represent the electorate of Melbourne and the issues that arise for this great part of town.


Recently I tried two bottles of ACDC wine, though I had previously ignored them all in the bottleshops in a great taste boycott.I know I am the consumer which this product is designed for, and I wasn’t about to take it easily.

Again a large corporate business is trying to market their product using ‘rock and roll’ air guitar to sell the image to a music lover audience; the concept left a bad taste in my mouth just from simply wrapping the bottle of wine in a brand label like it ignored all flavors.
In this case I think the product was an idea to push the ACDC trademark home to bottleshop consumers and home drinkers as Woolworths Liquor stores promote ACDC wines at BWS (Beer Wine and Spirits) and Dan Murphy’s.
ACDC is of course the Australian heavy metal band formed in 1973, now Rock and Roll Hall Of Famers, and known worldwide for their music and products.
ACDC wine is also now stocked all over the world since its launch about one year ago.
As a music lover I prefer more serious wine labels, but like others wine drinkers, tried the wine to see if it were very good; but I took my time after ignoring it for a while.
This time it was on special and I swung my choices to try something new and tried two bottles on wet night in Melbourne in front of watching DVDs.
Familiar with the budget conscious wine label Warburn Estate, my opinion of the wine did not improve with drinking.
I have understanding of my tastes and vintage time has worn a formula for tricking my palate by changing both the labels and grapes so I was temporarily confused by this ACDC wine concept.
I suggest you try the same formula for trying ACDC wine or others that you are similarly tentative to taste with prejudice;
->Try a wine that you don’t normally drink so that you have a clean tongue for deciding on the grape and vintage eg. If you drink white, try red, if you drink red try a different kind or white.
->You will not be able to comment that ACDC makes your favorite red or white wine, so lower your expectations. Other wine readers could be blunt to ask ‘would Highway To Hell be a nice wine journey?’ or ‘am I tasting Hells Bells when I try these grapes?’
With this formula I was surprised by the Moscato, and enjoyed isolating the citrus, pear and apple tastes. Though the label drags it down by saying ‘perfect for lady rock fans’, the sweetness of the strong Moscato grape will distract from the light wine 5.0% alcohol rating, and leave you in a sane state to judge events and question the music without overdosing.
ACDC have 4 wines from Warburn Estate named after their most popular songs;
Back in Black Shiraz, Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon,
You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato, and Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc.


OSCL records had sent the download code for this release the day it hit stores, the bonus was a CD that came in the mail for review.

The result of the treatment is that Night Terrors seem like the most technologically savvy hipsters that have been around long enough to show you the respect to give you an actual product.
So it was enjoyed as it happened as new music on my playlist, rather than as a chore for review, which is how journalists want it; and how musicians should desire to promote music- through appreciation rather than favour.
Miles Brown had a Halloween party a few years ago in North Melbourne where Night Terrors played their synthesized theramin music. It wasn’t till then that I saw that the aptly named Night Terrors were not shying away from descriptions of theramin music being haunting.
Their haunting was promoted and given a genre name, and the hipsters received the gothic respect of their black clothes wearing pale European looks that the constantly touring musician lifestyle promoted. Another Melbourne band to have received such overseas respect that they come home and play The Opera House in between The Tote, has also meant that they get respect from fellow musicians.
Here on Monster / Lasers For Eyes local synth expert Ash Wednesday (The Models, Metronomes and Einsturzende Neubauten) remixed their track Monster for the zombie like night dance track Monster Walking.
Hear the difference when Berlin Italo-disco great Anton Maiovvi lends his hand to producing.
Haunting synthesizer and stings of theramin blend with science fiction and technology, in the new Night Terrors, creating characters with lasers for eyes; moving like generations before have from drug rock to progress into outer space.
This blog interviewed The Night Terrors on a 9 September 2010 issue (scroll down for words).
with special guests FORCES
Presented by OSCL & Beat Magazine
plus after party presented by Silver Apples
plus after party w/ FORCES & NIGHT TERRORS DJs
FBI Social – Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, 248 William St, Sydney


Jade MacRae was appearing on May 24 2012 at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. Her name instantly conjured the image of the known Rhythm and Blues singer. You will know Jade McRae’s hair style, attitude and speaking voice because you too have seen her before too.
Behind this eye image above with a new name Dune, Jade MacRae could be another person.
Dune gave Jade distance from her previous projects and gives her mystery.
Can you see a new frontier in her eyes? By leaving different name drops in her release you can hear Sleepy Jackson and Pnau, when she was once in a band with Mahalia Barnes.
Under her knew name Dune she sings for futuristic setting of the Nullabor in runaway single ‘Shoestring’.
Released via iTunes worldwide on July 6, 2012, Shoestring will be available as a free download via Soundcloud 
The 6 track-Shoestring sampler will be available via iTunes, featuring a remix from Australian Hip Hop artist Katalyst.
Dune plays at The Beresford Hotel in Sydney on The Workers Club in Melbourne on Thursday 30 August and at The Beresford Hotel in Sydney on Friday 31 August.


Loon Lake are giving away every track from their next EP Thirty Three for FREE to promote their next tour. Over the next 6 weeks starting this one with Bad To Me, Loon Lake will be making one track from Thirty Three available as a free download via and their facebook page.
Loon Lake’s current single Cherry Lips is enjoying rotation on triple j,
Loon Lake were known from shows at the Big Day Out, Groovin’ The Moo, and Pyramid Rock Festival. They also sell out their own shows and have supported the Kaiser Chiefs.
Friday 10 August – Jive – Adelaide
Saturday 11 August – The Loft – Warrnambool
Friday 17 August – Alhambra Lounge – Brisbane
Saturday 18 August – Solbar – Maroochydore
Thursday 23 August – The Patch – Wollongong
Friday 24 August – GoodGod Small Club – Sydney
Saturday 25 August – The Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle
Saturday 1 September – Northcote Social Club – Melbourne


Melbourne All-Ages act from the Western Suburbs MASKETTA FALL scared the hell out of me after listening to their current SO CONTAGIOUS  single.
It was like watching the band in Garage Days playing a band that is meant to represent your generation or lifestyle.
I suddenly realized my aging since our FREEZA gig days, and my distance from this act and the all age scene set lines on my forehead.
Bottles to the floor; I suggest drinking ACDC Moscato 2011 with this one and taking the back seat at the show.
I think we met these kids from Masketta Fall at a gig at the Corner Hotel, and I told them to stop laughing. The result is So Contagious, and it comes from that distance of suburban venues that are 1 hour radius from Melbourne. It could have been from the Frankston Youth Centre, but it was another train line though we understand the formula.
There was an earlier time when I realized we weren’t kids anymore (pushover 2001 when I was trapped without a ‘PASSOUT’), but I didn’t seem to acknowledge the generations that have come up again and again after those ankle biters stole our youth grants from us and I really did prefer the alcohol venues rather than the kid shows.
Now with their contagion playing I am also laughing at the fact they might associate me as wine reviewer of ACDC wine, vintage fashion, poetry, and other things they might not like; who is also very vocal about her own political choices in the Melbourne Seat.
Lets wait till Masketta Falls tries the wine, and reads the poetry of our vintage maturation for it wont be long Dragon lovers.
Lets bottle it and call it Masketta 2012 vintage drop, and see how they taste in a few years.
Masketta Fall prove that punk pop made a genre of male vocalist belters that are in touch with their nodes through vox training.
MASKETTA FALL are the Melbourne support for SAY ANYTHING (USA) and THE GETAWAY PLAN at Billboards on July 13 2012.
Check out my favorite of their songs – Cloud Nine here;


How To Train Your Dragon
By Alicia Bee © 2012.

How do you train a dragon;
With fiery red hair,
Who flies to mythical places,
Who makes friends with unicorns
Drinking sparkling wine from the millennium glasses,
That never broke?
My dragon is only 3 years old,
In years counted only by similar creatures,
It is not weened from the bottle
and drinks nightly before sleep,
Taking props from a portion of mother’s milk.
The dragon is eating healthily,
Sustainable with water,
Yet it still needs a bottle,
So it may fly every day,
To a place I cannot see,
To play with the unicorns,
And other dragons-
It keeps as peers.
I am mother to a dragon,
Mythical to most people,
In society who cant
Take serious my occupation.
If you take away the bottle,
The dragon will not fly,
It becomes depressed,
And grounded in the human world,
We know dragons need to fly to stay alive,
And I cannot keep it here for longer than a few months,
before I give in and allow the dragon to drink.
The dragon is happier with the bottle
and when filled will fly away for three days,
playing with its peers,
frolicking in the skies,
on pyramids of millennium glasses,
filled with foamed fermentation of
mythical heights and balance.

© 2012.