‘My Accommodation’, Cottesloe, Perth, I Phone photo by Alicia Bee © 2012.


I assume you have met my replacement? I am sure they have one here because the place is looking kind of funny as I settle in to take festival season down here in Melbourne till next year.

Anyone can be replaced and we all have copycats – someone is probably rhyming that right now as I write it down.

Bands can be covered, guitarists, lead singers, drummers, no-one is that irreplaceable, we have seen that many times in music history.

One day you are just an old band, and the next big thing has taken your place!

They are singing the same songs, they are singing your song, and you are just a dinosaur sitting at home not listening to any music and refusing to go out.

This happens every decade, and unless you stay in the trade, you’d better hope one of your songs becomes folklore, so that you are not forgotten altogether.

You go overseas for a holiday and you come back and everything has changed because Melbourne Fashion Week has unearthed a new catalogue of fresh young faces in design and worse- in models, and you realize you aren’t a fifteen year old freckle face nor the only strawberry blonde girl to look interesting in the commercial European trade, and there are new trends to female manstyle that you may need to observe.

There are new café’s open, new pictures in the coffee froth, and new food and wine products that everyone has tried.

All the bands are different in streetpress, which looks even inkier and more disgusting that it ever did when you liked it.

People act weird in the hotels, and give you sulky stares like they have cracked it with you for going on holiday, and are territorial in the place where you once lived. You owned this hotel, you made them drink, pick the bands you like, and change the wine list with the comfortable criticism that you impart after drinking a few glasses.

The barflies are on different seats, and some have left; and the ones who you weren’t friends with now seem like close friends.

All this coming and going has meant both last drinks and welcome parties in many places, but it might let you loose your grip on your territory if you let it.

About a decade ago I became known as a ‘town and country’ person, living in two states between the hills and Melbourne and Sydney – my workplace home. I have been doing it again, traveling back and forth; and between holidays to other wonderful places, the trips have left me counting planes – and trying to catch up for breakfast with those that stay.

As a ‘town and country person’ you learn to adapt to different situations, territorial social screenings, new venues, environments and bridge friendships to all people without borders.

You also pick up a way of finding out about new things fast, by putting faith in you being in the right place at the right time and ‘being in the now’.

I don’t really have a replacement, that was just an old idea from that first busy frequent flier period when it all seemed strange to come home. And now everyone is going on holiday, and everyone looses track and checks back in to the book for the best looking cooks we ever took.

From Melbourne I present you with a highlight of bands and products picked up in my own showcase personal blog under the name misspiggyjournalist.


STUDIO 301 has always stuck in my mind as an easy to remember name, that was reinforced by similarities to the 501 Levis  jeans title and it being a time of day just after 3PM. Not to be confused of course with Northcote Melbourne venue 303 of 303 High Street Northcote , 301 is not a street number for the venue now located at 26 Mitchell Road Alexandria, with further studios in Byron Bay and Cologne.

Once upon a time however it was a street number for the recording studios from  when 301 was located at Castlereagh Street Sydney, and has been known as the number name (as opposed to letter acronym for EMI studios) since the late 70’s, and since the turn of the century they have been moving 301 around to whereever street number they want to put their studios.

301 studios are building 6 new production spaces further down Mitchell Road in Sydney, New South Wales to be opened next month.

Each new studio is self contained, has a large control room and adjacent recording booth.

The control room walls have been designed for a flat and natural response, while the booths have been deadened for un-coloured recording of vocals and instruments.

They have hosted a number of big artists such Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga, and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

$2200+GST per month Available October 2012 (3 rooms currently left).


There was a reason for the rude word in the band title; a young man’s fascination with Courtney Cox-Arquette.

Brothers Simon and David have been hyphenated with revolving players until a solid 5 piece formed 3 years ago. They offer 3 really long songs on this self titled LP.

This is another brother band like The Mark Of Cain that go through strummers and drummers till even the audience craves the stability of a permanent relationship.

Cocks Arquette checked into a South Melbourne studio with Cornel Wilczek over a three day noise festival on 15,16,17 April 2011, and we were given the record one year later.

They had invited some friends like Tom Lyngcoln to play some extra parts, and Andrew Read who took their band photo – also joined the boy band.

Predictable emotional highs and softer sequences found often in hardcore music are modernized, as Cocks Arquette listen to the sounds they have created and know when to stop; they don’t have to return with heavy guitars.
After all, there has to a reason for noise, each instrument an addition to the listened scape, and if you see someone  shake an egg with their muscled leg in Cocks Arquette rock, you should listen if you like it or leave.

With tracks as long as these, Cocks Arquette might just get one chance at air on most community radio stations for all that time affords. The greediness of their track length means they will hold an audience for the solid 12 minute songs of the planned performance presentation, and be remembered for the package.

Cocks Arquette don’t talk, they yell; singing away from the microphone, trying to use voice beyond the known instruments of song.

This vocal technique, not invented by Cox Arquette, is an accepted part of punk genres, but it too can become annoying derived from masculine ears; like men trapped inside a rehearsal room instead of recording studio. But then they weren’t planning on making a pop song where the vocals are recorded and rerecorded as a separate track or where the lyrics carry the narrative for emotion in the song.

Intentionally capturing the live sound of a band playing, vocals and lyrics are left beyond the ear, that will be captivated by the music, and the listener will just have to read the CD titles or steal a setlist to find out what went on.


I first heard Bob Crain post San Francisco Golden Gate Park hippy / vintage clothing holiday in May 2012. So I was in tune with the sound after dropping out of the unemployment cheques and living on love not money for a music festival journey overseas.

I was reading You Cant Always Get What You Want about the Rolling Stones Altamont concert, and the following Grateful Dead tours, so when this counterculture sound came my way I liked description of influences that included Dylan, Neil Young and Jefferson Airplane, ‘the Woodstock era’ and ‘California Folk Rock’.

Song ‘Humonology 101’ asks ‘where are we from? How did we get here? Are we a product of our parents?”, and reflects on Bob Crains own meditations on his relationship with wartime parents. He has also discussed the style sheet given to us by the 60s generation of festival music lovers and record collectors.

It is a whole lotta fun, with American vocals on the new folk singer songwriter sound.

‘Afghanistan’ reminds me of Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nirvana, because my generation didn’t know where the chord progression introduction came from before 1991, perhaps it was one from the above? ‘Afghanistan’s socialist folk lists the craziness of the wartorn Middle Eastern country and its “senseless campaign”, and has an exciting energy like entering a new country.

‘Afghanistan’ is his pop song, and the shortest at just under 4 minutes.

It sits against long essays like ‘Guests Of Mother Nature’ at 10.20 and ‘End Of The World As We Know it May 23 2011’ at 14.36 (A song I like because he says the world ends the day before my birthday as it does every year for me like New Years Eve).

Bob Crain is the real deal, from America and the baby boomer wild child generation that gave birth to the kind of music we like.

He’s living on the Mornington Peninsula but plans to get away across to USA for a tour.
After playing in a lineup at inner city Gertrudes Brown Couch, Bob Crain continues his self described hippy ‘throwback’ sound through online sales.


Announced as a feature at this years Meredith Music Festival,

The Sunnyboys  also play at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel: Saturday December 8th with Even and Fearless Vampire Killers. The Australian band The Sunnyboys, reformed earlier this year under the alias Kids In Dust for Dig it Up! the Hoodoo Gurus Invitational.


Sydney band Circle and Fashion Me A Drum (my favorite from the downloads) are the sounds you would want to peak on drugs to. Circle are laced and cut with indy pop songs you want to wake up with, you dress in a new outfit bought in the city, then put your hair in a pony tail on the side, and go out and get a coffee with your cool busy music friends, fuelled by their song on your Ipod in this time of the year 2012.


Saving Cleopatra’s first single RUNNING from their forth coming Debut EP is due out October.

This was a high school band project put on hold for a few years of work and study, now Saving Cleopatra have new recordings. Sold as ‘combining a love of girls, gourmet cheeses, R&B and rock’, (we like that!) Saving Cleopatra have teamed with Manager Ben Brazil (BBM), who has been working closely with Gotye, and the Melbourne Fresh Industry Showcases.


Montreal’s THE LUYAS announce the release of their forthcoming record, Animator, out October 16th on Paper Bag Records.

Publicised as melodically compelling and artistically rich, songs from Animator may be heard at their Great Hall performance in Toronto on September 29th for the PBR 10 Anniversary Concert Series. If you cant make the gig, hear them and their track Fifty Fifty at their soundcloud;

Animator is supposed to be some weird resuscitation. The animator’s job is to create the semblance of movement in things that cannot move themselves. The musician’s is to make us feel like something is happening with a sound,” explains singer and multi-instrumentalist Jessie Stein.



There is nothing in the name here that makes you want to dive for meaning of the title Dick Diver. Its another band that reminds music journalist’s that one should never ask ‘what does your band name mean?’ This song reminds me of seeing a band at Polyester records, and squeezing into one of the larger stores in the city, I don’t know if it was them because the band wasnt visible. Debut album New Start Again tells you to take a local holiday for a new start. They play with Super Wild Horses and Liquid Handcuffs featuring Jack Mannix (Circle Pit) + Ben Hepworth (Repairs) on Saturday 22nd September from 8:30pm, Tickets are available on the door at The Curtin 29 Lygon Street Carlton, Melbourne.


The tastes are still close enough in memory to recount then order a preferences to my favorite wines, and I remember all of the Calendar Cheeses.

This was better than The Good Food And Wine Expo because it was smaller, and had quite enough samples to cater for everyone’s tongue from only the most credible local producers and importers available to our inner city market via the Albert Street Food And Wine Store.

I have a greater understanding of the types of anchovies, and now know the difference between a parfait and the skinny long cutlery spoon of the same name. Monday night 17 September 2012 saw another of the Albert Street Food And Wine tastings under a Market Day celebration that sought to educate hipsters and entice the 25 +  demographic crowd to open their wallets and upgrade their food choices to meet up to the high standards of affordable wine and food luxuries.

This occasion I counted to taste over 60 different products over the course of the ‘MASTERCLASS’ instructional tutorials of cooking soup, turning truffles and learning about decanting wine.

People recognized me, I gave my own growing and cooking tips, and I met more new young food and wine consumers. Happy, friendly food companies and satisfied consumers, in a non-snobby tasting environment! Get yourself an invitation to the next one via their website;

Favorites included;

Honey : Melbourne City Rooftop Honey – Brunswick East,

White Wine : Wedgetail Biodynamic 2010 Chardonnay,

Red Wine : Mount Langi Ghiran 2009 Carent Sauvignon,

Beer : Brunswick Bitter,

Cheese: Calendar Cheese – Yarra Valley Persian Fetta (pictured above),

Seafood: Savour And Grace Boqueron’s,

Product: Piper Street Food Company Duck And Mushroom Parfait, and

Chocolate: Passionfruit Xocolatl


I Am A Helicopter

By Alicia Bee

© 2012.

I am a helicopter,

Let me land on your mountain,

Where is the helipad?

I want to get down.

It is not an emergency,

But I called you pretty quick,

This is making me nervous,

The waiting room makes me sick,

It is not medical,

But I needed some drugs,

The lady is seminal,

Singing songs of new love.
I am a helicopter,

Let me land on your mountain,

Where is the helipad?

I want to get down.
It is not a new crime,

But they called the police,

They gave me paper and pen to sign,

They put the bullets in the piece,

I could not shoot the gun,

I wanted to make love and stay,

We were making music having fun,

We just hung around and played.
I am a helicopter,

Let me land on your mountain,

Where is the helipad?

I want to get down.