‘San Francisco Science Museum Display 1 – Tame Impala’, Golden Gate Park San Francisco, Phone photo by Alicia Bee © 2012.


Allegro batterie demi pointe!
I am spouting ballet terms trying to explain how these most recent breakages to my feet happened.

It’s official – the very awkward shoe trick performed when leaving the carpark on Sunday was not ballet with grace!

I now have two broken toes in five different places!

I blame the shoes, for they were a little big, so when I slipped right through those strange cork heeled sandles, and mistakenly tried to catch my fall by rising to my toes beyond the shoes in tip toe pointe, I crushed the joints.

It caused the fracture of two toes in several points – five different places.

They say I’m out for six weeks, which takes us to New Years Eve; but I’m going to play on! This is summer, old sport; and I can still walk.

Though instructed to rest and elevate, there is so much shopping and summer to stay inside.

Apparently you can’t do anything for broken toes except tape them, I have been advised by doctors and all Google searches.

I could use crutches but they do little to weight the load and look silly, because once again it visually appears that I am normal.

Noone would know unless shown the serious bruising, that xrays reveal breakages of my toes.

So its play on! All summer long – in five different places!

I walk gently toward the party in flats and am mindful that I have limitations in balance skills and never was able to dance ballet properly.

My legs have once again given me sleepless nights of awkward positions, as the pain throbs heat from my feet.

I worked out that if I raise one leg to the knee and out to the side flat that my toes drain of touch feeling from the blankets and subside from pain.

In ballet this position is retiré devant, which is a commonly used

during standard pirouettes. You can use retire devant as intermediate position for other moves, such as Attitude.

Attitude is where the dancer stands on one leg while the other (working leg) is lifted and well turned out with the knee bent at approximately a 90degree angle, and they can also stand in pointe from there if they have enough skill to ‘pull up’ properly.

I don’t have that enough skill to walk on my toes, and did not ‘pull up’ properly, and fell this week from the breakages.

I am allowed to do the dance Attitude with a flat foot at least until after the New Years Eve period.

Retiré devant is now my only comfortable position since the recent pointe damage.

I have been sleeping in variations of Retire Devant and Attitude like a flamingo laying down since the weekend.


Fiona Joy Hawkins plays classical piano; think Liz Story with some strings and brass. The orchestral music is easy sleeptime or day music for the finer ears of concert experience.

Driven by the piano track, the ensemble plays alongside with the subtleness of their shared microphones. The live recording is also backed by polite applause and concert atmospheres; unamplified voice, playful timing and controlled characters.

Rebecca Danick contributes Celtic vocals, while on other tracks the pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins submits backing vocals. Long song musical stories allow the listener space to write their own narratives to titles with seasonal and colored names.

For the Tori Amos fans of piano music Fiona Joy Hawkins is the breath of fresh Blue Mountains air for the locals who like keys and coming home from long journeys to a piano.

In between Tori Amos, Liz Story and Keith Jarrett on my Ipod library choice for solo traveling downtime.


Sensual Journeys is a further journey within the lyrical musical narratives of Fiona Joy Hawkins classical storylines. Titles like ‘Joy’ and ‘Contemplating’ give them emotional landscapes to align with New Age piano music that peaked at Windham Hill in the 1980s. In running up that hill, Fiona has aligned the strings with Will Ackerman record label founder who appears on two tracks. A cast of twenty four session musicians contribute parts to songs recorded at eight different studios in Australia and USA. The cast of credits layers the soundscape with a modern Australian return to the sensuality of the New Age Market. Fiona Joy Hawkins plays Saturday 24th November 2012 in Lithgow NSW.


Iowa born Atlas B Salvesen now lives in Sydney where he plays his modern gospel to those faithful that will listen.

“I once played a show, and no-one listened,’ he sings in the song Faith Will Leave You. The confession is the hook that will make the audience watch him, if they were distracted. It wasn’t a mistake to speak the truth, pray and have faith, and occasionally people need to learn that if the sing about the things that other people are scared of they will stand out.

“I’m killing myself to make you love me,’ he offers in Fruit Juice.

Male folk vocals lean between the rants of Mumford & Sons and the band sound of Wilco, and Atlas does the American folk better. Atlas’ own US accent will give him a heavier finish to the Australian radio listener.

Atlas B Salvesen seems to promote smoking cigarettes in defiance of people who have told him to quit, “You’ll lecture me about giving up smoking,” he says in Stage Lights At Angels Place. Perhaps he sees smoking as his only way to be evil, as he walks the good path with others song; for such lines are rebellious to an audience of non-smokers, and typical of musicians that defy rules of health to continue with bad habits. I personally think Atlas B Salvesen should give up smoking and am putting it in the middle of the review as a lecture, for there may be simply no need to write a song for those that still think smoking is okay. I dont need to insert a swear word in this lecture song to make it emotive, for those people with the bad habit of using such language.

Lyrical mention of the apocalypse may make Atlas seem Christian, if you take talk of the end of the world seriously.

Title track Smoke Signals confesses, “I read the good book, I heard about God, and I just wanted to hold a star,” and the lyrical strength is that it will sway the listener as they battle atheism with their own natural spirituality, but many have taken us along the same songwriting journey before.

Atlas B Salvesen launched this EP Wednesday 21 November 2012 at The Vanguard in Sydney.


She sings for herself, a female archetype of fairytales and mythical themes, like many other women that have sung before. This is the songwriters dream of little girls around the world, who open up their big book of poetry and hang their long hair from their fortress of song on a folk stage.

Females like Cheryl Lim, whose stage name is Jade Diary, continually ask the audience to follow their song like the sailors who hear the sirens singing from the rocks. Cheryl Lim’s voice has enough to carry on the wind, with its simple melodies, interesting lyrics and playful dance. Mermaid is the debut venture of Perth based Jade Diary, recorded in Sydney and sent down to Melbourne for review. She took a plane as far as Vegas to roll the dice and sing on the world stage. Songs like ‘World In Your Hands’ that celebrate the happiness of her first taste of success and include musical excursions into The Cure in verse structure. ‘The Sweetest Song’ clearly celebrates her first guitar influences like The Beatles, but sometimes its okay to thank those that are hanging around too long in your hallway.

Lyrically driven, vocally talented Jade Diary could fit alongside new folk if she wasn’t so inspired by pop leanings.

If you liked the songs of Melanie Horsnell, Danielle Spencer, or Martha Tilston, Jade Diary might just be your next Mermaid.

Jade Diary plays November 28 at Tunesmiths Café Attadale, December 1 at The Swan Basement Fremantle, and December 19 2012 at Clancy’s Fishmarket in Perth.


‘Seven’ is the first count from Ballarat rock act Apes. I got a single – one song only – and it is not enough to satisfy when I am no longer a radio; and Ipod selection will leave them ignored as choice when one song is all your have.

In its brief count it does excite, following the formula for simple that Jet and new rock invented a decade ago. It is still enough quality for Melbourne to remember a fame formula and they will play the circuit game. A rock song dependent on the list and question style of lyrics and driven by vocal changes between yelling and breathy lungs.

We all know how to count anyway, so the longevity of the song will depend on live music performance.

Apes are a four piece in their early twenties counting the years, venues, songs and releases on their fingers in a rock and roll onstage salute. But some people like to count quantities.

Alongside the likes The Vines, Diamond Nights and The White Stripes.

Apes play Nov 29th at The Royal Oak, Launceston, Dec 1st at The Grand Poobah Hobart, Dec 6th at The Exeter Adelaide, Dec 14th at Norfolk Basement Fremantle, Dec 15th 2012 at the Rosemount Hotel Perth.


American electronic musician Lorn has released a new video for single ‘Weigh Me Down’.

The red background and animation are effective to command a following of the vocals and sound effects.

They also mask the violence of the live meat trade contained in the clip, with humor and remind us of the murder using the colors red and black.

Simplified square computer graphics in the music video remind of arcade games like Donkey Kong and other graphics with repetition and longer flat sequences.

Gothic, emo and electronic from the ‘Ask The Dust’ album out through Ninja Tune.

There is a ‘Weigh Me Down’ EP out now on 12” featuring clear vinyl and a download, that has remixes from Illum Spehere, Mike SLott, Mono/Poly and Dolor.

This video was directed, produced and animated by Max Friedrich.

Lorn is a Milwaukee Wisconsin based artist, out on London based label Ninja Tune


We are the Superlative Conspiracy WESC clothing label have produced some video stories about each of their sponsored people.

WESC have models they call We Activists taken from sportspeople, creative artist and models.

Each video story takes you to that person’s favorite place in a 2 minute piece.

This is part of WESC Fall 2012 campaign and visits each model in their home country and calls the series Superlative Spaces.

Swedish pro snowboarder Ingemar Backman takes us to a carpark in his piece that features the music of Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan

In the carpark he describes the concrete,  and shows us ramps to grind. Ingemar calls the carpark his ‘skate playground’.

When he was growing up, Ingemar would travel 1000 kilometres to this carpark to skate there in winter.
Directed by Giovanni Reda & Ted Newsome, and cut by Zach Driscoll, this Ingemar Backman piece reminds us what is like to skate in a country where it snows.

Ingemar Backman has recently taken a break from professional snowboarding to concentrate on competing internationally in poker.


We know that corduroy is back! But to be original within Australian style trends, check out the new Vans City designs for limited release in Japan.

Available only through Vans Japan these new shoes show inspiration from the metropolis capital and cities by releasing a new Red, Navy and an Earth Brown teamed with Sand.

A Tokyo Chukka, Hakata Era, and Sendai Slip show all corduroy uppers, with reversed color blocking on the Left and Right shoes, reminiscent of Mondrian artist.

Vans had previously released the ‘city pack’ in 2009 with shoes designed for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

A Natural Gum midsole are paired with a leather trim, while leather laces give the sneakers a dress style of quality.


The hometown of Belgrave is stepping up from beyond its location as a band venue to a festival destination with a stellar program of music and arts acts to make Melbourne take notice.

The End of the Line festival is a one-day grassroots, community arts festival put together by volunteers of the Belgrave Community Arts Partnership.

The festival features more than 40 musicians over 5 stages, over 200 artists are collaborating in 20 exhibitions, street performances, sculpture installations, a makers market, workshops, demonstrations and theatre performances.

The End of the Line Festival is on Saturday November 24th from 10am till late.

Your writer Alicia Bee will be appearing as a feature reader as part of ‘The Ends Of The Verse’ program at ‘Chocolate Sensations’ Shop1/1700 Burwood Highway Belgrave. The program of poetry features over 15 wordsmiths and begins at 7:30 pm.

The full festival program is available here.



Ballerina in the Forest

By Alicia Bee 2010 ©

Gentle white ballerina shoes on the muddy forest floor,

Be quiet; do not disturb the animals’ natural law,

Careful of the smaller flowering plants under your small feet,

There are some souls too little; for mortal eyes to be ignored,

Perfection is understanding biology doesn’t have flaws,

Gentle white ballerina shoes on the muddy forest floor.

Be watchful of the atmosphere; remember all that you saw,

Note the waterfall source and amount of precious liquid poured,

Thank the volcano rock for giving your tired body a seat,

There are more beautiful pictures there than paints will ever draw,

Observe the disarray of fallen branches correct as neat,

Be quiet; do not disturb the animals’ natural law.

This is not a human track we use the forest as a door,

Be mindful of the pattern this graceful dance is on repeat,

Be quiet; do not disturb the animals’ natural law,

Gentle white ballerina shoes on the muddy forest floor.