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‘Ballarat Street’, October 2012, photo by Alicia Bee © 2012.


I recently bought a new fridge, because the door seals on the old fridge had got worn and it was loosing electricity – and you know energy loss is a big deal in these thrifty finite resource times. This is my second large new fridge I have purchased as an adult, and third if you count the barfridge I bought for the office 8 years ago.

This second fridge is an asset that comes with time, stability and age – which I consider an investment of importance.
My last new fridge was purchased in the glorious heat of the millennium summer 2000 and it was my first experience with a modern fridge that didn’t ice over or smell from the age of its materials and whatever was left inside to rot.
I remember opening that millennium fridge during the summer to find very little food, some drinks and display space – but feeling the coolness of the fridge temperature in opposition to the heat. It was romantic to think about when that fridge was new that summer as I carried it around to all those houses since then and it got so much older.
That fridge was an investment that I wanted to keep with me a long time, but what happened? I moved to Sydney, put it in a garage till I returned then used it in sharehouses again down south, after a family had lent it for sometime, and somewhere between the moves the Kelvinator had got old and began to freeze over just like those old fridges I’d had in sharehouses of the late 1990s.
This new fridge was bigger, more of a ‘family’ size than the other had been and featured many newer advances in refrigeration.
I decided suddenly to buy it while I had money and had to adjust the kitchen and dining room to fit it into my lifestyle.
I was thinking that it was the answer to my energy loss both from electricity and the time spent cleaning the frosted over freezer, and moved it into the house with the same pride as the millennium summer purchase.
It was March, and on the day of purchase the summer heatwave broke, it rained with cool change and you could tell the heat would not return till later in the year.
The Monday after the purchase I had walked by the fridge before seating myself in the home office in the room next door.
For many reasons this time coincided with a newer start to the ‘work’ season, and when I sat at my computer and tried to write I noticed the noise of fridge was more insane than others I had in the past.
It would cool to its set temperature then release with a noise that had distracted me to sound like a washing machine in spin rotation.
It would process the temperature like this all day, winding up to reach the desired fridge and freezer degrees then release to a lower hum.
The new fridge was a member of the family and its functions had to be noticed.
Once I’d figured out the electronic display and settings so the timer didn’t go off, I was crazy from the conditioning breath of this new appliance.
Convinced I had made an error in judgment, I had kept the old fridge in the shed and considered selling the new fridge for something silent and less noisy.
Though I could tell the whole thing would be a hassle, I wasn’t sure that I was being silly about this noise and sort outside opinion.
“Do you think this fridge is noisy?” I would ask people and they would say “No”.
For the first day I had tried to work listening to the fridge and I didn’t get much done.
I found myself moving to the air conditioning changes, and felt quite stressed. I walked away at the end of the day, aware that my feelings could be mental.

That night I decided, whilst staring at the fridge before my evening meal, that I had to make myself understand the noise as something different to an energy chewing (yet all new economical) beast of modern appliance – and I started to reprogram my brain to love the new fridge and its sound.
I decided to tell myself that the noise was the sound of my advances in appliances, and that I should be proud.
The air conditioning hum, though difficult to accept was the sound of my asset that proved I was planning for my future and not stuck with the weight of the faults of the millennium vault.
The air conditioning changes were the sound of money, success and asset building and I had to learn to accept, and like it because I was never going back.

Though it was hard, I can’t hear the fridge is that loud anymore, as I accepted and ignored the sound and it became a part of my new life.

Read my poem about the new fridge called The Hum Of Electricity below.



BRUCE! a four piece from Wollongong released a self-titled late last year with that heavy sound that you might have heard inside a pub venue around Sydney or Brisbane recently.
They say Bruce! is a ‘runaway train gaining momentum’. And its one of those trains that jumped the local Sydney lines and is aiming for Melbourne in a direct route because the Translink takes too long.
They still drop Wollongong as surname affixed to their recognition, and songs like Make You Proud sound a little of their Tumbleweed forefathers, but they are young enough to hurt themselves onstage, just like everyone else has at all of your local haunts, so you can wait for them to get a gig, or look out for them when they tour if you want to stay in touch with the latest pub rock band.



Hills stoner Ben Kelly has gone out on his own name and is getting noticed for performances around the city, and as part of community festivals like the No McDonalds In Tecoma protest. Though Ben Kelly has performed professionally since 2002, now he is busy with action and another list of dates.
His Facebook page  says he has recently been shopping for an instrument called a Tanpura, which is an Indian drone instrument.
Saturday April 27 St Andrews Hotel St. Andrews (1:00pm)
Saturday April 27 Kelly’s bar and Kitchen Mt Dandenong (9:00pm)
Sun April 28 Open Studios Northcote (9:00pm)
Friday May 17 Oscars Ale House Belgrave (9:30pm).
Sunday May 26 Burrinja cafe / Gallery Upway (1:00pm)



The second album from Charles Bradley is out now through Dunham Records, and Shock.
Popular on ABC Radio National and local radio, Triple R, PBS and others, it might just be possible that you have already heard the smooth soul sound of Charles Bradley who they call the ‘screaming eagle of soul’.
I just mention it late because the press release come with a beautiful photo (above) of Charles Bradley next to a Hydrangea bush, and I had meant to write something about it earlier because it caught my eagle eye for band photography. The photo reminded me of the gardens from home in the hills where European and South African flower species are grown alongside native Acacias and Eucalypts.
(And you know I love flowers – so every music promotion should include a portrait in front of a flower for a mention in this blog.)
Charles Bradley’s current single Strictly Reserved For You is on sale along with the Victim of Love album.



Likewise if you had missed a whole Golden Plains Shire festival and remembered just a few names of the past year, one of the bands you loved was the Gold Coast band The Sunnyboys who will finally be playing homecoming shows at least nearby in Coolangatta at the end of May.

These shows will be the first Gold Coast area appearances of the original lineup of The Sunnyboys since 1991.
They also play the Opera House at the Vivid Festival in Sydney in June 2013.
Friday May 24th: Coolangatta Hotel
Saturday May 25th: Coolangatta Hotel
Sunday June 2nd: Sydney Vivid Festival, Sydney Opera House Concert

circle band


Sydney band Circle always release new songs via download to keep the interest going. When I heard their latest We Can Play I wondered which parts of their influences had led them to the place they are musically. So I just asked them about what bands they listened to when they were young.
ALICIA BEE : As a kid who was your favorite pop musician? Did you have an album? What did you learn from them?
CIRCLE: My musical life as a kid was split into two parts. Up until 7 it was Bee Gees and Beatles all the way thanks to mum and dad and I learnt that pop music had peaked and probably wasn’t going to get any better. Then after 10. I bought Bon Jovi, UB40 and Prince.
ALICIA BEE : When you were a teenager who was your favorite musical act?
CIRCLE: Those were the hip hop years and it wasn’t about any single artist. I’ve recently revisited some of that early 90’s stuff and I love it even more.
ALICIA BEE : When you started playing in a band – who did you want to sound like?
CIRCLE: The Flaming Lips and The Eels. Also Death Cab. We still get accused of the last one!
ALICIA BEE : Who you describe as your soundalikes for Circle?
CIRCLE: Recently it’s been Passion Pit. Although we have a lot of work to do to get our synths sounding that good!


The Hum Of Electricity
By Alicia Bee © 2013.

Can you hear the stainless steel?
The hum is the sound of money,
The electricity in constant usage,
Reminds us that our materialism,
is going according to plan.

The erect structure,
Grey in weight,
Colder than the machines of the past,
Is a vault of the bank.
It symbolizes money and that we are moving forward,
In accordance with the plan.
The hum took control of my brain,
It ruled my office work,
It drilled the message to my home,
That with age we must acquire more assets,
And it was positive to be upwardly mobile,
That this electricity noise would continue
Whether I was here or not,
Whether I was the owner of the machine,
And without me opening the vault,
The electricity remained constant,
according to the plan.

I could not alter what was already designed,
Its temperature controlled in smooth rhythms
That sounds of different tones
To enhance the consistent noise,
I had made the decision
and purchased property near an electricity plant,
that powered factories,
industry and the chains of our society,
I was close to the engine,
Its coolant fans,
And the danger of its unearthed charge,
And began to dissect its daily clockwork,
As I eased my discomfort with music
To disguise the vibrations of the machines plan.

I could dig a hole in the earth,
And turn off the sound,
But the noise would continue,
As it drained the finite resource of our planet,
And other would take control of the vault,
Use its power to achieve more
than were possible to its closed minds,
For the energy that is coming
with momentum from behind,
Is more constant than the update of appliances,
and computer devices.

The previous system symbolizes old industry,
That is frozen over with age,
Out phased by the new models,
And frowned upon as wasting power,
in the very process that had made
them a championed product of the plan.



Does my nose look big in this Muppet?



Miss Piggy Journalism is the daughter of gonzo journalism; she likes to write about herself, and hog the microphone.

Miss Piggy also has a fascination with her looking glass, and taking the attention away from every other female character and even playing their parts. She can also be called Alicia Bee, Alice in Wonderland, the New Dharma Bum, Penny Lane and the Queen Bee.

Miss Piggy was a performer with an ego, and sung some nice duets with Elton John, Dolly Parton and Alice Cooper.

The time is now; the world needs a good pig these days because swine flu destroyed its image. And there was only one Hunter S Thompson who gave birth to a generation of pig journalists who are now on Twitter, and load thousands of  self portrait photos onto Facebook.

Miss Piggy was one of the few female characters in The Muppets so I had to pick her to use as a strong image.

Janice the lead guitarist musician character also shared that title, and acted as Piggy’s bridesmaid in Muppets Take Manhattan.  There was also Annie Sue who was Miss Piggy’s understudy on the Muppet Show. She was younger, smaller and less intelligent than Miss Piggy.  My favorite was actually Yolanda who was Rizzo’s girlfriend, also a rat with blonde hair in a ponytail. She was also one of Piggy’s bridesmaids in the wedding, and I loved her the most and always looked for her in the chorus line of singing.  Then there was Gonzo’s girlfriend Camilla who was a chicken; but  she doesn’t really speak so she is not a developed character,  though she too also played one of Piggy’s bridesmaids in the wedding. And there are so many male characters. Truthfully; I am going to start a gang of Muppet Journalists of a new generation and will be running with Tom Wolfe for his last writing years and days of politics.

Free Range Pig Farming.

I declare now of my intentions to sideline as a supporter of  free range pig farming to make people more aware of the meat they consume.

I believe meat eaters who don’t have plans of becoming a vegetarian should be more thoughtful when shopping, and we can erase cruel killing practices and improve the meat industry.

This blog is about being mindful when shopping all the time.

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