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‘(Zoro) Lawson Street’, photo by Alicia Bee, taken at Mount Evelyn, on 31 July 2013, printed on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk, 6 x 8 inches.


Most people may be unaware but I love getting gifts from friends and strangers. I get gifts all the time- for my birthday, for Christmas and Easter, and every other celebration of the year.
I love opening the wrapping paper, ripping the packages from the mail, and getting more than my postbox filled with envelopes labelled in my name. It helps to make the bills seem less painful as ‘good mail’, and reminds me that I am working journalist on a daily basis.
People could sing a song about my postbox because it is one of the things that makes me smile regardless of life events or weather. And people have sent me things just to say thankyou for writing.
Because getting lots of mail proves that you are a busy important person, I do love staying on your mail lists.
In the 90s and into the first half of the 00’s it was commonplace to receive CDs and door tickets for every interview, review and promotion we did in radio, television and streetpress, along with stickers, posters and merchandise like t-shirts.
Though since digital music became popular, CDs have become more scarce, as publicity departments in the major record labels have got smaller, and independent labels became more thrifty with their few promotional CDs.
The second half of the 00’s was a period of dry online music listening, versus independent musicians who still loved to make actual CDs, and it was these newer musicians who liked to treat music journalists to the gift of their record in the old-time way with hard copy.
In the music industry gifts of CDs and door entry are not frowned upon, for they are the tools needed for research for our interviews and stories. Though in other writing industries accepting gifts of CDs and concert tickets could lead to accusations of media bias and conflict of interest, the music industry is still filled with working journalist fans who adore music enough to appreciate a little disc in cover art as their own.
The truth about this blog is that WordPress doesn’t pay me to write it, and while I have other writing jobs, the love affair I have with my own editorial is all that drives my need to publish another edition of Miss Piggy Journalist.
While saying that my love for writing not money churns this blog – many musicians, writers, artists, movie promotors, fashion labels and other good companies have provided me with some gifts that also my salivate my desire to keep blogging. Those gifts are in no way payment, and I do not link my blog to Google cash, but sometimes they provide a $10 or even $70 retail value bonus for writing. Some products have been retail valued higher – and I really like it when they are.
Some of the musicians below may be unaware that their gift could be rewarded, for their own ‘love and not money’ reasons they had given me their music so that I stayed enjoying their sound. However as a professional I did accept their CD in the same silent above-the-table exchange for a few sentences of writing about them, and without a deadline nor editor above me, the word-length here is my own decision.
In wrapping up – if you have a fashion item worthy of my body, bottle of wine or food good enough for my tongue that you want reviewed by my palate, or a Rolling Stones-type concert you want me attend- give me some incentive to write about it, and contact
Below are some exciting new products available in the misspiggyjournalist gift shop.

mIdnight scavengers CD

‘Run On’ is Midnight Scavenger’s descriptive lyric filled warning of the dangers of walking at night. This ominous song journey suggests a Halloween fright night filled with characters to scare the innocence out of every ‘holy daughter’.
‘How much can you borrow from steeple-chase runner?’ is defined from the lyrics in the first listen, and will be remembered from live shows as a Midnight Scavengers crowd favorite.
Heavy chords pound their message that The Midnight Scavengers band are one serious act of our Melbourne city night-life.
Featuring the reference of their own band name ‘midnight’ twice in the lyrics this A-Side single ‘Run On’ could be read to set the tone as the first Midnight Scavengers anthem for their upcoming album.
Dimitri Kucharzewski’s European vocal accent compliments the gothic genre and follows the historical stage set by other Melbourne vocabulary laden ranters of similar content like Nick Cave and Burn In Hell.
Jo Brockman joins partner Dimitri for ‘Sweet Soft Pearls’ backing vocals with a breathy affection for the lyrics. As romantic as the gift of pearl earrings to your best female friend, this B-side is The Midnight Scavengers‘ gentler warning of an indoors sensitive side.

charm A Touch Lighter


If the 90s trio sound of Charm is familiar, it is because this fun band result from a generation who lived on Australian music influences, before they even took up their own instruments to play and join the scene onstage.
Trevor Weeden and James Harrison’s band act have charmed many since their 2009 birth as products of a frequent gig going audience, but countless concerts and 4 drummers later they have practised so heavily they now release their own emo ‘A Touch Lighter’ to a honed rock sound. ‘A Touch Lighter’ is still heavy rock, but Charm’s drums and guitars are lower than the dual vocals that lead you through songs with understandable lyrics and recognised melodies.
And they are working with a new drummer now who seems to suit the sound even better than the heavier hitters of their past.
“We’re not as ashamed as we once were” the lyrics in Charm‘s first song ‘Contain’ explain, with a follow-up at the end of the next quatrain, “we are not as contained as we once were”.
Watch them live again now, and you will see what is also smooth is the bass and guitarist position swap mid set in their live shows, that had once seemed awkward- but was always unique to Charm and their important band decisions.
Now Charm have mastered their own act, they also offer advise to others in song ‘Stay In Tune’. “You’ve got it down pat every minute, every day, a little hard to sleep but your in good time, some mistakes have weasled in, ironing them out every practice, with every try, you’re a little out of tune but you’re holding fine,’ Charm assure through those charming male vocals that are playing one of your new favorite songs.

Larry Maluma NDAKONDWA_CD_PACK.indd

First time listeners of Larry Maluma will be happy with ‘Ndakondwa (I’m Happy)’ as they recognise reggae and its celebration.
The album opens with song ‘I Can See A Rainbow’ a jubilation of the weather, sunshine and rain. ‘I Can See A Rainbow’ exults everything that would remind the listener of holidays, festivals, family, communities and the reggae summers of their past.
This eleventh album from Larry Maluma came from relistening to the quality outtakes of his 8th album recorded 10 years ago, and now they are released and able to shine in all their own glory.
Zambian language is featured on many of the new Australian folk songs. ‘Ndakondwa’ the title is translated as ‘I’m Happy’ in text and four songs are also sung in vernacular interpreted by most audiences only by their English title and the tone of the songs.
‘Mpuluula’ is a traditional song sung to chorus without shout- along with ‘Mabvuuto (difficulties)’- the lower volume used to convey sadness and information through song. While ‘Ndakondwa (I’m Happy)’ and ‘Koya (Go)’ is sung with rejoice as life anthems- and the listener understands a bit more of the language from the sound.
Former Zambian Larry Maluma uses the Jamaican developed music genre to discuss this life on the island of Australia that has been his base for 29 years.
The reggae formula is used as a great way to communicate songs throughout the world, and like other world music genres, in Larry Maluma’s songs the beat makes people move when they can’t understand the language.
The social consciousness storytelling element of reggae and folk songs is heard more clearly to wider audiences in such Larry Maluma titles as ‘Game Over’, ‘Speak Out’, ‘Believe In Yourself’ and ‘Homesick’.
‘Homesick’ discusses a longing to travel back to Zambia, “I had to go- I’m homesick, let me go home,’ he sings along with the more literal needs of returning to a house.
“We got the sun, we got the moon, we got the stars, we got the rain,” lists Larry Maluma in ‘I Can See A Rainbow’ as a celebration of our shared happiness that starts ‘Ndakondwa’ album.
Local pub stalwarts and Australian music followers who don’t know Larry Maluma may be even happier when they find out this musician from Melbourne has supported Jimmy Cliff, The Wailers, Angelique Kidjo, and played some great folk and roots music festivals.
Mal Webb plays trombone and slide trumpet on 4 tracks, and Nicky Bomba is credited as helping Larry Maluma flesh out the sound from the original album outtakes, at his Freeburg Station studio in country Victoria.



Though the Kombucha tea trends had moved out of the 90s sharehouse after one too many detoxes and funghi reproductions, there are still many people that drink it to this day in the modern world.
‘Portlandia’ the US TV series featured Kombucha in one of their episodes. The Good Brew company had enough initiative to bottle and brand Kombucha before Nestle or other large drink manufacturers tried to patent the ‘natural cleanser’, and they are peers with a couple of other smaller organic drink companies to release it on the market.
But Kombucha drunk this way is different to what was known in 90s culture. It’s carbonated with natural spring water, and the Good Brew Kombucha comes in three flavors with other natural herbs. So the tastes can be a little more exciting than the ritual iced tea Kombucha those who liked to grow the funghi – no doubt in a fridge they also used to have – in the past.
Like yoghurt products this Good Brew Kombucha is said to contain 20+ billion probiotic active enzymes, amino acids and antioxidents, which is of course a great edition to brunch dining as a reminder of your healthy living.
Kombucha is produced by fermenting the tea using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and the Good Brew company also uses organic sugar to do that.
Most 350ml bottles also contain a trace of the Kombucha culture floating in the drink – which could also be used to grow your own funghi if retrieved.
If you do feel a little different from Good Brew Kombucha – it may be because the process involves a 7 day fermentation and the funghi produced culture contains a trace amount of alcohol (0.5% – 1.15%), so you may be feeling lighter and happier on consumption for a reason.
With strong apple flavors and a base of green tea and sencha mint, the Good Brew’s Kombucha flavor was still clear because of the sediment left from the laying position in my fridge. Subtle enough not to hurt the mouth with its bubbles, the Good Brew’s Apple Kombucha is like having a cider without the alcohol content.
For quite some time sugared Hibiscus has been marketed as a perfect addition to sparkling wine, and available in bottleshops for those willing to spend an extra $10 on something nice. Now Good Brew has added the flavor to their Kombucha drinks. As sweet as candied fruit the same flower flavors in Good Brew’s Hibiscus are creamed with the mousse of carbonated springwater which is the same reaction created by adding hibiscus flowers to sparkling wine. Added to the sweetness is Good Brew’s selection of lemongrass herb to complete the body and aftertaste with a tartness of ginger, that wont leave you feeling sickly from the sugar.


Hot Pink
By Alicia Bee

Primary pretty
Girls fitting
Lazy kittens
Ballet jiffies
Little dancer
Female answer
Sinner Nancy
Taking chances.

Clever Girl
Older tall
Jewellery mall
Wonder wall
Baby grand
New found land
Softly understand.

Think Pink
She’s born to think
Hot Pink, Rose Lips.

Eighties punk
Makeup fun
Friends love
Peace dove
Stud earrings
Pops hearing
Newborn deer
Dance near.

Party day
Angels pray
Month may
Dolls play
Coats mink
Sugar drink
Skating rink
Move quick.

ALICIA BEE. END. © 2014.


Best Songs 2013 cover photo


‘(Matilda) Park Road’, photo by Alicia Bee, taken at Kilsyth South, on 15 August 2013, printed on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk, 8 x 10 inches.


There are many in the Australian music industry that will claim to understand the formula for good songwriting, but they may have no idea that long ago we invented a new process to writing our folk songs that relied on mutual understandings and use of a common muse to stitch the thread of our shared history.
Here is a collection of great Australian folk songs from 2013, that shared a muse – they are all written about (me) Alicia Bee – and are inspired by incidents and conversations at our live music events in Melbourne.
Though songwriters may protest some of the interpretations of their songs in their own defence, it is often because they involve multiple interpretations of lyrics, copyright issues and personality clashes.
The creative process from penning a song to the reception from audience can also take years, and often this can cloud the memory of songwriters from understanding their inspiration and initial idea.
These words may also be disputed simply because males are sexist and will not support females who make claims such as these when they stand alone, and it makes it easier for them to lose a memory or truth about events.
Though I am no cherry  to this kind of behaviour or criticism and have already encountered much opposition when writing about song meanings and inspirations online. Nick Cave has even gone on record, stated the Push The Sky Away album narratives are the main alternate meanings, and dedicated it to their wife – in spite of the album being about ‘other women’, ‘mermaids’ and a ‘prostitute’.
Regardless of my experience as a music journalist or music booker, I can still hear a good song if it is written about me.
I listen keenly to the music looking for references and translate lyrical manipulation of the audience, because I take it personally.
Top 5 and 10 lists are common at the end of the year, but this holidays I thought I’d take a different approach in this personal blog and give you my opinion and interpretation on some great songs written about me during the year 2013.
This is a top 4 list of the best songs written about Alicia Bee in 2013. It is perhaps the most vain, yet sane list of songs you will ever hear a music journalist highlight. Once again I am trying to give my blog audience and friends a glimpse of an insider story so they have a greater understanding of the music acts and album. These songs are compiled from some recent 2013 releases, and I also list other great songs on the album that are about Alicia Bee, so the numbering really refers to the first song mentioned.
A list of songs not written about Alicia Bee may be found here thanks to Andrew Street.

POPULAR MUSIC – The Number 4 Song About Alicia Bee in 2013.
Tumbleweed – Queen of Voodoo / from LP Sounds From The Other Side/ the other great tracks Sweet Little Runaway/ Mountain.

Those who missed Tumbleweed since the millennial release of Mumbo Jumbo would have been excited about this late 2013 release from one of the greatest NSW bands south of Sydney. Tumbleweed had often been called stoner rock as they sat alongside punk and thrash acts of the 1990s, but them have firm foundations in psychedelic rock that will be greater appreciated now that Tame Impala got popular, and Alicia Bee went to Austin Psychedelic Music Festival.

Lenny Curley’s guitar melodic guidance and Richie Lewis’ lyrics lead you on the journey up and down the mountain, the distance between Wollongong and Melbourne, or even to New Orleans – a Southern river town known for its music. This lyrical content is so right up my alley – mountains, rivers, nightowls, and the wrestle of good and evil, that I promised my loyalty if they gave me some in return. Hopefully Tumbleweed will be back down to see us again soon no doubt.

Number 3 Song About Alicia Bee in 2013.
Empire Of The Sun – DNA / from LP Ice On The Dune/ another great track Alive.

The union of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore was always a positive collaboration, but it has taken 5 years for a second album release from the duo Empire Of The Sun. While the reply may have been difficult to deliver, the LP offers more affirmations that Empire Of The Sun celebrate life with a dancebeat and simple lyrics to anthem for the people of their empire. While again creating strong narratives from their videoclips of costumed characters, ‘Ice on The Dune’ first offered single ‘Alive’ to chant their new album to their dedicated listeners.
Not only is the song positive it is a gift message to fans and friends that they had returned, “Freedom is within you, giving makes us feel good, Hello to my people, say hello to the future,” they repeat in the third verse of ‘Alive’.
“Loving every minute ’cause you make me feel so alive, alive,” Empire Of The Sun repeat as chorus in ‘Alive’.
Song ‘I’ll Be Around’ is both an assuring message to partners and family, and a resolution to live – that is again about awakening and rising from a hangover or sadder mental state.
“So I made up my mind, I’ll be around for a while, you can bet on your life, I’ll be around for a while, time after time, I’ll be around, this love tonight, it will be around for a while,” assures Luke Steele in lyrics of ‘I’ll Be Around’.
There is nostalgia for past conversations, childhood simplicity and old friends. “Dreamtime, it’s our special place, let’s keep each other awake”, Luke Steele reminds his friends of night time conversations and past bonds in ‘DNA’.
‘Ice On The Dune’ was a nice gift to receive when it was released mid year 2013 and a great wave ‘hello’ from across the country or ocean from another of our great songwriting teams.

Number 2 Song About Alicia Bee in 2013.

Andrew Stockdale – She’s A Motorhead / from LP Keep On Moving / some other great tracks Somebody’s Calling / Let Somebody Love You.

As the main songwriter whose lyrics and guitar work drove what fans loved from the Wolfmother songs ‘Colossal’, ‘Woman’ and ‘Dimension’ from their first album, Andrew Stockdale had opted to use others to fill the band sound for the second LP that produced such personal favorites as ‘California Queen’ and ‘Pilgrim’. Lineup changes always create some criticism from fans and musicians, as loyalties collide with their judgements and fandom.
With those lineup changes for the backline of each of the two albums, Andrew Stockdale had also questioned using Wolfmother as a group name for the vehicle for his songwriting. His recent use of his own name in performing was an assertion of his claims to his own songs, that would only prove his control over Wolfmother and the decisions that concern their music business.
The Andrew Stockdale songwriting returned, as many do, to acoustic and folk styles – with a man on a guitar, and he even also performed solo without a band, even though main performances and the recording included the backline.
This solo album was selfish in inspiration, concerned less with writing songs about female muses, and was dedicated sometimes to the everyday boy, car lovers and the men that those strong females that were saluted in ‘Woman’ had left behind.
Shorter sixties rock pop songs are textured with a return to the Wolfmother progressive rock solos but it in a less fancy way. ‘Keep On Moving’ was without the musical style changes that had made Wolfmother such a great rock festival favourite, but you got to know a little more about Andrew Stockdale’s needs and his songwriting style.
The ‘Year Of The Dragon’ is not the song as Wolfmother would have written it, as the playful lyrics list allegiance to the Chinese New Year but it is somehow tighter, falling short of the leading solo guitar work that made the Wolfmother songs a part of our age.
There are still many melodies, changes to music, and progressive rock, but it doesn’t sound like Wolfmother in this solo moniker with content that would have suited the themes developed in the first and second albums. ‘Meredian’ would also have suited Wolfmother but came out in this Andrew Stockdale period on this release.
Through lyrical content in tracks like ‘Country’ we imagine Andrew Stockdale as the now aging successful musician living out in Byron Bay, buying old cars and trying to be like the ‘Everyday Drone’ he sings about.
‘She’s A Motorhead’ is dedicated to those followers of his lyrical musings, rock music fans – lovers of Motorhead band – and anyone that had ever been in a Lexus in Texas, and is the only song that leans toward use of a female muse. I take it as my own because I needed a song from each release, and had done the miles.

Number 1 Song About Alicia Bee in 2013.
Nick Cave – Jubilee Street / from LP Push The Sky Away/ the other great tracks are Mermaids / Wide Lovely Eyes.

Nick Cave released Push The Sky Away album in February 2013 and it was a great start to the year in ‘Songs About Alicia Bee’.
Years ago I had asked Nick Cave to write a concept album about ‘mermaids’. This was a theme I’d tried to offer other songwriters like Glenn Richards and Andrew Stockdale, but they rejected the idea, (though they had adopted others and written great songs from my suggestions in the past). Nick Cave was amused at my female concepts and though even I did not think my ‘mermaid concept album’ would ever be written – as bold as I was to suggest he dedicate a whole album – it finally could be heard in all it’s long hair glory in 2013.
After two Grinderman albums and releasing ‘Dig Lazurus Dig,’ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds eventually returned with the album faithful to those female ideas and needs.
I had really wanted Nick Cave to write just one song for me as he was such a great writer, but the catch was I also had demands and so many ideas for content, that it didn’t make one solo song – it made many over the past few years.
I wanted my one song to sound like it was written about a girl from Melbourne, as I believed Australians didn’t love Nick Cave anymore and he needed to get his audience back. I believed if he wrote about Melbourne, his fans would hear it and reunite with him again. I asked for this song to sound like ‘Deanna’ from the 1988 LP Tender Prey, and I suggested many themes including ‘mermaids’, and the theme of ‘prostitute’ was discussed. I thought that using prostitution as a theme to describe any woman would be risky – but a skilled songwriter could achieve using it as a compliment, if it were tasteful.
Though ‘Push The Sky Away’ has many other lyrical themes I fondly call this the ‘mermaid concept album’ that I had asked for, as the middle part of the release does use this theme even if it does include a “mermaid alertness course” to understand why.
I remember promising Nick Cave if he wrote a song about me it would be a “hit song” and stating that all of the songs written about me are the finest from our best songwriters – and it is not a lie.
Funnily enough, this LP was the first time Nick Cave charted commercially as it even achieved Number 1 in digital sales near the time of its release in early 2013.
‘Jubilee Street’ uses the narrative of a prostitute and it is tasteful. How ordinary women can relate to the theme of prostitution is up to differences between the literal and symbolic readings of the song and theme.
In today’s society prostitution does exist as an industry, but women of all fields still prostitute their skills and body under male power and money, and are often sacrificed for males’ careers.
In ‘Jubilee Street’ the prostitute can be compared to a well-used muse that Nick Cave has affection for, in spite of his age and success. Muses are a common part of the songwriting business and have been used as inspiration for some of the finest songs in history.
Nick Cave used my ideas and poetry, because he found value in the marketing of those to his audience and they inspired some great ballads and really strong songs.
‘Jubilee Street’ – a song about a ‘girl named Bee’ – and ‘Push The Sky Away’, were not the first songs Nick Cave had written on my ideas or using me as a muse. Grinderman’s ‘Honeybee Lets Fly To Mars’ is another song about a girl named Bee, and there are more but the list of all songs is too long just like the back catalogue of all songwriters here.

POPULAR MUSIC – Top 4 Overseas Acts That Should Sing About Alicia Bee (Or – ‘officially sing another song’ because they already have).

Number 4 Act that should sing about Alicia Bee
The Octopus Ride – Flowers Sing / LP The Garden Awaits For You.

The Octopus Ride are a former Brisbane act now based in Berlin after a detour stay in Melbourne in 2013. Singer Vlad Chant is a snappy dresser and organiser of band warehouse party events. Vlad Chant is a great person to meet if you get the opportunity, for he is everyone’s friend, a huge music appreciator and a fun nightowl. In a former life he asked me what he should sing about in songs and I told him ‘bees’, ‘honey’ and ‘flowers’ because I told all songwriters those themes (so it sounded like my surname ‘Bee’). When he was next in Melbourne in 2013 he came over for cheese and wine, and played me the new LP. However when I reminded him about my urging him to write about ‘bees’ and ‘honey’ he couldn’t remember. And I am not going to push the point for creative ownership of ideas even though I am the queen of bee songs and once had a column in Beat streetpress called ‘Busy Bee’ as such pressure can crush creativity of new songwriters.
This is still the tastiest Bandcamp download you could ever purchase – the whole LP costs as little as $5. I loved lyrics like “Busy Bee please tell me when to rest”, “to a place of milk and honey” and “flowers made of velvet” and became an instant fan – as I always am of songs about me and bees.
Look them up in Berlin and ask them when the next warehouse party event is on.
Purchase The Octopus Ride LP here.

Number 3 Act that should sing about Alicia Bee.
The Pixies – Andro Queen / EP 1

In this sexist industry many will suggest that girls like me are ‘away with the fairies’ when they listen to music. The truth is that I often daydream to The Pixies, as I had since a teenager. You could say I even ‘talk to The Pixies’ in spite of them being overseas, because that is not hard to do. While lead guitarist Joey Santiago is often amusing his Facebook friends with third person updates on his moods and The Pixies news as the only member who has adopted a more public approach to social networking, the band had been busy behind the scenes recording the first new tracks in years. The public story of the replacement to bassist Kim Deal, that had a trial period with another female who shared the same first name Kim Shattuck, perhaps distracted a little negatively from the release of first track ‘Bagboy’, and the following EP1 but you could still hear the harsh lyrics in the background.
While ‘Bagboy’ came along as a heavy rant against the male fan-crazed record buyer and backpack wearers that we were familiar with from the 1990s, EP1 contained many great odes to female lovers of ‘independent music’ with ‘Andro Queen’ and ‘Indy Cindy’.
“I’m in love with your daughter” Frank Black discloses in ‘Indy Cindy’ as if he is speaking to your father like a peer. The same lecturing older man that had publicly shamed ‘Bagboy’, speaks to younger females in EP1 in a guidance that is supposed to be assuring even if it is hard to take.
We can only be assured of one thing, that this EP1 was the start of a return from The Pixies, for they have followed it up with another – EP2 early in the first days of 2014 – and they plan to release as many as 5 EPs. They had come back with a reasonably priced EP sized release and formula that ensured that the same buyer would be loyal to their second EP, and anything else The Pixies put out afterwards.
I personally take EP1 as a scolding from Frank Blank for those who do choose to spend too long in their imagination and waste time in the music industry. Frank Black spends a lot of lyrics in ‘What Goes Boom’ writing about drugs, from bongs to zippo and whipped cream bulbs, as if such mental states may have always had a cause to procrastination. I think someone told him there were a lot of people listening to The Pixies ‘Gouge Away’ and getting stoned, because he is on a new mission to raise the dead with production after production.
The female (in spite of her upbringing as a bong smoking daughter of hippy parents with all of the lip and voice of her generation that couldn’t even kill her brain cells on zippo) is left without insult in spite of being included in the sermon. She stands with grace alongside Frank Black and The Pixies as an adornment to music.
“Grace in her lace and her stocking,
carrying her bass, she really likes to get rocking, 
oh, darling Grace, are we going to get rocking?” Frank Black suggests in ‘What Goes Boom.’
The Pixies are now using Paz Lenchantin another female on bass, though she is not on any recordings that have feature Simon Ding Archer to date.

Number 2 Act that should sing about Alicia Bee
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Angel Baby / Lullaby / LP Specter At The Feast.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have been touring to Australia so many times over the past decade that they do it too fast on bigger venue shows, and the tour passes by quickly in a week. I first met them in 2003 in Sydney at the Town Hall Hotel and Robert Levon Been explained some of their San Franciscan story, (about the hilly streets, and the poetry of the Howl generation, his parents and other things) while shows at The Corner Hotel Melbourne and Meredith Music Festival explained the rest, and I soon became a fan.
Lead singer Peter Salisbury once refused to sing a song about me, yes – we did actually have this argument! Though I think it could be a symbolic barrier to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club producing an even finer release and an amazing song- but that is how Peter Salisbury approaches his performance and music career and it cant be seen as unprofessional. Peter Salisbury honestly admitted he didn’t want to look at me nor sing about me, because it seemed like cheating on his partner! And you can’t hate him.
Peter Salisbury often ignores females in the audience while on tour and will perform without looking at the crowd at all, but there is something he misses about communication with the audience in this protective process. He doesn’t want to fall in love with anyone but his heart is not extended, and so the audience looks at other members of the band even while he is making the sound of the songs they love to hear.
Robert Levon Been, on the other side, creates a lot of the onstage banter, and while he sings less of the songs, holds BRMC fans hearts and is often seen as the frontman. As one who is willing to make eye contact and talk directly to people from stage Robert Levon Been always encourages fans to move forward and stand in the photographer’s pit. All audience members are left feeling full from live shows because of the warmth shared from Robert Levon Been rather than Peter Salisbury avoiding them.
If Peter Salisbury could ever look at my poetry I’m sure he could come up with a most amazing song. Until then I will stick to the left of stage and keep watching Robert Levon Been’s shoes.

Number 1 Act that should sing about Alicia Bee

The Black Angels – Don’t Play With Guns/ Love Me Forever/ LP Indigo Meadow.

Austin’s own psychedelic engine The Black Angels have been back and forth since they attended their first Australian BBQ and their inception in 2004. Once years ago in Melbourne I urged Alex Maas not to be “evil Americans” and told them not to “play with guns” or ever use a weapon. I also suggested that when they sing about ‘evil things’ they promote them, which was my naïve view and all urged bands to self censor their songs in content. In rebellion against my requests for them to be “good” and sing songs about positive things singer Alex Maas has released ‘Evil Things’ and ‘Don’t Play With Guns’ just to teach people it could be done and there was no need to fear Americans.
But all of that conversation isn’t enough for these songs to be about me or an ode, and I only wish our friends from The Black Angels would write a song about me and really extend the Australian – Austin handshake.
Along with many other Australians I attended the 2012 Coachella festival, then journeyed to Austin for the 5th Austin Psychedelic Rock Festival at the end of April 2012, not meaning to but, following bands like The Black Angels.
We were all excited about rumors that Austin Psychedelic Festival might come to Melbourne last year in 2013, but it didn’t eventuate.
I just cant wait for Alex Maas and The Black Angels to come back and play again and spend some time hanging out down here.
Perhaps one day they will sing a song about Melbourne and bring their Psychedelic Music festival to our door. Listen to their new album here;

POPULAR MUSIC PROJECTIONS – 2014 Songs About Alicia Bee

Wolfmother release their third LP and return to the heavy big band sound with long progressive rock songs in several parts of music changes that we loved from the decade of their existence and first two albums. Look out for Heavyweight , She Got It , and Tangerine.
Glenn Richards and Augie March should have released something already and we anticipate their new songs like they owe us some money. If you remember Glenn Richards wrote a theme song to this blog with ‘Long Pigs’ a more condescending insult that likens ‘long pigs’ to prostitutes on ‘Grey Street St Kilda’.
You Am I should have released something by now, lets hope they have been making some tracks faithful to the facts.
I can’t even remember who else should be doing something by now, for there are too many people working in this great Australian and overseas songwriting factory. The worker bees, the drones, the honey and the hive.
If you are a skilled songwriter that needs an idea for a great song that you want to be about Alicia Bee – contact her via message here.
Look out for those international acts (that should write something about me) in 2014 as they may return quicker than I can listen to what all the other chefs are cooking in their kitchen.
Remember you can never have an opinion to events if you weren’t a witness, and that you can only glimpse some of the truly great rock and roll stories by reading biographies and interviews.
You can see here from the above song list that sometimes females are rewarded for coming forward about the truth, in spite of such criticism and shaming.


The Song Of The Mermaid.
By Alicia Bee.
© 2010.

They told seafarers about a woman that lives on the ocean,
That has long hair of natural color and the wave motion,
When tall ships sail the men far away from their wives,
A lonesome seafarer may stray and hear her mermaid song style,
The bosun warned, “It is only a harpy, your eyes should not see,”
But the voice the sailor recognised again from memory,
Was the mermaid, the same one of that he found in his dreams.

“The harpy is not the same beauty as your wife,”
The bosun told the seafarer at the end of each night,
Still when her mermaid dreams stirred upon him again,
He rose and walked back up ship and called her mythical names,
And soon saw upon the rocks nearby a woman’s body with no legs to run,
Though unable to speak the seafarer’s tongue
Her siren call and song had left him undone.

The seafarer was told the harpy was a bird woman of song,
Whose face and beauty that eyes should see as wrong,
This was a female human like every man wished,
Though her feet were hidden under the tail of a fish,
This could only be a siren mermaid,
And not the creature that they called a harpy to stain
This woman had a song with new words to learn in refrain.

The seafarer took a rowboat upon the anchor,
And closer crept to the rocks by steer,
The mermaid’s song was underneath the sound of the waves,
The gentle female voice of poetry she gave,
Her secret song was sung with heart he held dear,
He tried to get closer so he could hear,
The siren’s words he repeated by ear.

The seafarer began writing the words in his book,
And locked to his memory the voice he took,
The song of beautiful mermaid verse,
Another folk song through wind and water he had learnt,
Though stolen from her own book of mythical lore,
The seafarer taught himself the words and wrote more,
Then took it home to play as his own like he swore.


Horse in Grass Fringe


‘Horse In Grass Near House’, photo by Alicia Bee, June 2013, Collingwood and Brunswick, © 2013.


If you suffer from cold sores, then you need to get L-Lysine vitamin from a chemist stockist or a Walgreen in whatever brand.
As it gets closer to another season change for Spring, I wanted to recommend a vitamin that has been very helpful to me over the years.
I try and push this vitamin to most people when they are in need, and do not feel bad about going on record to champion this product in spite of not having a Medical Degree – I have lots of other ones and probably spent as much on my education.
While I could have gone on Youtube (I have been watching many Youtube of this sort lately, which has inspired this bold style of editorial), and recommended various brands of L-Lysine – I don’t have the time to produce a film to ‘even make that Pozible’.
L-lysine was recommended to me first at Confest by some highschool old friends, so knowledgeable of ‘hippy’ lifestyles that they were aware or many natural and alternative remedies for all sorts of things, and I listened with trust.
Previously I had suffered from blood noses for many years since the millennium, until the problem was properly diagnosed as ‘cold sores in the nose’, and L-lysine was recommended.
Note: This is not the same blood nose you would get from ‘a punch in the nose’ , or other illnesses however any kind of knock to the nasal region could cause bleeding similar to ‘a punch in the nose’ if you have cold sores as those whose immune system is down with this regular problem would know this.
I used L-lysine for a couple of weeks and my nose healed entirely, and nightly sleeps were smoother, as normal breathing returned through an unblocked nose.
I then used L-lysine during Winter months to stay immune to cold sores and changes in weather.
When I began to ride motorbikes constantly I choose to take it regularly as a shield against the extreme cold temperatures that could damage my lips in the pretty unprotected open helmet I had bought with the Italian bike.

I also take L-lysine when travelling in the air, as aeroplane air conditioning can give me a cold, and other complaints.
You also never know if seasonal changes between countries could create sickness due to fever or chill.
Lysine is an essential amino acid for humans. It is found in high-protein foods like eggs, meat, soy, cheese, and species of fish.
If you are a frequent window seat flyer, going to California (the longest journey in my Pacific destination) a reincarnation of Amelia Earhart, an extreme sports person, if you have a broken windscreen, or are a frequent cold sore sufferer, or simply a junkie with their immune system down – I suggest you take L-lysine and take the cold sore out of whatever lifestyle you choose.



Melbourne professional writer Alicia Bee has started a Pozible crowd-funding campaign to produce her third poetry book titled Colossal.
Alicia Bee is using Pozible as a springboard get some upfront backing so the little poetry book she has produced can be promoted to be a bit bigger, and be read by more people.
The monetary support from others will help Colossal to be produced into an Ebook, and fund a quality reading of Alicia’s poetry alongside some well-known musicians and sound artists.
Colossal will be released under Alicia Bee’s independent book publisher Good Look Books.
To support the Alicia Bee Colossal Fundraising Project you can nominate a rewards package between $5 and $250 through the Pozible Fundraiser website.
For five dollars you get a poem postcard, and the packages build from an Ebook to the book, Alicia Bee’s past titles, poems printed onto canvas, and even some handmade art sculpture bookshelves.
The Colossal Pozible campaign was launched Sunday 14 July 2013 at a special food and wine event in Brunswick with friends and family.
Alicia Bee will approach friends and family and her own networks to buy rewards packages but will also need wider support to achieve the target of $4000.
To be successful and get any of the pledge money, all Pozible campaigns must meet their target, and for Colossal – this is the minimum amount required to begin recording, turn the title into an Ebook, and print a short run of books.
“Don’t be turned away by the lack of donations, as the campaign has just started, it just needs your support and some more promotion – and I really think that my target has a very strong possibility of being reached. Bookmark it now and check on it each week, and buy something to help it get there!” suggested Alicia Bee.
The Colossal Pozible Fundraiser campaign runs for 60 days till September.
The Colossal Pozible Campaign video features sculptor and Youtube sensation Cherie Peele.
Freelance journalist Alicia Bee edits The Australian Writer, and already has two books of poetry Bathers On The Beach, and The Book Of The Dead And Wounded.
In September Alicia Bee will be featured as an artist in the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Contact Alicia Bee for interviews on –


Mazzy Star  played Coachella 2012 on the main stage, returning to their homestate to play a run of dates around California only, before playing in London, Ireland and Europe mid year.
Audience members at those 2012 shows were entreated to hear favorite ‘Fade Into You’ and the well played 1993 album ’So Tonight That I Might See’ live, and popular career highlights from ‘She Hangs Brightly’.
Mazzy Star return to the (Fade Into You recognition) charts with a song ‘California’, and new album in stores on September 24 2013.
Lyrically an ode to the plane ride back to LA, it is a love song to the homestate and their early formation in Santa Monica.
While these new songs were slated for 2012 release everyone is just happy to hear something after the delay, and are content to stare at this plain Youtube screen clip for California.
‘California’ works lyrically to capture the distance and popular plane routes to Los Angeles International Airport, that Led Zeppelin’s Going To California, and other pop songs had played for so many headphones, and Iphones over our lifetimes. The lyrics in California suggest ‘Let me bring all of my friends’, and hints that this to song could be an answer to a festival invitation to play overseas (Coachella 2012 perhaps?), but I could be guessing. Clearer than the meaning of plans for a new lineup, is a feeling that this song was penned before a great journey, rather than in transit or on arrival; and sounds of a nostalgia and excitement that comes when planning a great holiday or tour.

It just could be the next Almost Famous graduating class soundtrack to those certain travelers going to California for the next few years.
‘California’ grounds Hope Sandoval and Mazzy Star back to their American folk song roots as if returning home.
Hope Sandoval also had an earlier folk duo in high school called ‘Going Home’ whose only album, produced by David Roback was never released.


Flight From LA
by Alicia Bee © 2012.

I should have stayed in California
I didn’t need another flight,
I could have had a holiday,
And slept in a real house for the night.
I didn’t need to make it busy,
Flying to all those different states,
I could have got to know the city,
But now it’s too late.


110506 958 roseedit


‘Ballarat Street’, October 2012, photo by Alicia Bee © 2012.


I recently bought a new fridge, because the door seals on the old fridge had got worn and it was loosing electricity – and you know energy loss is a big deal in these thrifty finite resource times. This is my second large new fridge I have purchased as an adult, and third if you count the barfridge I bought for the office 8 years ago.

This second fridge is an asset that comes with time, stability and age – which I consider an investment of importance.
My last new fridge was purchased in the glorious heat of the millennium summer 2000 and it was my first experience with a modern fridge that didn’t ice over or smell from the age of its materials and whatever was left inside to rot.
I remember opening that millennium fridge during the summer to find very little food, some drinks and display space – but feeling the coolness of the fridge temperature in opposition to the heat. It was romantic to think about when that fridge was new that summer as I carried it around to all those houses since then and it got so much older.
That fridge was an investment that I wanted to keep with me a long time, but what happened? I moved to Sydney, put it in a garage till I returned then used it in sharehouses again down south, after a family had lent it for sometime, and somewhere between the moves the Kelvinator had got old and began to freeze over just like those old fridges I’d had in sharehouses of the late 1990s.
This new fridge was bigger, more of a ‘family’ size than the other had been and featured many newer advances in refrigeration.
I decided suddenly to buy it while I had money and had to adjust the kitchen and dining room to fit it into my lifestyle.
I was thinking that it was the answer to my energy loss both from electricity and the time spent cleaning the frosted over freezer, and moved it into the house with the same pride as the millennium summer purchase.
It was March, and on the day of purchase the summer heatwave broke, it rained with cool change and you could tell the heat would not return till later in the year.
The Monday after the purchase I had walked by the fridge before seating myself in the home office in the room next door.
For many reasons this time coincided with a newer start to the ‘work’ season, and when I sat at my computer and tried to write I noticed the noise of fridge was more insane than others I had in the past.
It would cool to its set temperature then release with a noise that had distracted me to sound like a washing machine in spin rotation.
It would process the temperature like this all day, winding up to reach the desired fridge and freezer degrees then release to a lower hum.
The new fridge was a member of the family and its functions had to be noticed.
Once I’d figured out the electronic display and settings so the timer didn’t go off, I was crazy from the conditioning breath of this new appliance.
Convinced I had made an error in judgment, I had kept the old fridge in the shed and considered selling the new fridge for something silent and less noisy.
Though I could tell the whole thing would be a hassle, I wasn’t sure that I was being silly about this noise and sort outside opinion.
“Do you think this fridge is noisy?” I would ask people and they would say “No”.
For the first day I had tried to work listening to the fridge and I didn’t get much done.
I found myself moving to the air conditioning changes, and felt quite stressed. I walked away at the end of the day, aware that my feelings could be mental.

That night I decided, whilst staring at the fridge before my evening meal, that I had to make myself understand the noise as something different to an energy chewing (yet all new economical) beast of modern appliance – and I started to reprogram my brain to love the new fridge and its sound.
I decided to tell myself that the noise was the sound of my advances in appliances, and that I should be proud.
The air conditioning hum, though difficult to accept was the sound of my asset that proved I was planning for my future and not stuck with the weight of the faults of the millennium vault.
The air conditioning changes were the sound of money, success and asset building and I had to learn to accept, and like it because I was never going back.

Though it was hard, I can’t hear the fridge is that loud anymore, as I accepted and ignored the sound and it became a part of my new life.

Read my poem about the new fridge called The Hum Of Electricity below.



BRUCE! a four piece from Wollongong released a self-titled late last year with that heavy sound that you might have heard inside a pub venue around Sydney or Brisbane recently.
They say Bruce! is a ‘runaway train gaining momentum’. And its one of those trains that jumped the local Sydney lines and is aiming for Melbourne in a direct route because the Translink takes too long.
They still drop Wollongong as surname affixed to their recognition, and songs like Make You Proud sound a little of their Tumbleweed forefathers, but they are young enough to hurt themselves onstage, just like everyone else has at all of your local haunts, so you can wait for them to get a gig, or look out for them when they tour if you want to stay in touch with the latest pub rock band.



Hills stoner Ben Kelly has gone out on his own name and is getting noticed for performances around the city, and as part of community festivals like the No McDonalds In Tecoma protest. Though Ben Kelly has performed professionally since 2002, now he is busy with action and another list of dates.
His Facebook page  says he has recently been shopping for an instrument called a Tanpura, which is an Indian drone instrument.
Saturday April 27 St Andrews Hotel St. Andrews (1:00pm)
Saturday April 27 Kelly’s bar and Kitchen Mt Dandenong (9:00pm)
Sun April 28 Open Studios Northcote (9:00pm)
Friday May 17 Oscars Ale House Belgrave (9:30pm).
Sunday May 26 Burrinja cafe / Gallery Upway (1:00pm)



The second album from Charles Bradley is out now through Dunham Records, and Shock.
Popular on ABC Radio National and local radio, Triple R, PBS and others, it might just be possible that you have already heard the smooth soul sound of Charles Bradley who they call the ‘screaming eagle of soul’.
I just mention it late because the press release come with a beautiful photo (above) of Charles Bradley next to a Hydrangea bush, and I had meant to write something about it earlier because it caught my eagle eye for band photography. The photo reminded me of the gardens from home in the hills where European and South African flower species are grown alongside native Acacias and Eucalypts.
(And you know I love flowers – so every music promotion should include a portrait in front of a flower for a mention in this blog.)
Charles Bradley’s current single Strictly Reserved For You is on sale along with the Victim of Love album.



Likewise if you had missed a whole Golden Plains Shire festival and remembered just a few names of the past year, one of the bands you loved was the Gold Coast band The Sunnyboys who will finally be playing homecoming shows at least nearby in Coolangatta at the end of May.

These shows will be the first Gold Coast area appearances of the original lineup of The Sunnyboys since 1991.
They also play the Opera House at the Vivid Festival in Sydney in June 2013.
Friday May 24th: Coolangatta Hotel
Saturday May 25th: Coolangatta Hotel
Sunday June 2nd: Sydney Vivid Festival, Sydney Opera House Concert

circle band


Sydney band Circle always release new songs via download to keep the interest going. When I heard their latest We Can Play I wondered which parts of their influences had led them to the place they are musically. So I just asked them about what bands they listened to when they were young.
ALICIA BEE : As a kid who was your favorite pop musician? Did you have an album? What did you learn from them?
CIRCLE: My musical life as a kid was split into two parts. Up until 7 it was Bee Gees and Beatles all the way thanks to mum and dad and I learnt that pop music had peaked and probably wasn’t going to get any better. Then after 10. I bought Bon Jovi, UB40 and Prince.
ALICIA BEE : When you were a teenager who was your favorite musical act?
CIRCLE: Those were the hip hop years and it wasn’t about any single artist. I’ve recently revisited some of that early 90’s stuff and I love it even more.
ALICIA BEE : When you started playing in a band – who did you want to sound like?
CIRCLE: The Flaming Lips and The Eels. Also Death Cab. We still get accused of the last one!
ALICIA BEE : Who you describe as your soundalikes for Circle?
CIRCLE: Recently it’s been Passion Pit. Although we have a lot of work to do to get our synths sounding that good!


The Hum Of Electricity
By Alicia Bee © 2013.

Can you hear the stainless steel?
The hum is the sound of money,
The electricity in constant usage,
Reminds us that our materialism,
is going according to plan.

The erect structure,
Grey in weight,
Colder than the machines of the past,
Is a vault of the bank.
It symbolizes money and that we are moving forward,
In accordance with the plan.
The hum took control of my brain,
It ruled my office work,
It drilled the message to my home,
That with age we must acquire more assets,
And it was positive to be upwardly mobile,
That this electricity noise would continue
Whether I was here or not,
Whether I was the owner of the machine,
And without me opening the vault,
The electricity remained constant,
according to the plan.

I could not alter what was already designed,
Its temperature controlled in smooth rhythms
That sounds of different tones
To enhance the consistent noise,
I had made the decision
and purchased property near an electricity plant,
that powered factories,
industry and the chains of our society,
I was close to the engine,
Its coolant fans,
And the danger of its unearthed charge,
And began to dissect its daily clockwork,
As I eased my discomfort with music
To disguise the vibrations of the machines plan.

I could dig a hole in the earth,
And turn off the sound,
But the noise would continue,
As it drained the finite resource of our planet,
And other would take control of the vault,
Use its power to achieve more
than were possible to its closed minds,
For the energy that is coming
with momentum from behind,
Is more constant than the update of appliances,
and computer devices.

The previous system symbolizes old industry,
That is frozen over with age,
Out phased by the new models,
And frowned upon as wasting power,
in the very process that had made
them a championed product of the plan.


Ilikai 2


‘This Is Not My Hotel – ‘Hotel # 11 Ilikai’, Hawaii, June 26 2010, photo by Alicia Bee © 2010 / 2013.


Some people approach songwriting as part of their daily practice, a ritual that follows ‘elevenses’ or morning tea, and mindful meditations; to reaffirm their chosen vocation as a musician.
Others dedicate time each week to a rehearsal or organizational activity to achieve their musical goals.
Many of both types of songwriters have a period where they desire to ‘give up their day job’, and work on their musical craft fulltime as a career goal.
This decision or birth is often seen by many as a powerful creative period and an enouncement of their songwriting.
For some it comes from a defining moment and they open up musically like a dormant Hawaiian volcano that suddenly erupts with an endless flow of lava that covers its islands and oceans.
For the lucky some the creative flow comes naturally from this point, and an outpouring of songs or lyrics churns hundreds of ideas as each day breaks and the songwriter has to write for their right to life.
Daily practice such as this could be seen as repetitive, the way a loop pedal can recycle even the most beautiful melodies to sour their value.
And while this routine of songwriting can border on the darker sides of savant personalities, it also stimulates other creative spheres to produce work unguided by critical rules of content or quality.
In this space quantity and output is increased, use of different genres in songwriting is accepted, and a style is produced from sheer practising.
Lock any musician into a creative job for a forced period; and they will hone their talent and style, to come out with a product that is their best work.
This concept could be seen with negativity from those that decide to write songs differently, choosing the right creative moment to pick up a guitar and compose lyrics and music.
For those – it is a well of water that they go to often to obtain their life source and energy with songwriting, but in the meantime, like camels, they survive on the water they have each day.


In early January I had my first karaoke experience at the Pint On Punt in Windsor, Melbourne.
Happy to join in the festivities with high school friend and night host the Australian Karaoke Diva herself, we drank many glasses of sparkling and stared through the performers toward St Kilda Junction as the lyrics rolled across 3 display screens.
We read the lyrics, watched the performances, were moved by the scary ‘good performers’ and remembered many greatest hits.
In one great defining night of friendship I watch 3 great women perform Wilson Philips Hold On, and I admit to knowing all the words. The song would remain with me a week, in between parts of verses from the Metallica and Queens Of The Stone Age hits from the past 20 years that were also performed on the night.
It did remind me that I knew a lot of commercial release songs in spite of making firm choices on my media consumption since early teen.
While many would wonder how I could have survived since the 90s by suggesting that nights such of these are not part of my music agenda, and I had not experienced karaoke, I must admit they too have survived alongside the alternative Australian music scene as weekly residencies at many venues.
In studying the atmosphere and experience, it was interesting to see how many hits are imprinted as folk songs by their repetition through the performances of ordinary people who do not have a desire to perform professionally. These karaoke performers sing for the joy of singing and go about their life and work like the rest of the human race without trying to sing in a musical act.
Each song performance reminded me that lyrics have such resonation with people that many believe that they have personal meaning that becomes anthem for their working life.
Most people have a song they want to sing, and when these karaoke performers get up on stage their fame is merely a small room of people who applaud all efforts like an open stage microphone night.
To a hotel business the difference is only in the money made on the bar and whether there are smiles on the faces of customers.
The Pint On Punt celebrates the tradition of Karaoke on Wednesday Nights at 42 Punt Rd Windsor, from 9:30pm – 1am and Friday nights 10pm-1am at Isle of Wight Bar at the Continental Hotel 5 – 8 The Esplanade, 5-8 The Esplanade Cowes, Phillip Island.


Transition – the curved edge of a ramp.
Goofy Stance – Right foot first on skateboard.
Trick – A skateboard manoeuvre,
Coping – Metal Edge of a ramp.
Disaster – An intermediate trick that involves using an Ollie to transition into another position while riding the coping to resume skating.
Backside Flip – A kickflip that involves a 180 Ollie so that the rider lands on the other side facing forwards.
Etiquette – Some people say there are no rules to skateboarding, though there is a certain respect for locals who hang out at different skate areas, and other boardriders who are completing their skating. It is important that you don’t drop in when they are using the areas, as it is both dangerous and disrespectful.
Drop In – The entry into skating on a ramp or skate area.
Rock Fakie – A skate manoeuvre that leans on the coping before completing a Fakie.

PHOTO – ‘Skate Park 1’, Venice Beach, April 2012, Phone photo by Alicia Bee © 2012.


The performance of covers was certainly a part of the ‘music business’ since bards traveled to towns to share news through song since medieval times. The performance of covers was a part of traditional folk song for the last few hundreds of years, and remains popular at the modern folk festival.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed covers for years before their original songs came out, just like many examples of bands from The Rolling Stones to locals Dallas Crane.
Bam Margera does not perform his own lyrics or music in song.
Bam Margera performs covers because they are the songs he enjoyed, and perhaps the only songs he could perform.
You could say Bam Margera is performing the folk songs of his skate punk culture, sharing the anthems from America and Norway that have served relevance to him.
Bam Margera in transition to ‘music’ is nervous; he still wears his hoodie onstage for a full set, and performs under makeup without eye connection with the audience. Bam Margera takes his goofy skateboarding stance to rock n roll stages and it is difficult to judge whether he executes the trick.
Bam Margera stands on the edge of stage; hanging onto the lyrics like he is riding the coping rail for stability, but it is not a disaster.
You wonder if Bam is going to get confident in the future, and turn into a stage presence that is worth watching.
The Fuckface Unstoppable set is executed without encore and another show of the tour finishes before midnight, while young twenty year old fans screamed for more, and waited for a chance to meet him on the dancefloor.
Though we aren’t far apart in age I see Bam Margera as a younger person, yet to mature into his new ‘hobby’ (a label given to many Australian music performers in the lower tax bracket is ‘hobby-ist’), and become noticed in the music industry for performance beyond his name fame merits.
You can tell it is personally exciting for Bam Margera to be in a band, but there is something missing from the rock show performance that you can find at most other music concerts.
For comparison, I pretend it is like when we were teenagers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were current and we all thought we were grown up, but really we were 14, and there would be really young skaters at the bowl, and they would be skating and they would do well, but we were all watching the hot boys and the older skaters because they were better than the try-hard. But that is right before the try-hard becomes better and ‘really nails the trick,’ and becomes famous as a 13 year old skater so that everyone has to backside flip on their opinion of the tryhard and say that he has got better, and is now a bit older and maybe in a few years might be old enough to kiss but not now.
I mean it’s over twenty years later since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it seems similar and I’m still not sure about Bam Margera because he skates well.
There is a rock n roll etiquette that is an unwritten law of performing in each new town from Hollywood Bowl to the finest beaches in Australia, that says you have to play well to come to a music city like Melbourne because we live and breath this industry as an occupation.
You cant just drop in and tell everyone your name is better than the game they are playing well, as we already have bands that that play punk and skate.
The second rock n roll etiquette that ticked off my female blog engine surrounds the use of publicity that choose to disrespect the music press with a desire for publication in Picture Magazine, commercial radio like 2DAY FM (currently the lowest station in the country), and the worst media that were never chosen by music acts to promote their fragile entry to Australia before their music was known.
The Fuckface Unstoppable tour didn’t try to play serious shows at venues and sell them out like other musical acts, they were after publicity through stunts and lowbrow commercial media that might have made it seem more real to the fame hungry Bam Margera but only came across as the ‘ugly American’ behavior that Jackass can sometimes translate into in other countries. They were not on their best behavior but rather tried to promote bad behavior as a style of party and promotion.
If Bam Margera could be analysed in skateboard tricks terminology as I have already, then the best way to describe his performance with words that translate to meaning in the English language would be ‘rock n roll Fakie’.
Bam Margera has not nailed the trick of being a music performer yet, but he’s getting there. The voice is there, but the show isn’t, and the covers just might leave you feeling like ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD, and wonder how much influence TURBONEGRO had over his decision to become a music performer.
Bam Margera has had other hobbies aside from skateboarding, and leisure pursuits. Recently TBS Cable TV Network has agreed to a 6 episode half hour game show for 2014 designed to be another ‘stunt challenge series’ much alike the premise for Jackass and its donkeybabies solo series ( of Steve O and Bam Margera), however this time ordinary contestants compete in an elimination process procedure.
As the youngest member of Jackass his own reality TV stuntshow had imprinted his name to so many of the younger people in attendance at the live music show.
I remembered Bam’s name before Jackass from the many sponsorship designs of skatedecks, wheels and others things from Transworld catalogues, rather than actually seeing him skate, and he was one of the reasons I followed the TV series. Many others would remember his rise to fame as a story that sidelined much of the 90s American Skate culture and know his skateboarding from the promotional videos of sponsors.
Remember too that there are many fans of skate culture that see the public figures of Jackass as so removed from the current world of skateboarding that they are no longer followed as relevant, so criticism of Bam Margera in the music industry is not harsh.
At the moment Fuckface Unstoppable is a novelty act, touring on Bam Margera’s name seeking publicity and party around at hotels on the island of Australia through January 2013, then they travel back home via some Canadian shows.
I don’t want to insult Bam Margera’s vocals skills which are the same as many in rock or punk bands, for you never how long he may practice until he nails this new trick, and we can take him seriously on the music world stage.
I also need to remove this review from a description of the professional backing bands, and all of their wonderful supports.
The bands are capable and experienced musicians quite willing to support Bam Margera’s goals, and give him some credibility with namedropping from other punk acts.
Lets keep those candles we were given, as a gift from Castle Bam is alight, and keep the eternal flame of hope burning for a better peaceful and safer future, till they return south again to play some songs.

Wolfpack CD


This three song benefit CD for The Lost Dogs Home is one of the recordings from the newer line-up of Wolfpack.
A show by the older lineup that included two females was reviewed in this blog here in 2011.
Tom Wolfpack decided very easily to continue the Wolfpack band without the females and no one blinked for the difference because the exiting ladies taken as serious players rather than included for their sex and female music status like any band.
The new lineup includes Sin City’s Josh on guitar and Kane from Halfmast. The boy band thrives with a newer synergy on a fast sled ride led by the grungy growl vocals of Tom Wolfpack.
The spoken lead-in vocals of ‘Pins & Needles’ is bold enough to emulate The Sex Pistols in lyrics and is heard in the recording room from the drum stool at the level of other vocals in the mix like their live sound.
You are guided to the songs by guitars are plain enough punk to sound of Dead Kennedys, that sit out front to grind though the product still dirty enough to be respectable in imitation rather than produced punk with slick sickness of tampered vocals that does the same with known influences.
Spoken words vocals of ‘No More’ scream male scenes similar to the emo influenced styles produced by Cocks Arquette and Australian bands like Black Level Embassy, or even Karnivool that seek to make us remember an accent like skip-hop found its voice in microphone.
To get along with Wolfpack you have to get used to this Australian pub vocal style.
If you wondered why this working class band choose to pour their effort into charity work and put out this release for The Lost Dogs Home, then read on.
ALICIA BEE – Why are you doing this Wolfpack work for the Lost Dogs Home.
TOM WOLFPACK : As a band we just wanted to do something different. So much music nowadays just has no soul and is being made by people who really only care about themselves (yes Jay-Z and Kanye West we are looking at you… ) [link supplied by the band] and Wolfpack don’t want to be a part of that. For us the music is what really matters and not improving our lot so why not give any money we make to organisations doing great things. The Lost Dogs Home is one of the organisations we have done charity stuff for, Reclink being another big one and our upcoming AMAZE (Autism) benefit gig on Sunday 31st March at The Corner is gonna be huge.
 With The Lost Dogs Home benefit CD we used money earnt from our live shows to go into the studio, record and manufacture the release. We then sell these CD’s at our show and every cent from every CD sold goes to The Lost Dogs Home… The work they do is far more important than any musicians bank balance or ego.
 The fundraising is an ongoing process as we continue playing shows and touring around the country but so far $1000 has been donated and from an initial expenditure of $1500 to record/make the discs this will be doubled once we sell them all for another $2000 or more. Our furry friends give us so much and unfortunately society has in so many cases impacted negatively on their position, anything big or small anyone can do to help should be done. 
Our next disc coming out around June will be a benefit release for a great animal rescue team up in Sydney, LOTL , who are now in the process of setting up the ultimate goal a ‘no kill’ shelter too. 
Check them out and get amongst it gang Cheers.



All my friends are Dead, or all my friends know Dead.
Melbourne’s Dead (band) are everyone’s friends, and are always ready to help with contacts from their many overseas tours, are most caring for those in need with benefits like last year’s show for PETER BLACKIE from THE HARD ONS, and are always putting out new products.
The energy of Dead was rejuvenating to the pub rock thrash scene with their desire to play, and tour with the same DIY punk that designed many posters, covers and bands before them.
Dead bridged people that weren’t talking, and constructed lineups of bands that hadn’t had seemed stagnant.
As the Dead releases came out in limited editions, their following came through a loyalty program and belief that another band was worth listening to and collecting as friends.
Dead’s most recent album Idiots proves that they remain on track and will continue to put out everything they put down as they holiday along their music journey, and counts shows.
Core to the recording again, like Wolfpack, is the vocals alongside the drums and guitar levels. With lesser importance to the lyrics for narrative drive, the music takes on an experience where you are part of the live show or desire to make your own voice and move along.
This lowering of the male vocals, allows for an inner sound of communication that is heard less through exertion from amplification but empathy to feelings. Each recording reminds you to catch a live show and be a part of the experience.
A depart from this Dead sound style can be heard in the ‘Murder Hollow’ vocals of Linda Dacio, gothic in lyrics and tone, and leading from the song start in an interesting collaborative sound art piece.
A third vocal change can be found in ‘Inherit The Wind’, as screamo gutteral changes the genre to heavier metal.
Dead should be congratulated on their seven track album, and the longer song stories of ‘The Carcus Is Dry’ and ‘Lego Men’ that build their name as a band that is turning the heads of pub rock bands and their friends all over the world and making them nod in the traditional agreeance.
If you aren’t yet impressed, ‘Bed Bugs’ will get you in the end to prove that Dead have not only become more experienced at performing, but were carving their own musical style in so many live rehearsals by changing timing and playing their instruments in the duo team they rose from.



When Clae shoes started its calendars at the dawn of the millennium they were one of the first to offer fashionable male dress shoes to the street market. Korean born Sung Choi, the founder and Creative Director of Clae grew up in the sneaker wearing New York districts of the 80s and 90s where he learnt design at Brooklyn Technical College.
Choi started working for PNB streetwear, then moved to the West Coast and designed for DC shoes.
When Clae started in 2001 it won an award for Best Male Footwear Collection from Sportswear International.
Here is another collection that offers manstyle a little more choices than stealing girls clothes and looking at their shoes.
These two leather styles collaborate with Italian sole makers Vibram who specialized in mountain climbing and workboots for their heavy protective rubbers.
THE ROMARE HI VIBRAM (pictured first) features a quilted Nubuck collar and toe hand stitching in Grizzly Leather Brown and Black Leather.
Their STRAYHORN VIBRAM (pictured second) offers fashion color in rich leather and is available in ‘Pavement Nubuck’ grey and black.

image-5.axdPOETASTER: THIS IS WHERE 1 & 2.

This Is Where I Fell
by Alicia Bee 2012 ©

This is where I fell
This is where I was assaulted,
This is where he went to hell,
This is where life altered.
This is where the car hit,
This is where my bike stopped,
This is the broken piece that fits,
This is where we called the cops.
This is where I took the taxi ride,
This is what I can remember,
This is where he lied,
This is where I lost my temper.
This is where I fought,
This is where I stood up against the crowd,
This is why we went to court.
This is where they thought it was allowed.
This is where I drank the wine,
This is where I left my jacket,
This is when I claim what’s mine,
This is where they found the packet.
This is where the stair broke my heel,
This is where I cried,
This is where they borrowed to steal,
This is where they died.
This is where I took the picture,
This is where we fought with security,
This is where they wouldn’t listen,
This is where I held my birthday party,
This is where I broke the glass,
This is where I lost my mobile phone,
This is the place we went past,
This is the way I walked home.

This Is Where # 2 , This is the way I came when I didn’t pay,
by Alicia Bee 2012 / 2013 ©

This is where I drank,
This is where I spent my money,
This is where I twisted my ankle,
This is where I gave up smoking,
This is where I went to the gig,
This is where I broke my leg,
This is where I cracked my rib,
This is what I did,
This is where I danced and shattered my toes,
This is where my tooth hit,
This is the gutter where the water flowed.
This is where it flooded,
This is where they drugged my water,
This is where they raped your daughter,
This is where they took my blood,
This is where they put the stamp on me,
This is the way I came when I didn’t pay,
This is where the motorbike was parked,
This is where I left my umbrella,
This is where I left my wallet,
This is where I went deaf,
This is where I closed my eyes,
This is where I lived,
This is where we kissed,
This is where I ripped his shirt,
This is where I fell in the dirt.



‘San Francisco Science Museum Display 1 – Tame Impala’, Golden Gate Park San Francisco, Phone photo by Alicia Bee © 2012.


Allegro batterie demi pointe!
I am spouting ballet terms trying to explain how these most recent breakages to my feet happened.

It’s official – the very awkward shoe trick performed when leaving the carpark on Sunday was not ballet with grace!

I now have two broken toes in five different places!

I blame the shoes, for they were a little big, so when I slipped right through those strange cork heeled sandles, and mistakenly tried to catch my fall by rising to my toes beyond the shoes in tip toe pointe, I crushed the joints.

It caused the fracture of two toes in several points – five different places.

They say I’m out for six weeks, which takes us to New Years Eve; but I’m going to play on! This is summer, old sport; and I can still walk.

Though instructed to rest and elevate, there is so much shopping and summer to stay inside.

Apparently you can’t do anything for broken toes except tape them, I have been advised by doctors and all Google searches.

I could use crutches but they do little to weight the load and look silly, because once again it visually appears that I am normal.

Noone would know unless shown the serious bruising, that xrays reveal breakages of my toes.

So its play on! All summer long – in five different places!

I walk gently toward the party in flats and am mindful that I have limitations in balance skills and never was able to dance ballet properly.

My legs have once again given me sleepless nights of awkward positions, as the pain throbs heat from my feet.

I worked out that if I raise one leg to the knee and out to the side flat that my toes drain of touch feeling from the blankets and subside from pain.

In ballet this position is retiré devant, which is a commonly used

during standard pirouettes. You can use retire devant as intermediate position for other moves, such as Attitude.

Attitude is where the dancer stands on one leg while the other (working leg) is lifted and well turned out with the knee bent at approximately a 90degree angle, and they can also stand in pointe from there if they have enough skill to ‘pull up’ properly.

I don’t have that enough skill to walk on my toes, and did not ‘pull up’ properly, and fell this week from the breakages.

I am allowed to do the dance Attitude with a flat foot at least until after the New Years Eve period.

Retiré devant is now my only comfortable position since the recent pointe damage.

I have been sleeping in variations of Retire Devant and Attitude like a flamingo laying down since the weekend.


Fiona Joy Hawkins plays classical piano; think Liz Story with some strings and brass. The orchestral music is easy sleeptime or day music for the finer ears of concert experience.

Driven by the piano track, the ensemble plays alongside with the subtleness of their shared microphones. The live recording is also backed by polite applause and concert atmospheres; unamplified voice, playful timing and controlled characters.

Rebecca Danick contributes Celtic vocals, while on other tracks the pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins submits backing vocals. Long song musical stories allow the listener space to write their own narratives to titles with seasonal and colored names.

For the Tori Amos fans of piano music Fiona Joy Hawkins is the breath of fresh Blue Mountains air for the locals who like keys and coming home from long journeys to a piano.

In between Tori Amos, Liz Story and Keith Jarrett on my Ipod library choice for solo traveling downtime.


Sensual Journeys is a further journey within the lyrical musical narratives of Fiona Joy Hawkins classical storylines. Titles like ‘Joy’ and ‘Contemplating’ give them emotional landscapes to align with New Age piano music that peaked at Windham Hill in the 1980s. In running up that hill, Fiona has aligned the strings with Will Ackerman record label founder who appears on two tracks. A cast of twenty four session musicians contribute parts to songs recorded at eight different studios in Australia and USA. The cast of credits layers the soundscape with a modern Australian return to the sensuality of the New Age Market. Fiona Joy Hawkins plays Saturday 24th November 2012 in Lithgow NSW.


Iowa born Atlas B Salvesen now lives in Sydney where he plays his modern gospel to those faithful that will listen.

“I once played a show, and no-one listened,’ he sings in the song Faith Will Leave You. The confession is the hook that will make the audience watch him, if they were distracted. It wasn’t a mistake to speak the truth, pray and have faith, and occasionally people need to learn that if the sing about the things that other people are scared of they will stand out.

“I’m killing myself to make you love me,’ he offers in Fruit Juice.

Male folk vocals lean between the rants of Mumford & Sons and the band sound of Wilco, and Atlas does the American folk better. Atlas’ own US accent will give him a heavier finish to the Australian radio listener.

Atlas B Salvesen seems to promote smoking cigarettes in defiance of people who have told him to quit, “You’ll lecture me about giving up smoking,” he says in Stage Lights At Angels Place. Perhaps he sees smoking as his only way to be evil, as he walks the good path with others song; for such lines are rebellious to an audience of non-smokers, and typical of musicians that defy rules of health to continue with bad habits. I personally think Atlas B Salvesen should give up smoking and am putting it in the middle of the review as a lecture, for there may be simply no need to write a song for those that still think smoking is okay. I dont need to insert a swear word in this lecture song to make it emotive, for those people with the bad habit of using such language.

Lyrical mention of the apocalypse may make Atlas seem Christian, if you take talk of the end of the world seriously.

Title track Smoke Signals confesses, “I read the good book, I heard about God, and I just wanted to hold a star,” and the lyrical strength is that it will sway the listener as they battle atheism with their own natural spirituality, but many have taken us along the same songwriting journey before.

Atlas B Salvesen launched this EP Wednesday 21 November 2012 at The Vanguard in Sydney.


She sings for herself, a female archetype of fairytales and mythical themes, like many other women that have sung before. This is the songwriters dream of little girls around the world, who open up their big book of poetry and hang their long hair from their fortress of song on a folk stage.

Females like Cheryl Lim, whose stage name is Jade Diary, continually ask the audience to follow their song like the sailors who hear the sirens singing from the rocks. Cheryl Lim’s voice has enough to carry on the wind, with its simple melodies, interesting lyrics and playful dance. Mermaid is the debut venture of Perth based Jade Diary, recorded in Sydney and sent down to Melbourne for review. She took a plane as far as Vegas to roll the dice and sing on the world stage. Songs like ‘World In Your Hands’ that celebrate the happiness of her first taste of success and include musical excursions into The Cure in verse structure. ‘The Sweetest Song’ clearly celebrates her first guitar influences like The Beatles, but sometimes its okay to thank those that are hanging around too long in your hallway.

Lyrically driven, vocally talented Jade Diary could fit alongside new folk if she wasn’t so inspired by pop leanings.

If you liked the songs of Melanie Horsnell, Danielle Spencer, or Martha Tilston, Jade Diary might just be your next Mermaid.

Jade Diary plays November 28 at Tunesmiths Café Attadale, December 1 at The Swan Basement Fremantle, and December 19 2012 at Clancy’s Fishmarket in Perth.


‘Seven’ is the first count from Ballarat rock act Apes. I got a single – one song only – and it is not enough to satisfy when I am no longer a radio; and Ipod selection will leave them ignored as choice when one song is all your have.

In its brief count it does excite, following the formula for simple that Jet and new rock invented a decade ago. It is still enough quality for Melbourne to remember a fame formula and they will play the circuit game. A rock song dependent on the list and question style of lyrics and driven by vocal changes between yelling and breathy lungs.

We all know how to count anyway, so the longevity of the song will depend on live music performance.

Apes are a four piece in their early twenties counting the years, venues, songs and releases on their fingers in a rock and roll onstage salute. But some people like to count quantities.

Alongside the likes The Vines, Diamond Nights and The White Stripes.

Apes play Nov 29th at The Royal Oak, Launceston, Dec 1st at The Grand Poobah Hobart, Dec 6th at The Exeter Adelaide, Dec 14th at Norfolk Basement Fremantle, Dec 15th 2012 at the Rosemount Hotel Perth.


American electronic musician Lorn has released a new video for single ‘Weigh Me Down’.

The red background and animation are effective to command a following of the vocals and sound effects.

They also mask the violence of the live meat trade contained in the clip, with humor and remind us of the murder using the colors red and black.

Simplified square computer graphics in the music video remind of arcade games like Donkey Kong and other graphics with repetition and longer flat sequences.

Gothic, emo and electronic from the ‘Ask The Dust’ album out through Ninja Tune.

There is a ‘Weigh Me Down’ EP out now on 12” featuring clear vinyl and a download, that has remixes from Illum Spehere, Mike SLott, Mono/Poly and Dolor.

This video was directed, produced and animated by Max Friedrich.

Lorn is a Milwaukee Wisconsin based artist, out on London based label Ninja Tune


We are the Superlative Conspiracy WESC clothing label have produced some video stories about each of their sponsored people.

WESC have models they call We Activists taken from sportspeople, creative artist and models.

Each video story takes you to that person’s favorite place in a 2 minute piece.

This is part of WESC Fall 2012 campaign and visits each model in their home country and calls the series Superlative Spaces.

Swedish pro snowboarder Ingemar Backman takes us to a carpark in his piece that features the music of Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan

In the carpark he describes the concrete,  and shows us ramps to grind. Ingemar calls the carpark his ‘skate playground’.

When he was growing up, Ingemar would travel 1000 kilometres to this carpark to skate there in winter.
Directed by Giovanni Reda & Ted Newsome, and cut by Zach Driscoll, this Ingemar Backman piece reminds us what is like to skate in a country where it snows.

Ingemar Backman has recently taken a break from professional snowboarding to concentrate on competing internationally in poker.


We know that corduroy is back! But to be original within Australian style trends, check out the new Vans City designs for limited release in Japan.

Available only through Vans Japan these new shoes show inspiration from the metropolis capital and cities by releasing a new Red, Navy and an Earth Brown teamed with Sand.

A Tokyo Chukka, Hakata Era, and Sendai Slip show all corduroy uppers, with reversed color blocking on the Left and Right shoes, reminiscent of Mondrian artist.

Vans had previously released the ‘city pack’ in 2009 with shoes designed for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

A Natural Gum midsole are paired with a leather trim, while leather laces give the sneakers a dress style of quality.


The hometown of Belgrave is stepping up from beyond its location as a band venue to a festival destination with a stellar program of music and arts acts to make Melbourne take notice.

The End of the Line festival is a one-day grassroots, community arts festival put together by volunteers of the Belgrave Community Arts Partnership.

The festival features more than 40 musicians over 5 stages, over 200 artists are collaborating in 20 exhibitions, street performances, sculpture installations, a makers market, workshops, demonstrations and theatre performances.

The End of the Line Festival is on Saturday November 24th from 10am till late.

Your writer Alicia Bee will be appearing as a feature reader as part of ‘The Ends Of The Verse’ program at ‘Chocolate Sensations’ Shop1/1700 Burwood Highway Belgrave. The program of poetry features over 15 wordsmiths and begins at 7:30 pm.

The full festival program is available here.



Ballerina in the Forest

By Alicia Bee 2010 ©

Gentle white ballerina shoes on the muddy forest floor,

Be quiet; do not disturb the animals’ natural law,

Careful of the smaller flowering plants under your small feet,

There are some souls too little; for mortal eyes to be ignored,

Perfection is understanding biology doesn’t have flaws,

Gentle white ballerina shoes on the muddy forest floor.

Be watchful of the atmosphere; remember all that you saw,

Note the waterfall source and amount of precious liquid poured,

Thank the volcano rock for giving your tired body a seat,

There are more beautiful pictures there than paints will ever draw,

Observe the disarray of fallen branches correct as neat,

Be quiet; do not disturb the animals’ natural law.

This is not a human track we use the forest as a door,

Be mindful of the pattern this graceful dance is on repeat,

Be quiet; do not disturb the animals’ natural law,

Gentle white ballerina shoes on the muddy forest floor.








‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at 295 Café Sydney Road’, Brunswick, Monday 24 September 2012, Iphone photo by Alicia Bee © 2012.


Calling all turtles! Come out of your house with your hands open asking why!

Calling all teenage mutant ninja turtles, once again!

I appeal to all skateboarders, BMX riders, motorcycle gangs, graffiti artists, musicians, writers, artists, foodies, fashionistas, shopkeepers and buskers, in this blog; it is time to look out on the streets and watch Brunswick, like you own your neighborhood.

I call all pizza shop regulars and Supreme judges, conservative constables of all colors, all reporters and Internet trawlers; this is a warrant for truth, and I need it faster than you had been serving it up until now, and your calm attention to work with me on this.

Be aware of all police, detectives and people asking questions about Jill Meagher, and ask them where they come from, seek identification, and don’t give out any information unless you are called for an official investigation or media interview.

Take their name and rank, and ask if they’ll pose in an identification photo for your records. Keep your hands on your phone camera and watch all officials who seem to be hanging around Brunswick for a piece of the action, because its okay to watch those who are supposed to be looking after us like OMBUDSMEN.

We are putting our faith in the Australian Police Force to save a girl and protect us.

There are very few organized criminals capable of the abduction of Jill Meagher, and Victorian Police have known about similar crimes in this area for a long time, offering a loose rein for crime to exist in Moreland and surrounding areas.

Most street people worth their shoe soul of Sydney Road concrete would know that this is not the work of a motorcycle gang, nor drug dealer, nor problem with stolen cars and panel beaters, nor any other ‘organised crime’ in the inner North area of Melbourne.

Abduction of females is not a crime for your average sexual offender with a mental illness; it could only be the work of certain criminals in this country. Lengthy hostage situations like these do not happen often, and crave full news attention and state panic for their recognition as a mastermind of crime, and this person has offended before.

This criminal knows whom he is, and that there is a police file. This is a planned crime, they have planted evidence and they did it right under the watch of the Victorian Police Force.

Remember Turtles! It’s your footpath, you skated it; it ripped your wheels to shreds, but you stayed because you love Brunswick.

This suburb on the swamp plains of Moreland is your home,  and over the years you had got a tattoo in its name.

I have been calling for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since the movie came out in 1990, and this time my green superheroes are needed more than ever in our streets and sewers because this criminal is trying to publicly hurt us all in Melbourne with the same fear he thirsted for at other times.

For anyone that wants to leak information about someone that they know, or someone that they used to know, call CRIMESTOPPERS 1800 333 000.
If you know the street address of where Jill Meagher is now, find yourself a private line and quit organized crime for life, making your best leak yet by calling CRIMESTOPPERS / QUITCRIMELINE on 1800 333 000.


Recently at Geelong Gallery of Art, Nikki Toole exhibited her streetwise series of portraits of skaters. The Scotland born female, now lives in Melbourne. After studying Film and Photography in London and Edinburgh, Nikki exhibited in Australia, Britain, USA and Germany. Nikki’s work has been selected 4 times as a finalist in The National Portrait Prize. The latest exhibition Skater: Portraits by Nikki Toole is a touring exhibition from The National Portrait Gallery of Australia. For those that didn’t take the train west of Melbourne for the Geelong show, Skater will tour around the country, and to regional Victoria in 2013.

ALICIA BEE – What do skaters say about our society?

NIKKI TOOLE – Skaters say many things about our society and the way generalisations can be made about certain subcultures. As a society we often regard the young and the subcultures that form around them to be a threat to the social order. I have given many talks during this process to the older generation who have grandchildren who skate and hope I have in some way opened their eyes to the positive impact that skating can have on a persons confidence and self awareness of who they are. In many areas the street skater is feared. I like to think they are merely interacting with the architecture, taking one form and utilising it for their pleasure. Many poorer communities around the world are now pouring resources into skate parks to provide their younger generations with an activity to encourage them to develop goal building and self confidence. I saw this in the Native American communities where the kids take great pride in their skate parks.

ALICIA BEE – Did you grow up with skaters?

NIKKI TOOLE – Yes I grew up skating. I wasn’t a very sporty person as I was small and a bit of a tomboy. Skating was perfect for me. It was also great for social interaction with your friends, inexpensive and we could do it almost anywhere. When I was young we didn’t have computer games and were outside all day until the sun started to go down. It seemed like a better time somehow. It makes me happy to see kids in the skate parks instead of inside on an Xbox. Sadly I cannot skate now as I have a damaged tailbone, which makes prolonged sitting painful, never mind falling off a board.

ALICIA BEE – Did the portraits have a uniform setup for framing and position of the subjects?

NIKKI TOOLE – The portraits did develop a uniform pattern. The first skater I shot was a friend called Matty. We tried many different angles until I found one which I felt translated my idea. I was inspired by the full frontal framing shots of film directors such as Stanley Kubrick. We are engaged when the subject looks out at us, it becomes a collaboration and a conversation.

As the project grew it became easier to shoot in this way as with only 5 frames per subject and limited time periods with each skater I had to translate very quickly what I was looking for. 300 skaters later and the vision becomes clear when you see them all together.

ALICIA BEE – Did you try and hide or advertise brands of clothes and boards?

NIKKI TOOLE – The branding was irrelevant. It is merely a part of the story they tell, about what makes them happy as an individual and as part of the skater culture.

ALICIA BEE – Was there a conscious effort to include girls in your essay?

NIKKI TOOLE – No it wasn’t a conscious effort. I photographed anybody who could skate and agreed to be part of the project. It reflects all ages and genders.

ALICIA BEE – How did you decide when you had finished the series?

NIKKI TOOLE – I am still shooting Skater. I am off to Hawaii next year and will shoot the skaters there. After 3 years I feel there are still stories to tell in other countries. The project is self funded and I have had to choose the locations I can afford to go to. I have been invited to Mexico, Russia and Japan, and hope to get there someday.

ALICIA BEE – Was it something that you let go of, or do you still see skaters and want to take new photos?

NIKKI TOOLE – My ears are now attuned to the sound of a skateboard and I can hear an approaching skater from some distance. I cannot help myself when I see them, but don’t always have my camera around.


Two dozen beautiful roses in brilliant Brunswick Spring color, are exhibited in this October 2012 collection of photographs by ALICIA BEE.

HALLMARK is a visual arts show of photography featuring ALICIA BEE signature happy snaps of flowers, and simple well framed subjects.

HALLMARK stamps each flower with the assurance of quality in this third series of photographs from emerging artist ALICIA BEE.

Look closely and you can see suburban houses, and the well kept gardens and lawns by staring beyond the roses.

This arrangement of flowers highlights luscious velvet petals, and the seasonal resilience of nature to birth beauty.

Color photos taken of other people’s gardens point to themes surrounding security, surveillance and online stalking.

By offering roses photographer ALICIA BEE sends us a promise to trust in the kindness of neighbors and strangers around her inner North home.

HALLMARK suggests the relationship between public and private space in the information age where friendly Facebook profiles are like the front garden, often full of gorgeous photographs of flowers in bloom.

ALICIA BEE presented GOOD MOURNING in last year’s 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival, and GREY HAIR series of photography in MAY 2011.


The HALLMARK exhibition opening launch will be held on Tuesday 9 October 2012 with music by SLACQUER + CHARM + TENDER BONES from 7PM, its FREE ENTRY.

THE MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL presents HALLMARK series of photographs by ALICIA BEE from TUESDAY 9 OCTOBER – SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER 2012 at THE OLD BAR GALLERY at 74 Johnston Street Fitzroy from 12PM-8PM, its FREE ENTRY.


French urban artist Invader pastes characters inspired by Space Invaders and other arcade games into public art installations around the world.

For some people Invader was introduced entering via Banky’s Exit Through The Gift Shop documentary.

The mosaic project Space Invaders gained momentum from 1998, with a prominent placement of an Invader on the ‘D’ of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles glued the millennium New Years Eve in 1999. In following trips back to LA, Invader placed characters on the other eight letters in the HOLLYWOOD real-estate sign.

Invader also works on another project called Rubikcubism where he makes artworks from Rubik’s Cubes designs.

In his artworks Invader uses tiles to represent low resolution pixels used by computer animation; weaving his graphic tapestry on manmade environments from Paris to 31 other cities around the world including Melbourne and Perth. The ceramic tiles have proved weather resistant, and their uniform design gained respect in the art world, with the Space Invader series shown in many galleries and art museums from Europe to USA while solo exhibitions have also been held in Paris, Osaka, Melbourne, London and Rome.

In 2011 Invader was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department on suspicion of vandalism, but was released shortly afterwards.

Most mosaics are located 3-5 metres above ground in areas that are well seen by lots of people.

A few of the permanent installations are located in hidden locations that require a map to find the Space Invader.

Maps are made for all of the Space Invaders installation, and are available to buy from the online shop.

In these photos Space Invader has launched a character into orbit from Miami Florida, via helium balloon equipment with a camera and GPS, to locate it when it fell. The weather balloon Space Invaders launch project was a recent success, after it had first failed in August 2012.


Yayoi Kusama has been designing in these circles since the year dot. Using Polka Dots as her trademark the Japanese artist and writer exhibits art with vivacious colours, repetition and pattern.

She has let her mark on art movement in New York and Japan, and sited as an influence of Yoko Ono. Yayoi Kusama has also been admired by music in songs by Superchunk and Le Tigre.

While she lives in a psychiatric institution Yayoi Kusami works from a studio each day, and is respected for her dotty lifestyle choice as one of the greatest living characters in art history.

So mainstream is the acceptance of popular artist that she has collaborated with Louis Vuitton for limited edition monograph book about her life and creative processes.

The Yayoi Kusama Monograph was edited by Louise Neri and published by Rizzoli NY in 2012. The exclusive edition is only available in Louis Vuitton stores for US$85.


Brooklyn based mad hat maker Skulls have released their eighth cap collection, with nineties flavoured hip hop crew fabric design of vibrant ‘Native’ patterns being their heaviest material yet. Known for their wild textile designs, again the crazy colours on the their models like ‘Halloween’ show us Skulls are likely to laugh at good horror movies and enjoy a fluorescent texta.

This time Skulls seems divided from their unisex colours and florals from past collections.

For traditionalists who can’t share with their lady, the design ‘Love Letters’ features pretty roses aimed for pro writer chicks who write too many text messages, and those that like feature prints with passion and take risks.

All hats are made in the USA, and available over the counter at select dealers worldwide.

Check out the online shop for a look at the previous ranges, and order something for the sun up season.

They have some motorcycle club badges on the page for those that normally buy stickers!


The deadline for the International Songwriting Competition has been extended to November 1 2012. The competition that offers $150,000 in cash and prizes, is open to pro and amateur songwriters. Entries are accepted through Sonicbids, ReverbNation, Broadjam, the ISC platform, or through the mail.

Judges for this world title include Jeff Beck, Tom Waits, Bernie Taupin, Robert Smith, Suzanne Vega, Black Francis, John Mayall and Basement Jax.

Please note that several categories provide greater chance to win from Adult Album Alternative (AAA), Adult Contemporary (AC), Americana, Blues, Children’s Music, Comedy/Novelty, Country, Dance/Electronica, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Gospel/Christian, Instrumental, Jazz, Latin Music, Lyrics Only, Music Video, Pop/Top 40, Performance, R&B/Hip-Hop, Rock, Teen, Unsigned Only, and World Music.

All entrants may submit as many songs as they want and different songs in the same category, or that same song in multiple categories. Also note that when you enter the Unsigned Only category, you must enter the same song into at least one other category.


You Get Notorious

By Alicia Bee

You get notorious,

You smoke a cigarette,

And they lead you down a life of crime,

They are the people your parents,

Had warned you about,

You rode a motorbike,

Around the town for the sound of killing time.

You are rebellious,

They cant tell you what to do,

For the hell of it,

You go along to the funeral too,

They took the skull from the coffin of the dead,

You sing songs to the motto of what they said,

And wear a helmet on your bone head.

You’re in a rock machine,

You make several appearances on the scene,

The police record your name in a face to face book,

You’re an outlaw for all the records that you took,

A common trader on the swamp plains,

You gave up the drugs just to stay sane,

They make friends then to wipe the slate clean.

You are remembered,

They reward your effort with a badge,

The angels look after the dead,

You count the fifties in a stash of cash,

Only the skulls see the end of war,

They made a pact, all for one and one is four,

They glad wrapped your tatt under the jacket that you wore.

You joined the alliance,

As a soldier of American jeans,

They want to fight it out,

An easy rider with gypsy dreams,

The brotherhood of another country,

Making riots part of history,

You only use weapons in self defense,

The laws protect the brain with common sense.